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  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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45-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 198 lbs (90 kg)


Long time veteran of the wrestling scene, used to be on MeetFighters but took an extended leave of abscence.

I'm a friendly guy, fairly skilled wrestler, no ego, enjoy meeting folks for a good session, enjoy connecting with new wrestlers.

Used to be fairly competitive, but these days I'm more looking just to have fun.

Interested in roleplay of various kinds as well. All kinds of fun pro scenes as well.



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johnpaulriley is recommended by Rusnak

JP is a great guy. We went at it a couple of times when I visited CA. Awesome competitor and we had a blast on the mats. So t miss you chance to take him on. Highly recommend



johnpaulriley is recommended by chicagopiledriver

I had the pleasure of wrestling this tough guy when I lived in SF many years ago. He had a great wrestling set-up in his garage. He was always more skilled than me and even my size advantage didn't give me an edge. I also seem to remember a good match with him at the Okie Rumble GGGGrrrrrrr !



johnpaulriley is recommended by submisionss

This one is way overdue. Met this handsome and very talented wrestler years ago. He was kind enough to host me in his place for a match when I was in town. Not only he is a great wrestler (needless to say I had a little chance against him), but he is also a wonderful person to spend time with off the mats. I hope our paths will cross again.



submisionss is recommended by johnpaulriley

It has been many, many years since the two of us last met! It was a great match, and we had an incredible time on and off the mats. A rematch is long overdue, but I whole heartedly recommend meeting up with him! Pure fun to be with!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by johnpaulriley

Beefboy is one of the very first men I wrestled, many, many years ago when I was just starting university. Since then, we've had many, many incredible meet ups over the years. He's strong, skilled, and aggressive. He's laid back, easy to be with, easy to get along with, and tremendous fun to wrestle.



johnpaulriley is recommended by Physical

What can I say other than JP is one of the best! On the mats and off the mat, a more genuine guy you'd be pushed to meet up with and he's the real deal, wholeheartedly recommend him in every capacity. He knows a lot and uses it to his advantage but happy to crank it up (literally) or tone it down depending upon your skill level. I hope we get the chance to lock up again sometime.



Physical is recommended by johnpaulriley

Me and this big bruiser wrestled together about three years ago! I think my impression of him is about the same as mine. I enjoyed every moment both on and off the mats. He's friendly, strong, and generous with his praise. We had some really quality conversations off the mats, and some excellent times on the mats. The sign of a true mate. I also hope we get the chance to lock up again!



johnpaulriley is recommended by Mr D Pro

Met JPR a few years back in Edinburgh when we were both very kindly hosted at a fellow members House locally.

Was a great pro battle between us but very limited in space so we were both unable to show our full potential which in JPRs case is outstanding.

A rematch is definatley on the cards and I look forward to it happening. Let JPR see how much Mr D has improved. 100% recommendation.



johnpaulriley is recommended by AlbaD52

A tough cookie, skilled and extremely strong so don't be deceived by his friendly demeanour if you decide to challenge him to a competetive bout. Otherwise, John can adapt and likes all types of bouts and has wide experience of this.



AlbaD52 is recommended by johnpaulriley

John has many, many years of training under his belt in several different fighting disciplines. He enjoys a challenge on the mats, but he also loves to train with men and teach them what he knows. He's a great talker, with a great sense of humour, and an unlimited supply of stories to share from all walks of life.