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ALWAYS looking for other RELIABLE fit men to do some FUN, EROTIC, submission wrestling while getting a good workout, I don't care if you are experienced or not as long as you put forth effort and know how to communicate when it comes to planning our matches, I mostly prefer guys CLOSE to my age, but WILL make exceptions from time to time as long as you are in shape and HWP; I consider myself to be active and workout 4 to 6 times a week.

NO JERKS!!!!!!!
NO LIARS!!!!!!!



  1. USA - Alabama, Brewton
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 29-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, shorts, briefs, trunks

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kyo1989 is recommended by grapplingworkout

Strong guy. Kyo1989 is strong on his feet and also firm while on his back. Heavy hitter.



grapplingworkout is recommended by kyo1989

If you are looking for an aggressive, tenacious, technical, and well versed opponent; Grapplingworkout is definitely the guy to wrestle, this guy definitely lives beyond his name!!!!



kyo1989 is recommended by dallaswrestler162

Had an excellent match with kyo1989. We had good communication before the match to set up a place, especially since we both had time constraints. The match itself was great. He is a strong guy with a great physique. Don’t miss out on a chance to wrestle him. Hope to wrestle again!



dallaswrestler162 is recommended by kyo1989

Dallaswrestler162, was definitely a solid powerhouse, with great pro wrestling technique, powerful physique, and killer power bombs; if you ever find yourself in Dallas, TX, definitely take this guy on.



jwparker5 is recommended by kyo1989

This guy is definitely a tactician when it comes to wrestling; his size, quick agility, and powerful legs, all make a challenging combination; I highly recommend taking this guy on, if you get the chance.



kyo1989 is recommended by FrankfurtTraveller

Very nice guy, the planning already worked out perfectly. Unfortunately I was too tired and exhausted after the long flight but we still had some fun. He is a cool guy !



FrankfurtTraveller is recommended by kyo1989

Very nice guy, reliable, and easy to schedule with; we had a great time, and he can definitely hold his own and is highly tenacious, i definitely recommend wrestling him.



kykramtoad is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely a great guy that is reliable, strong, and very skilled; highly recommend wrestling this dude.



kyo1989 is recommended by bones

After chatting for a few years finally got to meet

He’s put on some size & is hard to move around. All
Around great guy & a lot of fun



bones is recommended by kyo1989

I am so happy to say that after a few years of back and forth communication, finally meeting this guy was everything I could have ever imagined he's powerful, strong, tenacious, reliable, skilled, and a whole lot of muscle; so I highly recommend if you are ever in the same area with this guy, definitely take him on!!!!!!



kyo1989 is recommended by DuvalBlack

Had a great time with this guy! A solid opponent on the mats, and easy going off the mats. He has a very nice physique and nice skills to match. I would definitely recommend locking up with kyo1989 if you get the chance. I'm sure we will meet again soon.



DuvalBlack is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely had a blast with this Wakandian warrior straight out of the M'Baku clan, lol. DuvalBlack is a great guy on and off the mats; his strength and size definitely make up for his newbie status; he is reliable, strong, looks great in wrestling gear and is someone I would highly recommend wrestling if you have the opportunity.



kyo1989 is recommended by Black Titan

Met this guy for a spontaneous match up and had a blast. Fun competition and great conversationalist! I see why he's so popular 😎
Hit this guy for a Fun time. You won't regret it!
Thanks for an awesome time on the mats man!



Black Titan is recommended by kyo1989

Had a great time with this loveable giant; I see why he is called "Black Titan"; he's a fierce giant with a big heart, great skills, and very reliable, we definitely had a blast, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for fun filled, sweaty, exciting match.



kyo1989 is recommended by Bring it on

He was really good and really strong it was definitely something I can’t wait to do again if u haven’t wrestled him yet I definitely recommend him!!!



