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Love wrestling big turn on the struggle to gain control of the other guy or be controlled . Staying at premier inn Heathrow airport for a few days. Can catch up at night for a wrestle in my room .



  1. Australia, Rockhampton
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Gear: singlet, nude

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jpw is recommended by sdfin

we only had a quick wrestling but great guy who is super strong and a great host too at short notice. highly recommend having a match with if you get a chance - shame about my shoulder otherwise we would have kept going.



sdfin is recommended by jpw

Meet up with sdfin for just a light wrestle due to a shoulder injury he had . We still managed to work up a sweat in our singlets which he looked mighty good in . If you are looking for a match look him up for iam sure he can go a lot harder once his shoulder is 100% .



jpw is recommended by geewrestler

What a top guy! We had an awesome hot sweaty match. He is far stronger than he appears which made for a good even battle. He is just as good off mat; well traveled and very interesting to talk too.
This is not finished. Round two next time he is in town.



geewrestler is recommended by jpw

Had a absolute blast wrestling the gee man nice strong wrestler with a great personality. We had a hot even sweaty match and I used all my might to Make him tap which wasn’t easy . A easy guy to talk about life with as well . Afterwards had a few drinks and dinner afterwards all in all a great meet up . And yes there will definitely be a round 2 . If you ever find yourself nearby to geewrestler look him up for a match you won’t be disappointed.



jpw is recommended by matchest

We matched well in body stats. He likes well developed chest and ceps and I am a legs man.. so so we were both lookin good . Wrestling nude from get go by choice , we had an hour or more of athletic and hot, keen , verbal struggling. There were plenty of tap outs and the intense wrestling was "interrupted" by plenty of flexing and aggressively feeling each other's bodies ... just my kind of match ! We both called a halt, exhausted but satisfied men . This guy is reliable and hosted me this time. I am keen to wrestle J again, and will be more wary of those big muscular legs, buddy.



matchest is recommended by jpw

Meet up with Matchest for some muscle worship and some hot sweaty wrestling action . M ticked all the boxes flexing those hot biceps and pecs . We wrestled for a hour or so and my did the time fly . M is a friendly easy going guy who I would highly recommend for anyone to catch up with him and wrestle when in Brisbane. Hope to catch up again one day for a rematch.



jpw is recommended by jobberasian

Great guy. Watched a lot of hot videos to start. Very strong and obliging enough to put me in some of my favourite holds but he certainly showed me who was the boss in every way! He was on top from beginning to end and I loved it! Even gave me a piggie back ride at the end :D A safe and considerate fighter.



jobberasian is recommended by jpw

Meet up with jobberasian for a few hours of wrestling fun. Very nice and friendly guy who loves his wrestling and is keen for more matches and some coaching . Had a great time and would love a rematch sometime .



jpw is recommended by Tripolar

JPW is relatively new to wrestling but he made me work hard to control him on the mat. He picks up moves quickly and managed to take control with his newly learnt skills. It was a great evening of wrestling.



Tripolar is recommended by jpw

Met up with Tripolar for a match while in Brisbane. Tripolar is a nice easy going guy who is easy to talk too. On the mats he is a lot stronger than he looks and dose not like to give in to easy ( not that there where to many opportunities for me to make him tap ) . He knows some great holds and moves and loves to use his legs to good effect with the scissors that had me struggling and tapping .He was also good enough to give me some coaching . All in all had a absolute blast wrestling this guy and I highly recommend if you are in Brisbane to get in touch with him and organise a match. Can’t wait for a rematch.



jpw is recommended by kommaarop

We finally had matching dates to meet.
This Rookie gave it his all. Whatever I showed him he took on quickly
and used it with success. Nice fellow who is thirsty for more fights.
For his size and weight he did well!



kommaarop is recommended by jpw

Finally meet up with this great friendly guy puts you at ease straight away. Had a fantastic match where he showed me who was boss and also showed me a few holds which I am grateful for . Afterwards went to the pub for a couple of drinks to wind down . If you get the chance to meet up with him don’t miss it because you’ll have a great time . Thanks for the day



jpw is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Met this guy when we were both mutually travelling through regional Victoria.Great wrestle-solid competitor fought well-trading holds and pins.We didn't have a lot of time to connect pre catch up but very genuine strong for his size and fought over a couple of hrs.Be good to rematch-he def had tenacity to go further if not for my time restriction



Australian Wrestler is recommended by jpw

Meet up with Australian Wrestler when we were travelling in the same area . Had a awesome couple of hours wrestling and would certainly be up for a rematch with him at some stage. If you do get the chance to wrestle with him you will enjoy.