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  1. United Kingdom, covent garden


55-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks/speedos/socks & wrestling boots. Open to ALL other gear though!


Back in London... FYI: the negative flag on my profile is due to a misunderstanding & the result of the knock-on effect of someone "no-showing" me. I travel extensively: fit, healthy, clean (until it gets hot n sweaty in a bout), cropped hair. Sane & sorted up4 horny bouts with horny like-minded guys. Love old style World of Sport type bouts & especially the gear (have LOTS of speedos/trunks/boots etc). Up4 give & take bouts but also can enjoy bein a jobber to the right heel! Not lookin for a specific "type" of opponent with regards to race/age etc: very open minded so contact me & see if we "connect". Also have interests in other gear: lycra,rubber,leather,socks,boots & starting to have a bit of a horny foot fetish which can be "interesting" in a hot wrestling bout! Live in central London, can host some of the time but always happy to travel extensively for the right bout. Have private photos I'm willing to trade! So.. contact me: let's get booted up & let the bell ring for round 1 !!

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this!



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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Two on one, Online chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage
Fetishes: Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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londonscissorslover is recommended by roahram

Highly Recommended. A gentleman. On Time, Very Friendly, Nice to chat with. On the mats though a completely different story. Tough competitor who is able to withstand a lot and also very skilled grappler. Had lots of back and forth action. Would definitely meet again when in London.



roahram is recommended by londonscissorslover

Highly Recommended. Really easy to arrange the bout whilst he was travelling to London: very welcoming, friendly & interesting to discuss numerous topics with. A very strong, imposing man on the mats... python like bear hugs and scissors almost impossible to escape. Enjoyed lots of give and take action and hope for a longer bout next time he's in London....maybe in a ring!



londonscissorslover is recommended by monde619

He's a nice guy to have fun and fight in a pro wrestling style (yes, with trunks and boots like a pro wrestler), I recommend him a lot. Despite of my little lack knowledge of my English Language, he understood me very well. I hope we'll wrestle again.



monde619 is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Monde619 whilst visiting Mexico City: great communication leading up to and during our meet (although I wish I spoke Spanish...) He's such a lovely & interesting guy to meet and have wrestling fun with. He has a great selection of Pro-Lucha gear and looks the fantastic in it. We had a really enjoyable give/take bout, and I can totally recommend him. He's a great photographer too, and a fantastic wrestling illustrator. Definitely would meet again the next time I'm in Mexico.



londonscissorslover is recommended by cute guy

After almost 10 years of chatting, finally we met and it was great.
He is huge big like the ones i love.
He suffered my squeezy head scissors and my deadly liplocks.
Yet he lifted me with ease. Cant wait to meet him again.



cute guy is recommended by londonscissorslover

Yes....after almost 10 years of chatting, finally I DID have the pleasure of meeting "cute guy", who proves to be both cute & handsome.
We had a couple of intense sessions in Geneva..... loved being able to totally lift/carry/suspend him in various positions & see him helpless and totally at my mercy..... and enjoyed "allowing" him to put me in various scissor combinations (especially when I had him suspended in the air)...... BUT beware his deadly liplocks...... he will take you by surprise with this signature move and have you weakened and vulnerable :-)
A fantastic host in Geneva, and I look forward to another session...



londonscissorslover is recommended by Dragonfly

I have met londoscissors69 after chatting and organizing our match for a bit.
He is so reiable and enjoyable (and patient when my english goes wrong XD) outside the mat, as during a fight, we did back and forth considering what we "wanted" most, and it was a pleasure to have a match with him, we had two, both enjoyable, funny and hot!
Definitely i suggest to keep an eye on him if you are in his area or he is in your! Look forward the second encounter now :)



Dragonfly is recommended by londonscissorslover

"Dragonfly" very kindly went out of his way to drive to Ortigia to meet me for this bout: certainly I was glad that he did! Firstly, he has the type of lean, wiry muscular body that just makes you want to attack it (but beware, he is very strong and his lightweight build is deceptive, as my body can attest to when he locked on an impossibly tight body scissors) : it was a back and forth bout wherein I probably didn't use all of my strength, as I wanted this to be a long bout & didn't want either of us to be exhausted. We both had specific "likes", which were suitably fulfilled during our fight...... and even though I know he likes to be the jobber, IF he wanted to, he could be a very effective Heel. His slim but muscular hairy legs are 2 very effective weapons which, if you allow him to, he will use to devastating (and rather sexy) effect. We took a break, went for a walk whereupon he introduced me to some Sicilian/Catanian specialities (the REAL Granita!!) after which, we couldn't resist a second wrestle, which had a different tempo but was equally satisfying in all ways. He is a handsome man and a pleasure to converse with.... I would recommend him to anyone who has the opportunity to meet him.



