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I like submission wrestling. 1 winner, 1 loser



Match structure: Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights
Fetishes: Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting


  1. Italy, Milan
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Age: 43-year-old Straight Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian

Gear: Speedos

Submission Submission

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joman74 is recommended by Mat74

Mi sono trovato subito a mio agio con Jo. E' un ragazzo simpatico, alla mano e dotato di ironia. Corretto, aperto al gioco e al divertimento, si è dimostrato un temibile avversario. Non solo batterlo ma solo tenergli testa sarà impresa ardua per chiunque. Quindi non resta che contattarlo e farsi sotto!



Mat74 is recommended by joman74

Mat was a very good opponent. It was easy to create the right feeling for a nice match. He is easy going, with good resistance and sense of humour. Recommended



joman74 is recommended by jacketwolf

Joman not only has athletic body shape, but also has excellent cardio-ability. Strong arms and legs. It was a nice match although I did not have any opportunity to win him. He always kept safe and sane, making the match funny as well. A tough fighter on mat and a nice friend off mat. Strongly recommended.



jacketwolf is recommended by joman74

My first match with an Asian guy has been a nice experience. Jacketwolf is a fighter with a lot of stamina, aggressive, rebel, he never wants to give up... I liked his fight style. He says that he likes to learn new skills, but he has a lot of things to teach ;-)
Highly recommended



joman74 is recommended by maulotta76

Cosa dire di joman, un grande wrestler molto più forte ed esperto di me, ma che ha saputo mettermi a mio agio durante l'incontro. Il match è ovviamente finito con la sua vittoria..
Fuori dal ring persona simpatica, spero di incontrarlo di nuovo, ma prima mi dovrò allenare un po'...



maulotta76 is recommended by joman74

When I met him, I knew he was a beginner. Nevertheless I decided to test his value. Actually, he needs to improve skills and resistance, but he has a good potential and the right approach alpha vs alpha. Train and fight, mau... train and fight! Next time, it can be your turn to facepin your defeated opponent. Maybe ;-)



joman74 is recommended by madridwrestler

He is an excellent wrestler with a solid physique and some good skills. We have a similar approach to wrestling which made the match very interesting in many aspects.
He could beat me though i tried my best to counter his attacks. He really likes to win and is quite focused on that. Next time i hope to be able to have my revenge and get more than the occasional sub from him. ;-) He is a really nice guy off mats and i would have loved to spend a bit more time with him sharing a beer.
Highly recommended.



madridwrestler is recommended by joman74

We had prepared our match by defining rules, style, gear and stakes....and finally the challenge took place...
I found Madridwrestler very competitive, tough, resistant and skilled. I like to win hardly: so I liked to fight him ;-)
A good sane-and-safe alpha vs. alpha match: I enjoyed it!
Available for a re-match when you want, Spanish guy ;-)
Highly recommended



joman74 is recommended by Lutteur-PA

Short fight with a opponent who has a strong wrestler body!!
Even if our difference of levels did not allow him to wrestle as usual, it has been nice to wrestle him.
He really loves to win!!



Lutteur-PA is recommended by joman74

Big, strong, skilled. That's enough to define Lutteur-PA. One of the most powerful wrestler I met, he didn't give me many chances to practice my prefered feline fight...
He's recommended for people looking for a sweaty and tough match.



joman74 is recommended by marcus45w

joman74 è IMBATTIBILE . La sua lotta è pressante, invasiva e non ti lascia tregua fino a quando chiude la partita con la sua presa d'acciaio al collo. Ha un fisico solido ed è anche molto forte. Fuori dal ring è una persona piacevole schiva ed affidabile.E' stata una sfida competitiva e reale. Chi pensa di batterlo lo sfidi con convinzione lui non lascia scampo. Super raccomandato



marcus45w is recommended by joman74

With a very well shaped and muscular body and an aggressive approach, marcus has the 'physique du role' to be challenged...
I needed all my energy, all my skills to dominate him and make him kneel and surrender ;-)
WIth aerobic workout, he can become a very tough opponent.



joman74 is recommended by Loter

Finalmente siamo riusciti a combinare un incontro dopo varie vicissitudini. Splendido lottatore, molto forte, corretto e puntuale. Fuori dal ring ottima persona simpatica e sincera. Lo raccomando a tutti i lottatori che vogliono divertirsi lottando e spero di avere un'altra possibilità per rivincita



Loter is recommended by joman74

Finally our first challenge took place!
I enjoyed his approach to the wrestling match: aggressive, dynamic, resistant....he forced me to put 100% of my expertise and my energy to dominate and win.
He likes verbal provocation and competition (physical and mental) as well as me ;-)
Nice guy off the mats.
Highly recommended.



joman74 is recommended by princeps

A very intensive and hot wrestling. Handsome and agile as a true roman warrior, I finally had to submit to his muscle power… I enjoyed every moment of it!
Lutteur svelte et puissant qui malgré mes attaques incessantes a fini par me dominer!



