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Light weight veteran with good musculature and endurance seeks similarly sized opponents. I am more inclined to go easy than hard, but willing to ramp things up a bit if we mutually decide to do so. Gear is optional, the less the better. Sweat is imperative, but so is good hygiene.
Please be in shape and don't weigh over 175 lbs.



  1. USA - Illinois, Skokie
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Age: 68-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Russian

Gear: singlets, speedos, nuthin'

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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ltwtveteran is recommended by leanmachinetn

First of all, ltwtveteran mentioned by body being good for a man in his upper 50s, but in about 10 years I hope it's in as great shape as this strong wrestler's body. Hard bodied, powerful legs and biceps that feel like iron describe this dude. He provided a strenuous, sweaty match that exceeded expectations. I highly recommend ltwtveteran to wrestlers of all ages.



leanmachinetn is recommended by ltwtveteran

Wrestling Jim was a joyful experience. First off, everyone on this site must respect the fact that he maintains a Greek god physique well into his upper 50s. That, in itself is a remarkable accomplishment. Second, while he is clearly at his best with an opponent close in size and ability, he is expert in pacing the match to the size and ability differential of his opponent. If I were local, I'd wrestle him weekly.



ltwtveteran is recommended by ScottsdaleAZ

Had a good time with Mitch. Enjoyed learning of his long and storied wrestling background, and enjoyed the playful match with him in the context of my hotel room. Have a hunch this guy would be quite a challenge when he is in fully competitive mode. If he hits you up for a match, be complimented and enjoy.



ScottsdaleAZ is recommended by ltwtveteran

What a gentleman! Robert is strong and delightful. We wrestled in a chess match format where we wrapped up the opponent in a hold and released it once it was achieved without bothering to inflict torture. That made the match thoroughly amicable. I look forward to meeting Robert on the mat once again.



shortfighter is recommended by ltwtveteran

Shortfighter is the real deal. He knows what he is doing on the mat. The only advice I have for a future opponent is to watch out for his legs: quite brutal.



ltwtveteran is recommended by smallguyvh

Strong and skilled and a friendly guy. Had a great time with him.



ltwtveteran is recommended by rookie706

Very good teacher, knows a ton of moves. Fun guy too. Reliable.



rookie706 is recommended by ltwtveteran

Really good skill set; a naturally instinctive wrestler. Eager to try new and different moves and holds, as long as the match remains very sane.
Totally reliable, totally safe.