londonscissorslover is recommended by croydonscot

Met londonscissors on the 4th of September for a David vs Goliath match in two parts , firstly a match involving scissoring to get opponent to submit I really enjoyed using my legs to grip my opponent and make him tap out , although I have to add that londonscisoors does not give in easily I had to check on a couple of occasions that I wasn't doing any permanent damage, the second half of the Morning was an oil match and londonscissors had the height advantage here but I managed to get a win in this match , I would have to say londonscissors is a great opponent and I would happily have a rematch with him at any time he's a great opponent I'd like to Thank him firstly for taking the time out to come over and have an early match as I had to leave for work in the afternoon , and I also enjoyed that chat we had over a cup of tea at the end of our match too,



croydonscot is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met CroydonScot for (as he puts it) "a David vs Goliath match in two parts": I've always been fascinated by the dynamic of a smaller wrestler taking control of a bigger opponent and using certain holds to fulfil a "Napoleon Complex" haha! Certainly he fulfilled that aspect of my fascination, with a strong pair of legs and a determination to be in control. He then introduced me to the world of oil wrestling, which was very interesting, I have to say! Having the height/weight advantage in an oil bout proves to be quite the opposite, i.e.: NOT an advantage (especially within the confines of a small inflatable pool) : a bigger guy will always be "working against himself" and will inevitably be at the disadvantage to a smaller wrestler with the tenacity and experience of CroydonScot! He is a great opponent and I'd be more than happy for a rematch. He's affable, easy to get along/communicate with, and great fun for a varied wrestle meet. I thank him for a very interesting morning, and his warm hospitality.



londonscissorslover is recommended by jonny innocent

LondonScissors69 is a friendly guy, easy to talk to and he was very obliging about bringing my favourite bits of his gear.

We had a relaxed time in the ring: it was nice to get a look in for a change. But don’t get me wrong, my submissions were very real and he was on me right from the start using a good mix of moves.

Great to have his boots wrapped around my head time and time again (and to feel his legs under my hands as I “tried to escape”.)

It was also good to work on my own scissor and thanks to LondonScissors69, I now feel a more confident about using them.

I look forward to meeting him again for more geared-up, wrestling fun in the ring.



jonny innocent is recommended by londonscissorslover

Great to meet Jonny, (especially after my recent disappointments of very expensive no shows by 2 wrestlers n Belfast & Dublin!!) : Jonny made it easy to arrange, was great with communication and totally reliable. Very easy to talk to and discussions regarding gear/type of bout/attitude etc made it possible to have a very enjoyable bout. We both have a passion for "the gear", and he has a LOT.

We had a great time in the ring at Grove Park: pretty much a to and fro bout, and Jonny has some great technical moves if you let your guard down and he takes advantage.
He is constantly wrestling and training to improve & is passionate about gaining more experience, so will be a wrestler to most certainly watch out for even more as he works on his technical prowess.

I can absolutely recommend Jonny as a trustworthy, safe, honest, genuinely nice guy with whom to enjoy a great wrestle.



niwrestler is not recommended by londonscissorslover

  • Unreliable / no show



londonscissorslover is recommended by erialc

A is a very affable, soft-spoken and impeccably-mannered British gent who more than obviously knows his techniques and holds in wrestling from experience and moves confidently and effortlessly with ease and great stamina on the mats to defend and attack. The name would imply the forte (myself sadly have none) but remenber as it's been a while that nelsons and clutches also appeared for a very accustomed modus in the arsenal. Very on point. A strong, creative and skilled wrestler who is a pleasure to wrestle and who brings to mind British pro wrestling in the true sense. No poser, the real deal.



erialc is recommended by londonscissorslover

My profuse apologies to Erialc for not posting this recommendation post -meet: however, better late than never! Should you be visiting Stockholm (or any location where he is), I urge you to seek him out: not just for the wrestling, but also as he is one of the nicest, most interesting, culturally enlightening Men you could hope to meet: oh, and also very handsome! Wrestling him was a challenge (in the best possible way), and a pleasure. His (slightly) smaller size belies a stature and skill set worthy of a Greek Wrestle God..... he certainly outsmarted me, and had me working hard to attempt to gain any advantage. The fact that this was made to be a very pleasurable experience is testament to his skills, charming demeanour, sexy body/personality and handsome face.... and SO HOT "in gear" ...I hope for a re-match someday: but also to spend time again in his fascinating company. Erialc : A rare diamond that must be met....



londonscissorslover is recommended by Kevin

I had great fun with londonscissors69 where he prepared many hot and sexy gears for the match. It was about 3 hours spent and I enjoyed every second of it. We then continued for dinner and drinks. Off the mat, he is also a great company. I highly recommend him as he is a nice person and would love to meet him again.