Bring it on is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely a great guy to wrestle with; don't let his size fool you, he can definitely roll with the best and give them the works.



kyo1989 is recommended by WB2915

Very fun and sweaty match, at least I did a lot of sweating, haha! Kyo1989 is strong, smart, and hot all rolled into one! Had blast pinning him, stuggling to put him in various holds, most of which he was evidently was too solid for me to manuver him into, but got him to tap enough with what I could manage. He knows his stuff while wrestling and was safe, sane, and overall decidedly a blast to wrestle. Not a pushover by any means. Also an excellent and gracious host, highly recommend wrestling him!



WB2915 is recommended by kyo1989

This guy is definitely a sexy, solid BEAST; has a great sense of humor, powerful, skilled, punctual, and reliable. So after communicating for the past year, trying to find time around each others' work and travel schedules; we finally found time to make it happen and I am very proud to say IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT; WB2915 valiantly bought his A game and looked amazing doing it; I was; however at disadvantage and got dominated, but it was still a match to remember. I highly recommend, if this guy is in your area definitely hit him up for a match because he is definitely impressive.



Orangesky is recommended by kyo1989

This guy is such a solid powerhouse; everything from his bearhugs, head locks, and leg scissors can result in a tap out; we had a great time, he was reliable and efficient in scheduling our match, I definitely recommend him to anyone who happens to be in his area; trust me, you are in for an awesome challenge.



kyo1989 is recommended by ramesh

I had a so much fun wrestling this dude. He has muscular thighs, butts and chest muscles which I like. He is strong. He is friendly and mindful of others choices and limits....wanting to create pleasant experience for other guy. He is also mindful of other others safety. Don't pass a chance to wrestle this dude!



ramesh is recommended by kyo1989

Meeting Ramesh in St Louis was exactly what I needed to do, especially after dealing with a "sorry excuse of an opponent" in Indianapolis, who shall remain nameless; it's awesome come across reliable people like Ramesh, who make the process of scheduling matches so much easier and it's people like him that keep me on the site. We had a great time and experience and you are ever in his area, you should definitely hit him up.



kyo1989 is recommended by CTBodyslams

Had a fun match with this dude, mild mannered, very strong, good attitude, enjoyed our match.



CTBodyslams is recommended by kyo1989

This tenacious powerhouse was definitely a force to be reckoned with; everything from his body slams, bear hugs, leg locks, and head locks were done with such technique and strength: this guy is definitely in a class of his own and if you ever get a chance to meet him definitely come with your A game.



uw1849 is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely had a great time with this guy, I appreciate his promptness and quickness to schedule a match; he's very tenacious agile, quick-thinking, and energetic, I had a blast rolling with him; so if you get the chance definitely meet up with this guy, you will not be disappointed at all.



kyo1989 is recommended by MakeMeTap

Kyo1989 was a solid, worthy opponent. Definitely brought his A-game and worked me over good. From his rock hard legs to his solid beefy arms, there isn't anything he won't use to his advantage.



MakeMeTap is recommended by kyo1989

I had so much fun wrestling with this ruggedly, handsome man; he definitely showed his strength and gave me a real sweaty challenge; his punctuality and sense of humor are also one of his many great qualities, which is why I would highly recommend wrestling him if you have the opportunity.



kyo1989 is recommended by luc25

This guy has lots of stamina - we had a very long wrestling match and he could go on and on... He is also very reliable and punctual - we were able to arrange a match at a very short notice. Definitely recommend!



luc25 is recommended by kyo1989

Very powerful opponent, strong legs, friendly and reliable guy; definitely recommend.



Coleman is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely had a lot of fun with this beast, Coleman is powerful, calculating, evasive, and definitely a wise guy when it comes to outsmarting and catching on to an opponents attack patterns; I had a lot of fun wrestling him and definitely got completely worked over in our match, so if you see this guy coming to your town or is within close proximity, definitely wrestle this guy if you are ready for a fun challenge that is going to push everything you know about wrestling to a new level.



kyo1989 is recommended by Bill Parker

Had a great time. Just watch out for his leg scissors and busy hands. ;) Cool person to hang out with as well. Would definitely recommend.



