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Im down to fight doesn't matter styles or great. I'm down to try new things kick ass and take names. Can deliver a lot of punishment to any jobber and take whatever he wants to try and trow back at me!



  1. USA - Kentucky, Lexington
  2. USA - Kansas, Wichita
    (I'm here between 2/16/2018 and 3/05/2018)
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

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kykramtoad is recommended by Smotherboy

Wrestle two good matches a year apart and still he has it and good to wrestle with



Smotherboy is recommended by kykramtoad

2nd time getting on the mats with him a good sturdy opponent who can deliver a good deal of punishment that I enjoyed and asked for more. Good guy on and off the mats definitely up for a round 3 of destruction.



kykramtoad is recommended by Black Titan

Like in mortal kombat this was a mirror match! Had a blast rassling this stud in a group match! Matched each other blow for blow and definitely got in plenty of lowblows. Finally got to clash after 3 years of chatting. Can't wait to do it again! Let's get it on!



kykramtoad is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely a great guy that is reliable, strong, and very skilled; highly recommend wrestling this dude.



kykramtoad is recommended by Lucbonay

This dude contacted me on Tumblr telling me he was a fan of my work for Bgeast. We had the same vicious tests in wrestling and we wanted to meet but the distance was gonna be an issue. When I told him that I was going to visit North Carolina for a few days Kykramtoad agreed to drive all the way form Kentucky to come and meet me.
WOW! This dude means business and he stood by his word.
I had so much fun rolling around my hotel room with him. We traded holds and blows (and low blows) and I am so glad he made the trip!

Fun guy, as kinky and vicious as I am, I will remember this dude and I thank him for making the effort to come to me. He made my trip to the US memorable!

Don't hesitate to contact him, you will have fun with this guy!



Lucbonay is recommended by kykramtoad

Let me first say this was a dream match for me! I've seen this guy on bgeast videos and always wished I was the one taking him on. With a visit from him to the states I had to make it happen, drove 7hrs for the match to not be disappointed.

This match was everything I hoped for and more! I'm a dirty heel that loves to dole out tons of punishment, usually no-one gives it back.... but not this time. He wrecked me multiple times and showed me ways to be more sadistic in future matches. He took everything and i mean everything I threw at him and gave me a challenge I only could dream of. I'm definitely sore from our bout but I left that match with nothing but smiles and a sore set of balls lol. I would wrestle him anytime he wants another challenge!!



kykramtoad is recommended by matguyKY

kykramtoad is a great wrestle. He likes it rough and tough and can receive as much as he delivers. This was just the first of many more matches I'm sure.



Joeyg is recommended by kykramtoad

Young guy but boy does he pack a punch. I'm glad he's so close so that we can make this happen more often. Tough guy that can dish out some pain but can take it right back. Don't let the age fool you this guy is here for business. I can't wait to test his limits more. Tough guy with a no quit attitude. I did make him tap out and squirm a couple times from my dirty tactics but all in great fun. I'm ready to fight him anytime he's ready!



kykramtoad is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had lot of great time to meet and wrestle this heel! We did back and forth match, heel vs heel! Lot of fun! Lot of holds! This guy is strong and skilled with lot of holds! Forward for wrestle him again!



Marcwrestler is recommended by kykramtoad

What a match. Started off with two heels going at it. Only to see who could be the biggest heel out there. Hold after hold after hold just kept coming. For a man his size puts up a great fight I'm not sure if he knew exactly what he was getting into when I said anything goes in our battle, but he soon found out how much I could take... and then ask for more hehe. I enjoyed the match and would love to get down and dirty with him again hopefully he will be ready next time for even more....



kykramtoad is recommended by leanmachinetn

Second match:
Kykramtoad and I fought again today (7/10/16), increasing the intensity of both grappling and punching. Even though we attack each other like mortal enemies, we've become good buds who hopefully will continue this rivalry for years to come.

First match:
Kykramtoad is a tough, strong, and skilled grappler who definitely deserves respect on the mats. I highly recommend him. Come prepared for a challenging and memorable match!



leanmachinetn is recommended by kykramtoad

Had a second match today! Man is he tough. I can tell he just gets stronger and stronger. Took everything I threw at him and smiled. Came back ready for a battle and that was definitely what i got. No easy wins here each one was a struggle but great fun along the way. Bring ur A game if you wanna take him on!

Had a tough match with this guy. He can take all the abuse I threw right at him and then some. Very tough opponent no easy wins with this guy. Can't wait to have more long tough battles with him glad we're so close!



kykramtoad is recommended by iowawrestler

Kykrantoad is an awesome guy... We had two great matches on two consecutive evenings. He is a very tough, strong and challenging opponent but was also very respectful and friendly. I have two great workouts with him and I could feel the soreness of his strong punches and wrestling holds for several days afterwards. I very highly recommend Kykrantoad to anyone who is interested in wrestling a strong and skilled wrestler!



iowawrestler is recommended by kykramtoad

What a good match. Very tough gave him a lot and he took it all in stride. Good time on and off the mat. Would and did wrestle twice! Gave me a good working over too definitely felt it days after. If you get a chance to wrestle him definitely go for it!



kykramtoad is recommended by ckfigter

This man is TOUGH lol. Was able to back up all his talk and has a crazy high tolerance for pain. All around friendly and nice guy too. Looking forward to a rematch. If you're looking for a challenge def hit him up!



ckfigter is recommended by kykramtoad

Good match with him in between a party weekend in Vegas. Gave me a good battle with low blows galore but it was all good he took everything I gave him and more. Very scrappy guy would definitely fight again would hope to have the same outcome again hehe.



ruffguynm is recommended by kykramtoad

Tough as shit fighter. No give up in him! Tough fought match definitely hope for a rematch really soon. Nice set of skills as well.



kykramtoad is recommended by Akrob

Big guy! Big pecs! Big guns! Fun match up. I could tell when he had enough gut punching when he got me in a head scissors to make me tap again. He didn't even need to use his tree trunk legs and huge calves.Can't wait for a rematch. I highly recommend an match with the mighty, generous wrestler.



Akrob is recommended by kykramtoad

Good match good gut work over as well. Definitely going to try and take him down again!



gemtown is recommended by kykramtoad

Man what a fighter! May not be the biggest guy on the block but he sure packs a punch, and never gives up each pin or submission was a battle! Can't wait till the next battle got a lot of punishment delivered to him and he took it and gave it right back. Great time if you get a chance to wrestle take it! He's pretty funny too :-)



kykramtoad is recommended by nightstranger

had an awesome time with this ball busting bad boy. great natural heel with the voice and attitude to go with. i wanna rematch...



nightstranger is recommended by kykramtoad

Match was phenomenal! Great jobber worked him over really good. Very skilled in pro. Really fun match . Definitely recommend a pro match with nightstranger can't wait to lock up and punish him again!