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Still relatively new to wrestling, but I have done a few months of pro training with Iain Scott at the Grove Park ring. This has been a great opportunity to learn a whole load of moves and to get my hands on some great wrestlers (and their hands on me). If you want to join in, message GrovePark4U on here.

I expected to be a jobber and I do enjoy jobbing, but may be a bit more competitive that I thought, so maybe I'm a face. If you fight well enough or dirty enough, there is probably no difference!

I have now started looking to meet up with guys for pro sessions, which I am sure will be a bit of a wake up call. Fingers crossed I am good enough or else I will have to learn to be better the hard way.



Match structure: Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Leather, Wrestling gear


  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 48-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 196 lbs (89 kg)

Gear: Speedos, Squarecuts, Singlet or Surfsuit & Boots

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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jonny innocent is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met not so 'innocent' earlier this afternoon. He's a great wrestler, charming and very easy going. His attitude towards wrestling is ideal, both of the competitors are winner.
'Johnny' despite his name isn't so innocent. He's quite strong and is always determined to put a couple of pro holds on you. Although he hasn't been wrestling for long, l'm sure he will be a force to be reconed with in the future.
It was a pleasure to wrestle 'johnny' today and will definitely be arranging a few more in the future.



jonny innocent is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Wow! Such a great guy to wrestle! I really enjoyed our bout today - Jonny is a superb jobber and took all the punishment I threw at him incredibly well in our rough pro match. One of the best, if not the best, jobber I have wrestled. Takes a lot to get him to tap and he sold the holds outstanding well. Looks awesome in his gear and wears trunks very well. He's a 100% smashing guy off the mats - funny, entertaining and interesting in equal measure. We will definitely be wrestling agaIn! Full A* recommendation from me.



Lincoln Lad is recommended by jonny innocent

You cannot be nice to all of the people, all of the time. If you are going to be nice to most, you need to be extra nasty to a few. It’s your basic ying and yang.

I am happy to have performed a public service by taking a beating in the ring from Lincoln Lad so that he can continue to be such a nice guy out of the ring. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde!

I got to experience some new cheats as well as some fiercely applied legitimate holds, all delivered at the same time as a verbal assault worthy of a pub car park brawl.

That said, the match was pitched perfectly for my ability, the intensity expertly managed and there was communication throughout to ensure we were both getting what we needed out of it.

Great skill, great strength, great gear, great look and great attitude.



jonny innocent is recommended by SubsGuy82

Not So Innocent

Met with Jonny Innocent after chatting a few weeks online. Firstly he's very friendly and great to chat with, and was good enough to take time off to meet up.

Kept it on the pro side and did over 20 x minute rounds. I have to say too his pics don't do him justice, he looks amazing and has some excellent pro kit.

Plays the jobber role really well, and we worked out a good dynamic of give and take, with him doing more taking! He loves to be in a camel so got plenty on him.

A few times I noticed a spark of a heel emerging and turns out he makes a great heel too! So maybe he's not as innocent as he makes out. Just needs to keep in heel mode after the bell goes.

Probably the best pro match I've ever had so far, we went a good few hours. Unfortunately he got a bit of an injury, unsure how, so it limited us in terms of holds etc. But he kept on going despite me asking if he wanted to stop.

Can not fault this fella, had an absolute blast and he can really take a working over. Had a great chat afterwards over a coffee and he's a top bloke, feel very lucky to have met up today with someone on with the same pro vibe as me.

Top marks for a top bloke, if you're into pro then this guy is a must meet. He says he's a newbie but has a decent knowledge of the basics and knows some excellent holds! Would definitely meet again!



SubsGuy82 is recommended by jonny innocent

Had a brilliant time getting back to my pro fantasy roots with SubsGuy82.

Having talked online about how the match would go, we finalised the set up when I arrived. He was a very welcoming host and a great guy, so I was quickly at ease. I am very pleased that he was willing to take on a newbie.