Bill Parker is recommended by kyo1989

Wrestling with Bill was such a great experience, his body is solid; even though he thinks he's out of shape, he is reliable, extremely punctual, and has nice solid legs you don't want to get trapped in; and lastly he is a genuine friendly guy, that I feel this community of men definitely needs more of.



wrestlin is recommended by kyo1989

He was definitely a fun guy, clever as well; he put up a great fight does not give up very easily, also was very friendly and hospitable; definitely wrestle him when you get the chance.



kyo1989 is recommended by synxiec

Our match was brief but enjoyable. Rather persistent this guy. That ended up being fun. Definitely not a normal match for me, but very enjoyable just the same.

If you ask him to surprise you with the prize that you get for winning, expect the unexpected.

A pleasant wrestle for sure.


Scissors won the day here yet again. I dominated (a scary thought) and We both had fun I'd Say. Of course, You Should Ask the Other Guy.



synxiec is recommended by kyo1989

Very powerful legs and fun to wrestle; he was very nice, strong, and very formidable; did I mention to watch out for his legs.



dfw039 is recommended by kyo1989

This guy is a great wrestler, strong, quick learner, agile, and powerful legs; definitely hit this guy up if you want a challenge.



kyo1989 is recommended by boxingfan91

For a first time experience Kyo was great! He was patient, kind and was able to show me different moves. A definite recommendation!



boxingfan91 is recommended by kyo1989

Great size and strength, killer bear hugs and leg locks, definitely a beast in the making.



kyo1989 is recommended by lb200

Kyo1989 is a nice and very friendly wrestler with good submission skills. He's also very sensual and has a great body :) Give kyo1989 a couple more matches and he can become an unstoppable warrior. His scissors are definitely his strength so don't underestimate them :)



lb200 is recommended by kyo1989

Had a great time; he was very reliable, nice, welcoming, and fun; however beware of his killer leg locks and bear hugs; he definitely is a strong guy with a high tolerance for leg locks and bear hugs. I highly recommend lb200 he is a great guy to wrestle and hang out with.



kyo1989 is recommended by dz30x

Had a good time with Kyo1989, he really shows his power when he wrestles. Our time was short but glad we had the chance to meet for a sumo and submission match. His techniques in sumo may be unrefined, but his knowledge in wrestling gave him the power to take me down on multiple occasions. He is quite dominate when it comes to submission and knows when to hold back on weaker opponents.

I'm glad he taught me some things on and off the mat, would recommend him to any wrestler



dz30x is recommended by kyo1989

Had a great learning the art of Sumo Wrestling from this guy; he's very knowledgeable, strong, punctual, and friendly; highly recommend wrestling him if you are in Houston Texas.



kyo1989 is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had lot of fun with this sexy young wrestler! Very reliable, passiony and lot of fun! Also both of us was similar height and stats! It was perfect! I had amazing time to play sub erotic wrestling with him! We did a great fun back and forth match! He have stongs legs as well!If he can put you in a great bodyscissor and headscissor!! If you want have great wrestling time.. Lets meet him!



kyo1989 is recommended by Aethier

This recommendation is long overdue.

When we had our first match he was very green to wrestling but had very good stamina, and could lock on a hold very quickly if I let my guard down.

He's very good at submission style, and an extremely friendly person.

If you like submission style he is a not only a safe, sane, & friendly opponent but also a decent challenge if not A Challenging encounter.



kyo1989 is recommended by Abecedarian

Couldn't ask for a better person as a first timer. Patient with all my newbie questions. Very persistent on the mat too. We had fun matches.



Abecedarian is recommended by kyo1989

Do not go easy on this guy because of his experience level; he has very powerful legs, arms, agility, and stamina; he was an excellent opponent; highly recommended!!!!!!!!!