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  1. Egypt, القاهرة
    Temporarily in Cairo
  2. France, Paris


36-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 207 lbs (94 kg)

Gear: square cuts-speedos-singlets barefoot


Big beefy strong man here love to bond with another man through wrestling.
Need real men to wrestle with... cant wait to feel the heat and testosterone out of my opponents....coaches and veterans are always welcomed....
LONG HELD HOLDS...loads of groans and moans.
FAV HOLDS:boston crabs,headscissors, armbar, camel clutch,bearhugs, pins...
Competitive / give-n-take / jobber-heel / squash matches / trading holds...also into body worshiping before or after a match.
so come on guys bring it on....LET'S WRESTLEEEEEE

Very safe and sane and respect my opponents!



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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malewrestling is recommended by sagittaron2

After being in touch for many months, we finally found an opportunity to meet!🤗
malewrestling is a strong and virile guy, who looks hot in singlet. Even if his thighs are very strong and we could have had a more sportive match, we chose to have (on a bed, and after a short night for both) a much more fun and relaxing struggle with muscle worshipping and virile body contacts... but full of testo, friendly and enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to meet him again, next time to wrestle on my mats 😜
Very recommended to everybody!



sagittaron2 is recommended by malewrestling

I had the pleasure of meeting Sagittaron for a chilled fun wrestle and roll on bed after being in contact for many months. He is a very decent and reliable guy who despite the major difference in size proved to be a strong and capable wrestler passionate about the sport. He has an impressive strong physique, which along his passion for wrestling would make him able to wrestle guys of any size and levels.
It was certainly a fun encounter...
Very much recommended!



malewrestling is recommended by hardfitsub

After quite a few years in contact the stars finally aligned and had a great evening with malewrestling in Paris. Fit friendly guy, and good company over dinner after the match. We all enjoyed our hot 2v1 heel jobber match.



malewrestling is recommended by Dawson33

Very nice guy and great host. Had a fun match. Nice, thick body and legs. Had the pleasure of grabbing a bite, and gaining some knowledge of the area and culture. Definitely recommend if you get the chance.



malewrestling is recommended by TOCostaud

Good moment spend with malewrestling, he's friendly and knows how to make you confortable. He's a good host and a strong wrestler, don't hesitate before meeting him!



TOCostaud is recommended by malewrestling

I enjoyed meeting TOCostaud while he was visiting Paris.
We had some nice conversations and great sweaty submission wrestling. He has excellent wrestling instincts and he is a powerful wild fighter.
We tied in the match but I look forward to beating him in our next match ;)
I certainly recommend him.



malewrestling is recommended by Beginner9

Nice moment with malewrestling. He is strong and you'd better not find yourself between his legs ! He is a good teacher with his experience.
Really friendly, we shared an interesting talk together.
Highly recommended !!

Bon moment avec malewrestling. Il est fort et tu ferais mieux de ne pas te retrouver entre ses jambes! C'est un bon prof avec son expérience.
Vraiment sympa, nous avons eux de tres bonnes conversations
je recommande !!



Beginner9 is recommended by malewrestling

I had a great meeting with this guy... and I was happy to be his first wrestle on here!
As his profile says, he is a beginner but he impressed me with his natural wrestling instinct so don't be fooled! He has a good physique and with some practice he will be a great wrestler.
He is a very pleasant guy and a good conversationalist which makes meeting him fun and pleasant!
Looking forward to kicking your butt again and teaching you some more holds ;)



malewrestling is recommended by fighter961

A very interesting fighter and coach who taught me his secrets and fighting techniques. It was a pleasure meeting him and he is definitely highly recommended.



fighter961 is recommended by malewrestling

A very pleasant young man and eager novice wrestler who will be no longer novice very soon with the number of matches he is getting and his enthusiasm and stamina! I manhandled him quite a bit due to the significant difference in size and experience but I can easily say that he is a feisty heel in the making. I enjoyed our meeting and I certainly recommend him.



malewrestling is recommended by Abdelrahmansabrin

Had one of the best scissor sessions with malewrestling and frenchnovice. You should watch out for these scissors. If you get inside, then chances are that you wouldn’t want to get out or you WON’T be able to. Malewrestling is a great host. He is safe and sane and he's very playful and experimental. Highly recommended!!



