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Ok, I'm back. More into body boxing and gut punching, but wrestling is cool, too. Always safe and sane. If you're wanting to meet up for some action, give a shout.



  1. USA - Alabama, Ozark
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 238 lbs (108 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Whatever

Boxing Boxing

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lmac2 is recommended by VaThunder

Wrestling lmac2 is like wrestling a bull! He is a real animal and knows his stuff. He can take it and dish it out. Some times it was as if he was a brick wall that wouldn't fall. This guy has power and he shouldn't be taken lightly. He was a good opponent and I highly recommend him on the mats or in the ring. Outside of wrestling he is a Great Guy and Friend. I hope to lock horns with him again one day. There are not enough words to say about his personality. Two thumbs up!



VaThunder is recommended by lmac2

I had a great time, when I met up with VaThunder. He's got good skills on the mats and has the power to put those skills to use. He has a heck of a punch too, if your match is to include body punches. Extremely nice guy off the mats, also! I'll be glad, if we ever get the chance to meet up again. If you get the chance to take this guy on, you won't regret it!!



lance jeffers is recommended by lmac2

What can I say? This man is the real deal! Extremely knowledgeable, as to all aspects of combat sports AND an an absolutely great guy to boot!! Even though he pretty much spanked me, without apparent effort, I'd roll with him anytime, anywhere!! I can't wait to get to Phoenix, to roll with him again!! Seriously guys, if you ever get the chance to meet up with him, do NOT let the opportunity escape!!



lmac2 is recommended by Rugged Rassler

Imac2 is a great guy. He is very strong and he would work well with beginners or the more experienced. Very respectful on rules and most of all a very gracious host. If you get the chance to take this guy on, don't pass him up. He is a great guy all the way around, on and off the mats. Hope to take him on again, soon.



Rugged Rassler is recommended by lmac2

Had the pleasure of rolling with this guy today. Don't let his stats fool you, he's a lot stronger than you think. He's a helluva nice guy, too. If you ever get the chance to take him on, do NOT pass it up! Can't wait until we can roll again.



lmac2 is recommended by boombambam

Great guy, fun to roll with, always reliable.



boombambam is recommended by lmac2

Hey men, if you ever get a chance to roll with this guy, do NOT pass it up! Very nice guy and strong!! Great time, on and off the mats!