lestat mza


Member since 12.9 years
Age 41
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Gear what ever
Languages spoken English, Spanish
Last login 9/11/2022
Last update 12/08/2021



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  1. Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires
  2. France, Lyon
    (I'm here between 9/17/2022 and 10/08/2022)

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Going to matches

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship

Fetishes: Not interested in fetishes, Wrestle for top, Boxing gear

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i`m from Mendoza Argentina living in Buenos Aires city. Love to hostel, have a gust room and a nice mate. ho really train. Into brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, training partners, good food, and a fun and sportly style of life. Live my passions of wrestling and fight with discipline. Hope i can meet some one ho have the same vibre.
here are my last two fight, One of bjj combat and second of MMA.


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lestat mza is recommended by max20052005

It was a great experience and pleasure to meet Lestat. He is very talented and have a lot of experience. He knew how to adapt to my level and we had a great time. It was very good to learn from him.
Would be definitely a pleasure to meet again.
Highly and strongly recommended if you ever get the chance



max20052005 is recommended by lestat mza

he is a great and handsome guy ho is starting in the competitive mode of wrestling. Was very fun to wrestle with him, we have greats talk and hangin out. will love to meet him again and see his improve.



lestat mza is recommended by boxermad

One of the best fighters you can find here, not only he has a extraordinary technique but also he is incredibly strong. Don´t lose the oportuniny of having a fight with him you won´t be disapointed. And a plus.... he has a beautiful body. A real male for a real fight.



boxermad is recommended by lestat mza

He is an amaizing guy ho real now how to figth, he have the stronge and the skill of a great young figther. The best Figther you can find in Madrid. Hope we can meet again. Easy talk and easy go.



lestat mza is recommended by st7


A champion, and a complete all around fighter: grappling, bjj, mma. Considerate with a less pro opponent, he will play with you but definitely likes to win and won’t let you submit him once. An amazing experience not to be missed.



st7 is recommended by lestat mza

He is a really handsome and masculine animal man. Brave and sportly guy with a great place to wrestle. Hope here became a very good friendship. He is starting bjj training, but he have enough gnoligy to make you spend a great moment !!!



lestat mza is recommended by MadGT

After long time chatting and talking about martial arts we finally met.
It was a great match, it was pretty even until he really dominated the match, very nice close guard and Mount position.. hard to reverse, gave him lot of trouble but I had no chance: tap tap tap tap..
Off mats he's a very nice guy and very nice person, he took some minutes yongive me some advices to improve my game on mats.

Hope we meet soon again

PD: chulo como el mismo pero muy Buena persona



MadGT is recommended by lestat mza

Es un gran luchador que realmente entrena y sabe lo que hace. Una persona muy amable y bondadosa jajaj y con un buen ego al que disfrute mucho hundirlo. Hasta mi proximo viaje y espero digas entrenando!!!



lestat mza is recommended by Eitanr

Met wrestling_angel and lestat mza.
Both of them are well trained, super strong and have a lot of exprience(i wish i had half of their strength and skills!) and i really had a great time with them.
If one of them or both are in your area don't miss oportunity to meet and wrestle them.
The pleasure to meet them was all mine, and i hope to meet them again.



lestat mza is recommended by rugbylad

Great guy and a fun wrestler. He is very skilled and is helpful in teaching new holds. Very fit guy in great shape. I hope next time we meet I can put up more of a challenge.



rugbylad is recommended by lestat mza

Is A good guy, he show up on time. We spend a good time wrestling in london. With more experience he can be good. Real nice and sweet guy !!!



lestat mza is recommended by baywrestler

A great fighter and a generous teacher. Skilled, strong, and in amazing shape. Don't miss the chance to take this guy on. I'd rematch in a heartbeat... preferably after I've got a few BJJ classes under my belt! Real quality goods.



baywrestler is recommended by lestat mza

He is a very handsome and kind man, with a beatifull body. Whas a nice meeting, is always good tonfind peopel un this plays Ho really like to train.



lestat mza is recommended by fghter

One of the most technically skilled fighters I've ever rolled with from this site! A great match with a really nice guy who is seriously skilled in submission fighting and really strong. Lestat know's the moves and how to apply them from years of training in mma and jiu jitsu. One of the most challenging and competitive matches I've ever had. He's also super hot, with a lean ripped truly athletic bod. The perfect grappling/bjj package. If he hits you up for a match, do it! If you come to the mat with proper skills of your own you'll have a great match and learn a lot at the same time!



lestat mza is recommended by dag

Lestat mza es una de estas personas contra las cuales no tuve ninguna posibilidad de ganarle. Tiene un alto nivel de entrenamiento y de profesionalismo (muy fuerte y excelentes técnicas). Es una persona amable y hospitalaria. Además, tiene un buen lugar para luchar y entrenarse. Cualquier persona a quien le gusta una lucha intensiva y de alto nivel disfrutará un encuentro con lestat mza.



lestat mza is recommended by MuscleBond

Francisco is a great wrestler with good skill from his training. He is strong and has great stamina. We had a good sweaty match and I definitely recommend meeting him if you are travelling near Mendoza. Thumbs up!