Abdelrahmansabrin is recommended by malewrestling

Abdelrahmansabrin may be small and may be a beginner but he is a very strong and promising fighter! Those arms can squeeze you well!
I enjoyed manhandling him a bit though...and he is the perfect jobber as he never lets go, always fights back and can take a lot of squeezing and stretching...quite impressive even!
For you hungry heels out there...he is your guy and he will make you work hard!
Definitely recommended....



malewrestling is recommended by italianjudo

Nice guy, big giant.
Nice And safe match, unfortunately I won :-)
Honest person.



italianjudo is recommended by malewrestling

Despite the bumpy beginning of our communication, I managed to meet this Roman warrior. Unfortunately, it was late at night, we were both tired and we did not have much time but I still had a great time with him.
Italianjudo is a very strong fighter who is very experienced and capable in technique, and has the physical strength of a bull! Even though our match was playful and light, he still managed to dominate....but then I would not call it 'winning' :P
He is a very safe fighter and a very nice guy off and on the mat (even as he kicks your ass lol!)
I look forward to another proper session with you buddy....



malewrestling is recommended by Pheenex

I don't think I can have a better match than this, this man here is both strong and smart, he knows what to do and how to make you enjoy your time with him.
He was very hospitable and nice, he kept on all his promises and exceeded, and left me wanting even more time with him on the mat.
I definitely recommend him, and I would go as far as to say to let him plan for your meeting, cuz he has the best ideas ;D
Can't wait to meet him again :D



malewrestling is recommended by Eitanr

I had a great match with malewrestling. This guy is one of the strongest and biggest guy i ever wrestled. Great endurace, great stamina, great fighting spirit, good skills in fighting and a really strong and muscler body.
Beside his great skills as a wrestler this guy is really friendly and intresting and a great guy to have a conversation with.
I really enjoyed the match and have a great time with malewrestling, hope to wrestle him again.
Highly recommended!



malewrestling is recommended by armwrestler85

If you enjoy play role ,muscleworshipping ,domination and some great pro wrestling fantasy action u will Sure Enjoy every minute with MW.
He has some of the strongest legs I have ever seen.Be aware to not get you in his strong scissors or u will get in trouble for sure.
Very nice dude off the mat friendly and can hold a conversation pre and post match! Highly recommended, I am ready to meet u again for more of holds,domination and muscle worshipping...



armwrestler85 is recommended by malewrestling

I had the pleasure to meet armwrestler85 a few times a while back.
I have to say I enjoyed every minute of our encounters whether in some great pro wrestling fantasy action or some amazing muscle worship.
He is a genuine powerhouse with a physique of a Greek god and yet one of the sweetest guys I know whom I am proud to call my friend. I will meet this guy over and over whenever any opportunity presents itself.



malewrestling is recommended by bikermanrr

Un super adversaire que j ai empoigné sur les tapis à plusieurs reprises Un beau mec puissant , avec des cuissots massifs , il peut se permettre le muscle worship , il est gâté , miam .
En mode sports ou fun , on partage nos combats avec un feeling étonnant. J ai apprécié tous nos différents types de combats , il est créatif au tapis . Il est fort , technique, et en plus l un des plus souple . Au plaisir de te recroiser à la 1 ère occasion



bikermanrr is recommended by malewrestling

Un des plus agréables et 'easy-going' lutteurs que je connais. J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer Bikermanrr plusieurs fois ou on a fait plusieurs types de c'était toujours agréable)
Il a le physique d'un vrai athlete qui impressionne avec ses super bras musclés. Il est bien expérimenté, technique et peut facilement s'adapter a tout niveau et style de combat. Il est tres accueillant et te met a l'aise tout de suite.
Je le rencontrai encore et encore sans hésitation!
I recommend him big time!!



sybic14 is not recommended by malewrestling

  • Unreliable / no show



malewrestling is recommended by MisterNoGi

Une super rencontre avec malewrestling, un beau gabarit souple et puissant.
Il sait mettre à l’aise pour passer un bon moment.
Sur le matelas, un bon jeu de lutte et muscle worship.
Très nouveau pour moi.
A recommander!



