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Age 56
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 235 lbs (107 kg)
Gender Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - Arizona, Glendale
    Available Saturday and Sunday

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Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches

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OFFICIALLY retired from the scene. So not looking to set up matches anymore.
Thanks for stopping by.
Good times


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lance jeffers is recommended by TOROSO

I owe a lot to this man.

Lance gave me my first eye opener to the sport of Sub grappling. Been with me since the beginning.

Granted, he still kicks my ass i hope to one day get as skillful and half the warrior he is. Amazing grappler, and a very tuff son of a gun.

Only thing keeping me from seeing him more often is a 4 hour drive, and a need to work. Else id probably never leave and learn every bit of knowlege he has.

Ever in Glendale. You HAVE to meet this Champ.

Love ya dad. :)



lance jeffers is recommended by subprosea

Had a fun time rolling with lance after a long hiatus from grappling. Made me remember what I love about sub wrestling, and what I miss from doing BJJ regularly. He's really skilled and safe, had a great time. Sore of course the next day.



lance jeffers is recommended by RASPUTIN

Let me BE the first to say that I May Have Died and Gone to Heaven!
After driving and existing through HELL on Earth as I drove over 400 miles from Santa Barbara, California to Phoenix, Arizona, surviving COVID and being able to wrestle, box and fight is/was a taste of Heaven for me!

First, I will be forever grateful for Benny Boy. We have taughtened and teased each other for years that we were going to kick each others' ass when we met. His only condition was that if this young Stud fought this old, ugly veteran that I would have to face his teacher Lance Jeffers.

"Fuck that" I told Benny. Lance Jeffers kicked my ass decades ago and now he is a Master and a LEGEND in the MF world 🌎 Bottom Line. Benny got a job and now I am in Glendale being tossed around like a rag doll.

If you ever have the chance to meet up with Lance Jeffers, you are a fool if you do not meet up with this King of Wrestling.

This recommendation comes as the Pulitzer Prize, Academy award or Novel Peace Prize of any and all recommrndations I could EVER write.

If I had to rate ten different areas with a point scale from 10 being the BEST and 1 being the worst, Lance Jeffers would score an 11 in every area. YES. He would have scored 110 points on a 100 point for PERFECTION. ❤

Lance Jeffers is PRICELESS!



I visited Lance several times at his home in the Phoenix area. His knowledge of both BJJ and wrestling is excellent. While I always lost to him he never used excessive force or did anything that would violate standard wrestling or BJJ rules. He taught me improvements on my BJJ techniques. One time he invited several others to join in the wrestling/BJJ rolling. It was great as he has a special mat room in his house. If you are in to no gi jiujitsu and anywhere near his weight he is the perfect rolling partner as he will help you with your techniques. He has no ego and is an excellent host and quite friendly. Well worth the time to visit and grapple with Lance, one of the best on this site!



lance jeffers is recommended by awill92

Headed down to Phenoix to finally meet with Lance and get to wrestle him and when you get into his presence for a match - prepare for a battle. Knows when to adapt intensity for his matches but he's a total alpha in a match - won't be a easy task betting this man.

Has a heart to teach so got to learn some skills from Lance, awesome sweet host which made my trip down the most fun on top of everyone I met down there. Can't wait till the next time I get a chance to face Lance again.



lance jeffers is recommended by lovewrestling

Great guy with an awesome set of wrestling skills. More importantly, he's a great person who respects your limits and teaches you a thing or two. Wrestling lance was perfect as he never wrestled in order to show me that he had the skills and that I did not. Off the mats he's an awesome individual. Looking forward to seeing him again!



lance jeffers is recommended by grapplingguy

After years of chats, I finally met Lance – a guy who inspires me for about two decades. First of all, thank you, man, for the inspiration! Well, what I can say about Lance that you do not know yet –his clean skills are supported with very solid strength and power, and seasoned with unusual and creative tactics and holds. The entire match I was very much concerned to give him anything, because I felt that any incautious move will lead to inevitable tap.
Lance is true ALPHA fighter – extremely competitive, persistent, and perfectly aggressive (while being very controlled and sane).
My special appreciation to the way how he feels fights, how his mind work, how his alpha nature drives him to fight and to dominate! As I said above – that thing inspired me for decades and it continues inspire me. His fight stories and experience are true-life experience of an authentic alpha man! Thank you, man, again.
I very much look forward for another meet!



grapplingguy is recommended by lance jeffers

Way tough guy with good skills. Strong as hell and good guy to roll with.



lance jeffers is recommended by PhxGrapple

This guys is great. He's got some serious skill, but he's not a jerk about it at all and was even nice enough to show me some tricks I'd never seen before. We had a very fun match and a great conversation afterwards. I will definitely be coming back to train.