SubsGuy82 was happy to adjust to my skill level and abilities, as well as passing on some hints and tips to fill in some of the gaps in my experience. After some nicely flowing back and forth action, we moved into heel/ jobber roles. He was fast and impressive as a heel, introducing me to some new dirty tactics, and was very patient with me when it was my turn to take charge, allowing me to gain a broader experience, and showing that he can play the jobber role just as well as the heel.

With his greater knowledge, I got to experience some awesome new moves and he has the strength and stamina to deliver and keep on delivering. The rounds and the time flew by in what was a hot and sweaty match. So much so that we needed to change gear several times; he certainly looks good in his pro gear.

A thoughtful and considerate opponent – even when it is hidden by his heel persona – with a high regard for safety. I look forward to another opportunity to experience his superb pro skills and maybe by then I will have picked up a few new tricks to surprise him with.



jonny innocent is recommended by rezla123

Jonny Innocent is a solid unit, with his own bespoke Innocent merchandise trunks & towel making him an instant classic pro already in my eyes.
He lacks a little ring experience but you have to learn somewhere & I like to think I've taught him a few things today. His big, strong legs and his mind to resist meant I focused on working over his arms, back and shoulders when I wasn't pounding him or throwing him round the ring tho I did get a sneaky single boston and a reverse fig 4 on. He took it all very well, super nice guy, respectful in his approach, sensible in his communication and I'd definitely recommend him to anyone.



rezla123 is recommended by jonny innocent

I met Rezla123 at the Grove Park ring. A meet with him needs to be in a ring to get the full benefit of his skill and strength.

We chatted about the meet before the day and it was clear that he puts a lot of thought into his bouts and into tailoring them to his opponents. I was looking for a heel and boy, did I get one. However, he was very clear both before and during the bout how I could let him know when to ease or break holds. Oh yeah, or intensify. That option was not required.

Before leaving for the meet, I had put some thought into what moves I wanted to try and get in during our time in the ring. Yeah, that was a waste of time. What followed was a bout in which he was so dominant that it had me questioning whether I even deserved to be in the ring. His full-on, heel character was so complete that at one of the (only) two points where I had a chance to apply a hold, he psyched me out of even trying it. Don’t look into those eyes!

Out of the ring he is friendly and interested in what you want. And if what you want is a heel, then in the ring he delivers.



jonny innocent is recommended by figure4leglock

It was a pleasure to take on this guy for my first experience at Grove Park. A very relaxed meet, safe and sane and whilst still learning, what he does know is being put to good use.

He has some good knowledge of various holds and enjoyed cranking up the pressure whilst I struggled on the mat, especially in his well executed figure 4 leg lock that he was keen to taunt me in. I was able to repay with some holds of my own and found him to be a tough yet fun opponent who helped me feel at ease throughout.

Enjoyed the venue, enjoyed the action with this great guy and looking forward to meeting again in the future.



figure4leglock is recommended by jonny innocent

A relaxed meet, with an easy going guy. Safe and sane. Good to wrestle with and good to chat to.

It turns out that it’s fun to be on top some of the time. I very much enjoyed having him trapped in various holds and cranking them on whenever he seemed to be relaxing or getting a bit defiant. This was all the more fun because of the length of time that he was able to withstand them. It was also good pushing him around the ring and trapping him in the corner.

But don’t be thinking this was one-sided; when he wants to, he is more than capable of standing his ground and there were no half measures when it came to me being the one in the holds; I was given very short shrift!

A great meet with a guy that is good to work over and hard work to be under.



jonny innocent is recommended by Squashlad

08/01/2018: It was great to meet jonny innocent when he's just starting out in wrestling, because I could just about keep him under control, but once he masters a bit more technique to go with his strength, stamina and desire to win he's going to have a lot of guys flattened. He was aggressive in the best possible way from the off, is very strong (with legs like tree trunks), moves swiftly, and has a real desire not to concede any submissions to his opponent, so wrestling him was much more challenging than I'd anticipated it being with a rookie, and, more importantly, was a huge amount of fun. His speed on the mats is impressive, but he's not frenetic or failing, but controlled and safe. Between subs he is interesting and easy to talk to, enthusiastic and friendly, and came across as an all-round nice guy (with a spectacular physique). His willingness to grapple with me rather than stick to his preferred pro style says a lot about his cooperative approach to wrestling and I hope that he continues to develop an interest in submission—mainly so that I can grapple with him some more. Very highly recommended. Can't wait to see him in the Jonny Innocent trunks!