MisterNoGi is recommended by malewrestling

C'était un vrai plaisir de rencontrer French Novice..un mec tres sympa, ouvert et respectueux avec qui j'ai passé des super moments de luttes fun et muscle worship...
A renouveler certainement!



malewrestling is recommended by surrey71

Can’t believe I haven’t written a recommendation before!
This is one very well built and competent wrestler! I enjoyed the match we had despite the limited space.
Add to that his welcoming personality and easy to chat with nature, he gets my 100% recommendation - you got to meet him if you have the chance!



malewrestling is recommended by GLAD

mec super sympa et accueillant j'ai passé un moment formidable plein de sueur et de testostérones j'ai hâte de recommencer



GLAD is recommended by malewrestling

Si vous etes fan d'un vrai homme et lutteur musclé et viril, Glad est votre mec! j'ai passé un super moment avec lui. Il est safe et s'adapte bien a son adversaire! Hate d'avoir une autre seance avec lui.



malewrestling is recommended by busterboy

Awesome and a very hot match with MW. Arrived on time and after he change to his singlet, wow, needless to say he looks great in a singlet. It was a great pleasure wrestling with this hot and sexy man. Also the match was always safe and sane; and he made sure that I was enjoying the match (which I was)! :D But yes, anyone who gets a challenge or a match request from this guy, do not let it pass! Very friendly and can hold a conversation pre and post match! Look forward to our future match(es) man!



busterboy is recommended by malewrestling

I had an absolutely amazing session with Busterboy. He is one hot, muscular and genuine man who makes the meeting pleasurable on all levels. We totally bonded over our wrestling and worship action. He may be smaller than me but he definitely assumed the muscle heel persona. He is very safe and makes sure his partner is enjoying all the action. A great guy to talk to and a great host. I am certain that I will meet him over and over when our paths cross. I recommend him very highly!



malewrestling is recommended by Celticmuscle

This guy oozes masculinity. Big, powerful, tree trunk legs, he fills a singlet perfectly. Incredibly interesting guy to talk to, he comes across as a very intelligent, articulate man. BTW the beard and hair just add to the sheer masculine look of this beast. On the mats he is much more comfortable with pro/prosub moves so the transition to a competitive sub match was a bit challenging for him but he adapted very well and his strength is evident when you roll with him. A really enjoyable match that I would would love to repeat if the opportunity presents itself.



Celticmuscle is recommended by malewrestling

After years of chatting and talking, I finally had the chance and pleasure to meet Celticmuscle. I have wrestled big bodybuilders before, but never have I experienced such a force! This is one powerful and skilled tank of a man! He knows his submission holds well and does not joke about it. I knew he would eventually overpower me but I was overwhelmed his fierce force and skill...he certainly crushed and humbled me :))))
He is one beautiful specimen of a muscle man...he knows how to flex and show off his power and masculinity and that was sheer pleasure to experience. I very much enjoyed discussing all sorts of topics with him and I definitely gained a generous friend! I look forward to our next encounter buddy on AND off the matts!



malewrestling is recommended by alexxwrestler

Our meeting was very short but with a lot of fun. Obviously we didn't do a competitive match due to the stats difference - almost 30Kg difference! He is a super strong full of energy wrestler! He takes advantage of his massive thick thighs, small guys stay well far from those legs! Once he headscissor you, your head will be lost between those quads! Malewrestling is nice, very funny and did the match better with his super masculine attitude! Do not miss to wrestle this guy!!!!!



alexxwrestler is recommended by malewrestling

I had a short meeting/session with Alex but it was definitely worth it. Much smaller guys don't usually impress me, but this guy definitely did! He impressively endured so much of my scissors and it was absolutely hot to keep him between my legs for long and apply all variations of scissors on him! But don't let his size fool you, those well defined legs of his are capable of submitting the biggest of men!! He is a very handsome, friendly and enthusiastic man and wrestler with one hot body...seeing him flex is an absolute pleasure for the eyes! Would I meet him again? BIG YESSS!
I recommend him very highly!
Looking forward to another session with you buddy!