PhxGrapple is recommended by lance jeffers

Fun guy to roll with, i rarely find guys on here anymore who actually want to roll, but he is one for sure.



This man knows how to wrestle. Wished we could have rolled for hours. He is a sneaky guy always looking to jump on you and make you suffer but I loved it. I held my own and dished out punishment to the big man. Made him tap a few times. I returned with a few taps of my own. Looking forward to our next match. I want 3+ hours with this guy on the mats.



Dude is strong as a bull, and a lot fun to roll with. This was our second time to roll and looking forward to number 3.



lance jeffers is recommended by rsl4fun

Very strong, very skilled, and totally safe and friendly with just a little mean streak to let you know when you are helpless in his various submission holds. Very fun afternoon with great workout, some training, and great conversation. Highly recommend.



lance jeffers is recommended by MKell

I have been in contact with Lance off and on for a couple years. I am glad we finally had the chance to get on the mats. He has a great set up and we had a great workout. He is skilled, strong, and tenacious. It was great to move around with him on the mats and I look forward to round 2 of our heavyweight battle. He is a good guy and I highly recommend you get on the mats with him!



MKell is recommended by lance jeffers

What can I say, he is strong, and skilled. I am going to be training hard so I can rematch the big man. For real I had a good time, painful but good. Looking forward to the rematch.



Lance is one of my best friends in the world. I love being able to know him in a more personal manner than this site suggests. Having said that, you are here to read a recommendation.


Lance is one of the most skilled wrestlers I've ever met in my entire life. When I was 20, he and I met first. About 10 years later, he's been able to maintain that title through experience. I've only seen him submitted 5 times in the years of interactions we have had. He's able to use control and foresight. If you are new, then he will treat you with respect and honor. You will enjoy yourself, Lance is not mean.



lance jeffers is recommended by diggeroh

This fulfilled what I thought was an impossible/improbable fantasy. He is a grounded man with a massive skill set in forms of fighting. Be direct as possible with him about the style of match you want, because you WILL get it. And thank you for letting me check your oil!! LOL



lance jeffers is recommended by JHK49

I can't say enough good things about Lance. He's a strong, capable, fierce competitor on the mats, but also a fantastic teacher willing to impart his knowledge freely to those who are willing to listen to him. I learned a lot from him in the short time we had together. He also has two great fists, and his gut punching prowess is beyond compare. Add to this that he is super friendly and a great guy to talk to, and WOW. I can't wait until the next time our paths cross.



lance jeffers is recommended by IndyWarrior

What more needs to be said about this guy? He's a cool guy and a great wrestler. Way back in the day he absolutely manhandled me. Looking forward to the rematch someday!



lance jeffers is recommended by PhoenixBigBear

Wrestling an A+ great wrestler as Lance was a terrific experience for me, and although he soundly beat me I had a great time tangling with him on the mats. He's not only a top-notch wrestler – strong, highly skilled, formidable – but an all-around good guy to hang with. On or off the mats Lance is a real gentleman, one of the best men I've ever had the privilege to wrestle. I hope Lance will give me a chance for a rematch. Definitely the man to beat!



lance jeffers is recommended by jed7720

Good guy, Good grappler, hard puncher, good 2 on 1 session.



Both and outstanding man and wrestler!



lance jeffers is recommended by grapplemedown

Cannot recommend this guy enough.
Wrestled him several times this summer. Very skilled, safe, and can adjust to your level. An amazing guy who definitely loves his wrestling and fighting. Don't pass up an opportunity to wrestle him!



lance jeffers is recommended by Norcalfur

Turtle is definitely one of the best wrestlers, I've had the pleasure of meeting. He's also a great host and coach. He's a super nice guy, to boot! If you have the chance to make it down to Phoenix, you won't regret it!



lance jeffers is recommended by redlandguy

Great wrestler and a nice guy. Hoping for another match one day soon. Tough, strong, safe and a good coach. Very strong legs.



lance jeffers is recommended by wrestling coach

I have known Turtle off and on for over 16 years, and I have recently reconnected. He is very skilled BJJ/MMA, an excellent coach, and a very grounded sincere man to have as a friend. I am honored that he bothers to train and coach me.



lance jeffers is recommended by NYleanmuscle

The real deal. A great bud and host too!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by lance jeffers

Fun tough and good on cardio.



lance jeffers is recommended by RojoLion

Definitely one of the toughest wrestler's around. He will literally and figuratively take you to school on the mats. He's a friendly, respectful, nice guy, who loves to wrestle and is a great part this world.



lance jeffers is recommended by LBFighter

Lance is an awesome man, and the best friend you can have, until you step into the ring or on the mats with him. I have never seen him lose. He certainly handed me my ass a few times. LOL