Kevin is recommended by londonscissorslover

Had a great met with NBN : he looks great in classic wrestling gear (and other more "specific" gear too). He knows exactly what he wants, and knows how to get it.... 3 hours of intensity and eventual exhaustion...... dinner and drinks confirmed what I already suspected : that this is a very genuine, funny, sexy, trustworthy & generous young Man. I highly recommend him, and would not hesitate to meet him again..... which we are hoping to do, time permitting.



londonscissorslover is recommended by Manc21

Londonscissors is a genuine, fit and all round nice guy!

We had a great match experimenting with headscissor holds. I really enjoyed having him between my thighs :D

However, he also has extremely strong legs which he demonstrated with his own scissors. His body is also awesome :)

After the match, he was an intelligent and great guy to talk to. Definitely sensible and sane :)

I highly recommend him :)



Manc21 is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Manc21 finally, after much communication (so we both had a good idea what sort of bout we'd be having) : I have to say, for a smaller guy he has an awesome amount of power in those very sexy hairy legs: I was caught off guard many times in his deceptively lethal head scissors. I reciprocated, of course, and let him feel a little of my power….. but not at 100% for fear of having to explain to the hotel why I had a KO'd body in my room. Just joking, of course…. this was a highly anticipated bout, and did not disappoint in any way: he's a handsome, cool and very interesting guy, both in "wrestle" & "normal" mode: a pleasure to spend time with him….. highly recommended…. and be warned…. his hairy pythons CAN be lethal. Looking forward to round 2….. and 3….



londonscissorslover is recommended by Alan2005sg

This is an Alan vs Alan match. Both Alan fought very hard but neither could win the other. It ended up as a draw. Nice match. We should have a re match to decide who is a stronger Alan.



Alan2005sg is recommended by londonscissorslover

I met Alan recently whilst in Singapore…… a brief and speedy bout due to time constraints….. but it was certainly fast & furious…. no eventual winner but a very enjoyable and fulfilling bout: hope for a rematch with longer time frame to decide who IS the dominant wrestler!



londonscissorslover is recommended by daniellibra1986

our first met back to almost 1.5 years ago while I training in UK, than we meet again while I in Singapore not long ago, I also enjoy the wrestling session we had, well balance of wrestling, trading some holds and bit of extra fun, also testing each other scissors, and testing out the wrestling gears where they are pretty new for me. Is always a good session when you feel sad when it about to end, but certainly hope this is not the last meet between us.



daniellibra1986 is recommended by londonscissorslover

Whilst Daniel was in the UK 1 & a half years ago, I was lucky to be able to meet up with him and wrestle. Back then, he was a strong, solid and formidable opponent; we both used holds on the other that were certainly effective, but he eventually was able to use his superior strength to have me weakened…. but in the best possible combative way. We then were fortunate enough to meet again whilst I was in Singapore:another hot wrestling: well balanced in mind & attitude, trading holds and, as he says "a bit of extra fun"….testing each other scissors, (his are pretty incredible…. once between his thighs you may as well tap….. or otherwise !! There are far worse ways to pass out…..! Great to see him in pro-wrestling gear too. I hope to meet again, as I am sure the next chapter of our wrestling history is NOT over…. HIGHLY recommended as a trustworthy, honest, great meet.



londonscissorslover is recommended by Dino

Second time with London Scissors was a pleasure. Perfect on and off the mat. I like that he is one of the rare cases where you can have a great match and also hold down a conversation. Hence, why i was so adamant for a second meet.

I really enjoyed our submission match, as he had some pretty strong holds and vice versa. Either way, it was fun wrapping my legs around tight to try and get a win :-P
Really strong, smooth and sensual as I like a match to be (and I'll say the same about his body!)

If you have a thing for gear, he has an amazing erotically enticing collection of all things pro wrestling!

Will definitely recommend for a meet up, and look forward to meeting again for Round 3! Ding! Ding! Ding!