malewrestling is recommended by BOLUTTEUR2000

Un très beau gabarit et un gars adorable pour un plan lutte erotique et massage ou worshiping,
A recommander



BOLUTTEUR2000 is recommended by malewrestling

Super rencontre avec Bolutteur2000...un gabarit de rugbyman impressionnant. Si vous voulez passer un bon moment, delire lutte et muscle worship. Bolutteur est votre mec!
Bien recommandé!



malewrestling is recommended by SeattleFight

I had the pleasure of wrestling this handsome, nice and smart stud in Paris. We had a spirited wrestle on the mats and a great time talking over coffee afterwards. This guy knows how to handle himself on the mats and is a real pleasure to meet and wrestle. Highly recommended!



SeattleFight is recommended by malewrestling

I had the pleasure to meet John during his stay in Paris. We had a great and very sweaty wrestling session. He is a very decent man and wrestler who is extremely strong and skilled; a solid physique and a talented flexer. Watch out from his tight bearhug that got me despite the size difference!
I enjoyed our time together on and off the mats.
I would definitely do it again and I recommend him very highly.



malewrestling is recommended by lutte 71

une rencontre improvisée très intéressante. Agréable avant et après le combat.
Le combat ? Lutte fun mais réel. Des jambes puissantes, de la souplesse un combat très bien.Merci de la chaleur de ton accueil



malewrestling is recommended by manunderstorm

Nice wrestling. Strong legs And good moves.
Friendly guy out of the mat !



malewrestling is recommended by lutte95

j ai passé un excellent moment avec un muscle bear viril et sexy . on a pris plaisir a s appliquer des prises de soumission ! quand tu veux pour ta revanche au bras de fer ! lol . hautement recommandé .



lutte95 is recommended by malewrestling

C était un vrai plaisir de rencontrer Laurent pour une séance de lutte fun…on s’est bien amusé ensemble avec plein de prises de soumission. C’est un mec super sympa, sincère et un très bon lutteur. C’est certain que je vais lutter avec lui encore et encore!
Pour tous ceux qui ont l’opportunité de le rencontrer…faites-le sans réfléchir!!



malewrestling is recommended by Versus

A very nice and good fighter and a great host. We had a cool fight together;)



Versus is recommended by malewrestling

Versus is one good wrestler and a very nice guy. I enjoyed our encounter very much and I would meet him anytime again. I recommend him very highly.



malewrestling is recommended by French wrestler

Lutteur expérimenté avec beaucoup de force
Moment très ludique pendant un match très sympa



French wrestler is recommended by malewrestling

Ca a été un plaisir de rencontrer FrenchWrestler, un adversaire très puissant malgré la différence de gabarit, et très sympa comme personne…une très bonne expérience de la lutte a l'huile!



malewrestling is recommended by Pitt

Tall, big and strong. I liked a lot my fight with malewrestling, a very good heel and safe. He is very friendly.



Pitt is recommended by malewrestling

I had a great encounter with Pitt. I enjoyed wrestling him a lot…he is definitely a good and hot jobber who can take some good punishment. He is very nice and friendly on and off the mats. I would definitely meet him again for a good session!



malewrestling is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

I wrestled malewrestling a few weeks ago for the second time and it has been a real good enjoyable hard fight
he is very good and can offer you a fun or tough match
looking forward next meeting



malewrestling is recommended by wrestler122001




wrestler122001 is recommended by malewrestling

This guy is one amazing strong and beefy wrestler, and man...I enjoyed wrestling him so much. He is serious, on time and an experienced wrestler...thanks man for a great bout!



malewrestling is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

Wrestled him in London, then in Cairo. He has gotten better from the first time I wrestled him, so he is no longer a pushover. :) Now he knows how to use his weight and legs. A very nice guy outside the match as well.