princeps is recommended by joman74

I had an exciting match with Princeps in his wonderful accomodation in Paris. He is a fantastic host as well as a resistant and smart wrestler. We was like two gladiators in the Arena.....and the Roman guy dominated the French one ;-)
Highly recommended!
Hoping to wrestle you again



joman74 is recommended by santiago38

Jo was one of the best surprises had on meet. I really enjoyed fighting with him. He has a long experience and good technique but above all, in my opinion, what distinguishes this fighter is a creative mind and a fantasy without boundaries. These last characteristics make him one of my favorite opponents.
Jo, I will never forget “the fight rule“ but you have to remember that now my imperative is: "Yes, revenge, terrible revenge":-)



santiago38 is recommended by joman74

First challenge with santiago38: I had a lot of fun. In spite of his poor experience, he has a great great great attitude and a high potential. Aggressive, rebel, resistant, santiago38 has most of qualities of my favorite opponents. I know that next time he will try to have his revenge!
Remember the 'fight rule': one guy dominates, one guy is dominated ;-)



joman74 is recommended by andrewfight

Ho lottato parecchie volte con Joman e devo dire che mi sono sempre divertito molto.
E' un ottimo lottatore ed una persona corretta dentro e fuori dal ring.
Tenace,forte e molto competitivo e con tanta voglia di vincere.
Altamente consigliabile a chi cerca LOTTA vera e bella.



andrewfight is recommended by joman74

Andrew is a cool fighter. If you like wrestling for fun but with real submission holds, he's your right opponent. Nice guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended.

Another spectacular fight! ;-)

After probably 100 matches with him, fighting with Andrew is the most exciting experience I ever lived.
Wrestling him gives an adrenaline rush: our matches are always well balanced and final result always unpredictable.
Good shaped body, alpha-male mind, and with a unique combination of politeness and wild spirit, Andrew is the coolest guy I would have as wrestling opponent..... Actually, I have! ;-)
Thousands of these challenges again!



joman74 is recommended by GroundFite

I had an amazing match with Jo today. Besides being a lovely guy off the mats, he took the time and effort to make our match happen which I really appreciate. On the mats he's a beast, smart, aggressive and tough and he clearly loves to dominate. I'm really looking forward to visiting him in Milan for rounds 2, 3, 4, 5........ Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



GroundFite is recommended by joman74

Just back from meeting him, my adrenaline is still pumping after a GREAT GREAT GREAT wrestling match with Groundfite. A fantastic place for fighting, handsome body, high skill, lot of stamina and a primal instinct for combat: he has all the ingredients for an unforgettable fight.
Cool and smart guy, he deserves top ranking and a place of honor among my favourite opponents.



joman74 is recommended by MatteoFighterMi

Sconfitto 3 a 0. Avversario affidabile, leale e molto combattivo.



MatteoFighterMi is recommended by joman74

Mi ha sconfitto 3-0 l'ultima volta e 2-1 la volta precedente. Uno dei più forti mai incontrati, senza dubbio. Aiutato anche dai cm e dai kg in più ;-)
Affidabile. E sta al gioco.



joman74 is recommended by newstravel

Another cool guy which shares the passion and enthusiasm for wrestling. Jo is very strong and knows his way to get you in trouble during the match, but the little he knew about me !!!
For those going to Milan, you have here a very good challenge to take. Thanks man for your time and effort to make it happen.



newstravel is recommended by joman74

My first match with Newstravel was really funny and exciting. He is a well shaped guy, very skilled, with a great attitude. He is an ideal opponent for a male-to-male competition.
I had underestimated his skill and his toughness: I had to recognize his supremacy.......but I'm ready to revenge!
Totally recommended.



joman74 is recommended by gioroma80

Joman74 is a very skilled wrestler with beautiful strong body. We had a very intensive fight during which we have found the best way to wrestle each other enjoying it at 100%. I like so open minded and skilled fighters very much! Looking forward for the next time! ;-)



gioroma80 is recommended by joman74

After some attempts, finally I met gioroma in Milan and.....he was a great surprise: we had an intense, competitive, aggressive and hot fight!
Nice guy, cute and well shaped in the body, smart and open mind in the brain, he's definitively one of my favourite opponents. I want to wrestle you again ;-)



joman74 is recommended by andreawrestling

Joman è un ottimo lottatore ed una persona corretta e simpatica.
Fisicamente piu' rosso di me, tenace,forte e molto competitivo... non è stato facile tenergli testa.. abbiamo fatto una bella sudata ed un match divertente.



andreawrestling is recommended by joman74

Andreawrestling is a competititve guy: in spite of his smaller size, we had a great fight. Absolutely reliable and nice guy off the mat. Recommended.



joman74 is recommended by VICENZAFIGHTER

Lottare con Joman è stato veramente avvincente e sfidante.
Bravo lottatore, forte e tecnico sa dosare la forza e lo stile creando una giusta sintonia.
Sfidatelo! merita...



