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Hey fighters! I hope you're doing great. I like wrestling (novice level) to check my strenght and to keep in shape. I am not that strong as most of the wrestlers on this site. But OK, I try my best to keep up and "win" every match - at least winning in experience. Preferably I would like to fight against guys close to my stats in order to have a chance. This does not mean that I won't fight or refuse bigger men. Don't hesitate to contact me and let's have fun. I am a quite easy going, responsible, friendly guy and eager to meet new fighters around the globe. Extraterrestrial life is also welcome to contact me and to mess up with me *lol*.



  1. Greece, Metamorfosi
    Place of residence
  2. Germany, Stuttgart
    (I'm here between 5/05/2018 and 5/09/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 143 lbs (65 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Greek

Gear: shorts & slip

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Past Opponents

BoxerGr imper musclechris80 OrmEmbar


loozool is recommended by Palaistis

Very nice man eager to fight but the weight difference was too much to stand for a long fight. He was though determined to win and did everything he could to put me down. He s fast and strong for his weight. Recommended!



Palaistis is recommended by loozool

After many months of chatting finally we managed to fight. It was a lot of fun while fighting with some laughter in-between. Palaistis was just fooling around with me since I was an easy game. But still our match was not just fun it was 30 minutes of intense fight. Then I had to quit. I was out of power. Palaistis wanted more - OK, another 5 minutes than I said enough for today since I sweat out all my body liquids and was more than exhausted :)

This guy is a extremely nice man to fight with (and after the match even nicer, hehe - he gave me a 5-min massage). He is another must if you want a STRONG and SERIOUS opponent. Thank you Palaistis for the fight... My revenge will come. I will lose again and you will need to massage me again lol.



loozool is recommended by OrmEmbar

an incredibly cute guy, at first sight you underestimate him. powerful in its weight, has strong hands and is very fast, be careful with it, only the best recommendations



OrmEmbar is recommended by loozool

Great opponent. Almost at my stats and - needless to say - I was quite good after a long break. He is very strong though and to be honest by the end of the day I lost. He is also more athletic than on his current pics. Very nice guy... Very shy... And kinda funny. I would fight him again. By the way he has super strong legs :)



loozool is recommended by imper

Very good and nice guy, very hospitable. A real fighter, he understood the difference in weight and still fought in a difficult struggle. With Loozool it was very pleasant to communicate and fight. Highly recommend.



imper is recommended by loozool

It was great fun and loads of sweat. But I had no chance at any minute. Actually he could do what ever he wanted with me. And he never pushed me at a danger. Very careful man... Sympathetic nice personality and did I mention that he is strong? Highly recommended!



loozool is recommended by musclechris80

Loozool!!!!! what a man! Leanmuscled, with great calves and pecs and strong strong legs. We ve been wrestling for more than an hour and he dealt with me pretty well.
The fact I am 20+ kgrs heavier and he is a novice wrestler didnt keep him back. He ve been attacking all the time until he got a couple of rounds with headlock and headscissors. those legs wrapped like pythons on my neck and left me two options to tap or sleep.. I choosed the first one. Dont ask about the rest of the match. you know the answer I just kicked his ass and made him tap countless times.
But to me the most important in that match was that we had a good competitive match with a lot of fun and sweat. Just how I like it.
I will wrestle him again anytime we have the chance. Highly reccomended!



musclechris80 is recommended by loozool

Regarding the fight... with a few words... Chris, you are miles out of my league... too strong. I was a bit eager to challenge you and honestly I had no chance at all - not even a glimpse.

His arms are extraordinary strong he could easily squeeze me *lol* (and actually I still feel it at my ribs). I gave 100% maybe also 110% for a couple of seconds... On the other hand musclechris80 strength against me was about 60% ... maybe 70% (l wished). And of course he adapted his strength to mine - thank you for that!

However, he is a very cool & extremely friendly guy. He is what you would say "next-door-man" but at the same time... handsome... low profile... and in general SUPER character! Chris you are damn good... in Greek you would say "σε παω πολυ φιλε μου" ;)



loozool is recommended by BoxerGr

I was very happy to initiate this new fighter into the world of wrestling. And I must say he did very well for a first-timer! He needs a bit more experience and he will be able to put his lean, toned body to good use. It was a competitive, sweaty match, this guy loves to wrestle! He keeps coming back for more, definitely not a quitter! Great -down to earth- man off the mats too with an irresistible smile!



BoxerGr is recommended by loozool

Today I had my first match... and fortunately it was an experience with BoxerGr. First of all I have to say that he explained in detail about how this "wrestling-thing" works - thank you very much! And, as expected... as soon we started the fight I lost most of the rounds. He is quite strong and acts very fast. Nevertheless I guess I was a good opponent though. He has nice physiques, strong legs & grip, and a killer smile. Next fight will be mine *lol*