Dino is recommended by londonscissorslover

I met Dino for the second time whilst in Dubai…. second meet even more interesting & exciting than the first. From a personal point of view, Dino is a fascinating, stimulating Man with whom you could spend a very pleasurable evening whether in combat or not. From a physical point of view… he looks fantastic in gear…. wearing classic trunks & pro-wretling boots combo… his hairy, slim, muscular frame both a struggle & a joy to grapple with, coupled with dark, brooding handsome looks. Beware an awesome pair of sexy hairy legs that he REALLY knows how to use to weaken and debilitate you with! We had a fantastic give & take bout (within the confines of an "apartment wrestle") … & would love to indulge in more intense combat situations with him. Not sure who won….. it was so intense that I think the concept of winner/loser was irrelevant! DEFINITELY cannot wait for the re-match!



londonscissorslover is recommended by liftingfun

all I can say is a true gentlemen...great fun...nice guy to chat to and despite what he thinks he is a strong guy...spent plenty of time between his hot muscular legs...both in scissors and in mid air in piledrivers...made putting me up on his shoulders and other lifts look very easy...look forward to meeting again.



liftingfun is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Craig in a hotel room so not much room for high octane, high flying WOS style grappling; but had a very hot time with a succession of lifting holds & related wrestling moves. A great guy... very cute, easy going, intelligent and interesting. Had a great afternoon trading holds... shoulder lifts, piledrivers, sexy pins/smothers.... but beware his wiry, lean, muscular hairy legs..... once they are locked around your head.... there's no way out..... suffer (in a GOOD way...) or SUBMIT ! Highly recommended & look forward to a re-match.



londonscissorslover is recommended by zmaccs

Brief fight but excellent and very fun! This guy knows a lot and can hold for a while all holds that receives! Great time, great guy and someone i very hope to meet again! If you´re near him, take the chance to meet and wrestle!



zmaccs is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Ze VERY briefly (due to a Lisboan taxi driver making a 10 minute journey last over an hour) so it was a very quick meet....but most definitely worth it. He has great combat knowledge & skills... & despite his slighter (but very sexy) body he certainly did not let me take charge. His slim, wiry muscular legs are definitely not to be under-estimated....they certainly took me to the point of sleeperdom many times. A handsome guy, a great host...&; charming. Highly recommend if UR in Lisbon & he's free to meet.



londonscissorslover is recommended by midblue

great guy to be around,on and off matz...quite tough to deal with,even if he doesn't admit it...we got a summer sizzler coming up,mate!! def recommend



midblue is recommended by londonscissorslover

What can I say that has not already been said? A fearsome wrestler with many technical skills & a killer body...& certainly knows how to use it on an opponent: beware those hairy legs. Totally trustworthy & safe... I would most definitely go back for more of the same! A true gentleman off the mats too....took time out of his busy schedule to be the best Tour Guide I've ever had!



londonscissorslover is recommended by leofighters

We met last Fri .A great wrestler and a true gentleman with a tight fit body and strong .Had a very enjoyable match with him with plenty of give n take.Highly recommended.



leofighters is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Leo within the confines of my small space in central London flat; hence the opportunity for a more elaborate & expressive wrestling bout was slightly limited. Despite the limitations of space, I have to say that Leo is every inch a wonderful & challenging wrestler: his tenacity, ingenuity, strength and determination are VERY hard to pin down & defeat. Do NOT underestimate his stature... he is a "pocket rocket" ... I thought my weight & height advantage would make him an easy win... My first mistake. He proved to be a real contender and a fearsome opponent. When he has a few more skills he will be even more of an awesome opponent. I fear that if I am lucky enough to wrestle him again, I will very much be on the alert & aware that this is a real, true wrestling warrior. Strong resilient body, flexible.... with awesome legs. He alo looks extremely fit (& dare I say it... very sexy) in classic boots & trunks. I hope to wrestle him again.. next time in a larger space/ring, which will give us both more space to truly have the bout that we would like. As well as being an awesome wrestler, Leo is a fascinating, charming, intelligent and very handsome guy.



londonscissorslover is recommended by frenchprowrestler

sexy legs in sexy boots will welcome you for sure ! Loved our match and really hope to take him on a second time when he'll come back here for a visit of pro ring in Paris...Will make him visit every turnbuckle and ringpost !
Don't hesitate in contacting him if you are into pro wrestling as he is.

Sep 2014
After second meeting i worked on this booted pro wrestlers. Always a pleasure to punish guys and i loved playing with him. Really recommended for pro styled and full geared pro wrestlers. Don't forget to put the pressure on his neck when you have your boots around his head !
Bonne rencontre à faire pour ceux qui adorent les catcheurs pro en tenue complete de catcheur comme c est le cas de londonscissors ! N'oubliez pas de le prendre en ciseaux !
Un buen encuentro para todos a los que le gustan el catch en trunks y botas ! No se olviden de agarrar su cabeza entre las piernas...,



frenchprowrestler is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Pascal finally last year in Paris and..... WOW!! It was, by necessity & circumstances a brief meet but it was un heure incroyable..... pardonnez moi mon francaise !!! This guy is seriously sexy and a superb wrestler..... that body in gear is irresistible... (and those legs in boots... awesome). My regret was that we were not able to wrestle longer, and that my itinerary in Paris meant that I was not able to take up his offer of a ring match. Hopefully the next time I am in Paris...... if you get the chance to meet this sexy Man-Wrestler.... grab the bull by the horns :-)