VICENZAFIGHTER is recommended by joman74

Di passaggio nella sua città, ho colto l'occasione per sfidare vicenzafighter. Peccato aver avuto poco tempo: è stato un incontro intenso e divertente. Vicenzafighter è un ragazzo estremamente cordiale che sa stare al gioco. Ha un approccio alla lotta molto vicino al mio. Raccomandabile e da risfidare



joman74 is recommended by Belgianjudoka

I am not proud to say so but i was completely overpowered by this handsome guy. Really strong with nasty scissors. Highly recommended.



Belgianjudoka is recommended by joman74

I met judoFF during my short trip in Belgium. I'm very happy to have selected him as wrestling challenger. We had a really funny fight in a very comfortable accomodation. Our approach is very similar: wrestling for fun, but real wrestling. Finally I won, but the fight was quite balanced and the victory was unpredictable until last holds. A smart guy on and off the mats. I hope to meet him again.



joman74 is recommended by Lugi

Strong and skilled fighter, very competitive and hard match.



Lugi is recommended by joman74

I met Lugi in Paris few days ago: 90 minutes of great wrestling! Despite of his smaller size, the fight was balanced and without a really dominant fighter. Well shaped, cute, strong, skilled, resistant, aggressive, FELINE :-)



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by joman74

I had the honor to challenge one the most experienced wrestlers in Europe. Under the clothes of a business man, I discovered the body and the brain of a great 'wild' fighter. We had a number of really balanced matches: a very intensive challenge between dominant guys. I had a great time with him. As kind off as competitive on the mat.



joman74 is recommended by Alex Martini

Challenging Joman74 has been extremely fun. We were both enjoying a no-rules match based on an high level of provocations and humiliation. We were both fighting to win. Effectively, he was stronger, faster and much well experienced, and he won. A nice and reliable guy out of the fight. Highly Recommended.



Alex Martini is recommended by joman74

Alexm is a newbie, but he has a great potential. Nice guy off the mat, competitive fighter on the mat. He was not afraid to challenge me in a loser-humiliated submission fight. Good approach to the match! Highly recommended
06/2013: second fight has been really more balanced. Alex is now skilled and ready for top class fight. But Jo Manini dominated again ;-)



joman74 is recommended by docmoose

Jo came to my home in a rainy day with his impeccable "The avenger 70's movie" style umbrella. Do not trust his british gentlaman appearance; outside the mat he is indeed a gentleman but, on the mats, he likes a no holds barred competition; dispite of my 3X4 mt mats, we found ourselves fighting on the couch. So-guys-go for him, if you enjoy such rough house matches :-))



docmoose is recommended by joman74

"Doc" is a good wrestler and a very nice person. He's recommended for people who are looking for a competitive judoka. He's more a gentleman of the mat than a no-rule street fighter :-)



Lucianoor is recommended by joman74

We had fun in our first match. He's a beginner but he's skilled, competitive and....rebellious! ;-)
Highly recommended



grappler9 is recommended by joman74

Nice fight with a nice guy. Smaller than me, but absolutely competitive. Very intensive submission wrestling. I enjoyed fighting with him. Recommended.



joman74 is recommended by ATONMAN

21-03-2011 - Strong and determined fighter. Do not trust him if he says he has not strong arms, you will find them in a deadly throat throttling. Also you must also pay attention to his slender but powerful legs.
We fought without determining who was the strongest so I'm going to meet him again. Really nice person off the mat. Thank you Joman74



ATONMAN is recommended by joman74

He's a very tough and skilled wrestler: good technique, great strenght and incredible resistance. Out of the mat he's a friendly guy, on the mat he's an excellent wrestler! Definitely recommended. 23-03-2011 Our first match was balanced and funny. I did not give up, he did not give up! Finally we fell to the ground exhausted without a winner! We need another challenge!



joman74 is recommended by THEIRONMAN

It was a very intense match with a guy very strong and experienced technical and I really enjoyed myself at the end I was exhausted but it was worth it and was a real pleasure and I hope to fight with him again advise everyone to meet him because he is a true wrestler



THEIRONMAN is recommended by joman74

Very nice fight! He's a really tough and skilled grappler! It's a very difficult task to force him to give up. Highly recommended! I want a rematch as soon as possible!



joman74 is recommended by damon

a very good fight. he's quite strong and very skilled, we had a really intense wrestling.
e` abbastanza forte e tecnico, e` stata una gara molto intensa, che ha vinto quasi sempre lui (meno male che ho vinto anch'io qualcosa).



damon is recommended by joman74

Nice guy, funny fight! Who was the winner? ;-)



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