Squashlad is recommended by jonny innocent

Squashlad certainly taught me a lesson.

I went into the meet with very little submission experience; just one previous meet. As the meet progressed, Squashlad gave me advice on what I should be doing, what I should be avoiding and on what I should be aiming to do.

Just what a beginner needs. But don’t be mistaken, he didn’t take it easy on me; well, not so as I noticed anyway. He took submission after submission and encouraging as he was when I did something right, he always had a counter ready. It was a truly challenging meet.

Squashlad was easy to talk to, open and engaging. He also had the fitness and strength to apply his knowledge and skills. I look forward to the day when I can prove to him that I have learnt.



jonny innocent is recommended by boston kid

Just in from a super afternoon with Jonny. What a nice guy and a hot jobber. Great muscled legs and took my prolonged holds well. Definitely up for a rematch. Thanks too for helping me when all the trains were out of action by driving me around S London!



boston kid is recommended by jonny innocent

I had a great meet with Boston_Kid

We had exchanged a good few messages before the meet, so we both had a good idea what the other wanted. This meant that once we were geared up he was right in there, no messing about and no easing in; I was gasping and groaning within 60 seconds.

Having systematically taken me apart, knocking limbs off one at a time, he turned his attention to my back, showing me his expertise in his trademark Boston Crab. This was followed by a Camel that left me unable to speak.

Throughout the session, Boston_Kid displayed great expertise, using holds I have never experienced before and switching them effortlessly into more punishing holds if I managed to scrape together any meaningful resistance.

Altogether a great experience that was safe, demanding and sexy.



Blackwrestle is recommended by jonny innocent

This was my first meet outside of a training session and I could not have asked for more.
A relaxed and friendly meet with both competition and learning new moves. Plenty of laughter, plenty of panting and plenty of tapping out. Like I say, what more can you ask for.



jonny innocent is recommended by Ben skull stephens

24th October 2017
change your name mate from innocent your great fun in the ring during pro training , getting heel like which is great & you r doing brilliant a pleasure to train with cheers
21st november 2017
Mr innocent since our start of training has become a bit of a favourite a great opponent amazing in the ring worthy opponent great training partner

27th november 2017
During our time protraining Mr Innocent is a great training opponent he really works well with me hes a brillaint jobber one who has a great pro mindset we work really well together as a team he is Adaptable and can take the punishment dished out to him by me and the rest of the training team , a good bloke goes on my list of favourites cheers jonny

it was great to do some Prowreslting with Jonny hes a great pro wrestler he learns fast and gets stuck in hes a good jobber and a pleasure to grapple with HIGHLY RECOMMENDED off the mats a perfect gentleman
hope we can meet again cheers Jonny it was a blast



Ben skull stephens is recommended by jonny innocent

BritProHeel is knowledgeable and experienced but also welcoming and supportive. Important for me as a newbie. But don’t be fooled, he can turn on the heel attitude in an instant.
I really enjoyed our grapple and left on a high. I hope to be trapped underneath him many more times.



jonny innocent is recommended by musclesteve2

Exceptional pleasant fella who is great fun to wrestle, whether as a jobber or just mutual pro.
Smiles through everything which is fun to watch too.
Now he has his gold speedos he is ready for the big time! A great fun guy, worth a match.



musclesteve2 is recommended by jonny innocent

An impressive guy with great skills and an open mind. But don't be fooled, he knows what he wants and how to get it.

I look forward to experiencing more moves from his extensive repertoire.