August 2014 ... I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Pascal again. This time, he took me to the ring on the outskirts of Paris, and what an awesome time he showed me. A very hot experience from start to finish.... from preparing the ring, to the gear, to the hot sexy bout that followed. A really exciting experience to wrestle a great, skilled & sexy Heel in a wrestling ring. I tried to hold my own, but previously, he wore me down with some awesome holds/moves.... and his finishing head scissors had me begging... Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to meet & wrestle this charming, sexy wrestler. ENCORE!



londonscissorslover is recommended by Torrnado

Allan really looked the part in his pro gear when we met for a hotel wrestle in London at the weekend. He kindly lent me a pair of silver leather pro boots and a mask and we enjoyed a great WOS style grapple. We both worked up a good sweat trading plenty of holds including our favourite legs scissors! A nice, genuine guy well worth meeting.



Torrnado is recommended by londonscissorslover

Had a great re-match with Steve (after our first bout over 10 years ago... a long time coming): Looked great in the silver boots and pro-gear, both masked up!! A hot sweaty WOS bout with lots of classic pro moves/holds..... leading to an inevitable conclusion. Would recommend Steve unconditionally... a great guy and a great wrestler.



londonscissorslover is recommended by Lonwrst

Met and had a great time, old school Brit pro WOS match and he looks great in gear and a generous host. Good fit wrestler build and made sure the bout went the way we both enjoyed. Definitely recommend a meet if you can.



Lonwrst is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met very recently for a World of Sport type bout: a very enjoyable, fun and hot, sweaty bout in classic WOS gear (he looks great in trunks & boots) ... Lonwrst's height advantage had me battling for dominance throughout the bout... resulting in a very intense finish to the proceedings. A reliable, fit, funny guy who I can highly recommend.



londonscissorslover is recommended by Ted Chackry

*I can thoroughly recomend him - He is a real nice guy, easy to het on with and then huge fun on the mats. I had a really lovely afternoon with him on my recent UK visit . Thank You very much !!! Ted



Ted Chackry is recommended by londonscissorslover

I can thoroughly recommend Ted as a reliable, sane, nice guy to hook up with 4a fun bout if ur in Brazil or he happens to be visiting your country. An interesting guy who is clean!! intelligent, has a great sense of humour....&an interesting take on wrestling :-)



londonscissorslover is recommended by MisterLegs

He's a very kind and reliable person and in good shape, but needs a bit more wrestling practice. I had a great easygoing and hot time with him and I must confess, it was really great fun to keep him between my legs ! :o)



MisterLegs is recommended by londonscissorslover

Was lucky enough to meet up with Mr L on his recent London trip. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with & wrestle him. It was obvious (given his wealth of experience...& physique!!) that it would be a David vs Goliath match.... & once those awesome legs coil around you....ur in scissors heaven/hell :-) A great guy on & off the mats...funny, respectful, laid back, handsome & sexy....and OH.... those LEGS!!!



londonscissorslover is recommended by Rough Edge

Lots of fun , had a blast , would definitly meet up again !



Rough Edge is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met up in LA and had an awesome bout: this guy looks the part, talks the part and DEFINITELY delivers! Everything you could ask for both during and after the bout. can't wait to get back to LA !!



londonscissorslover is recommended by Blitzkrieg

After a long lineage of communications and chatting over the years we finally met up. Londonscissors69 hit loads of my buttons and had all the gear to do it with. Really enjoyed this one and learned about a neat guy in the end. Definitely up for another pro gear grapple.



Blitzkrieg is recommended by londonscissorslover

Finally met "Blitzkrieg" after lots of communication; I have to say, he is everything you could hope for...... and does exactly what "it" says on the very impressive tin/packaging :-) I was totally outclassed/outmanoeuvred (no surprise there though!!).... and despite being put into some sane but painful was an absolute pleasure to finally meet/wrestle Blitzkrieg in Heel mode. The most awesome thighs/calves which made his headscissors a torturous (and erotic) delight. He looks totally the "business" in boots and trunks.... a real Handsome Heel. Pushed all my buttons in the best possible way...... and afterwards, transforms into a handsome preppy intelligent stimulating nice guy. Cannot recommend highly enough...... challenge at your (pleasurable) peril !!


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