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Age 51
Height 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
Looking for Male
Gear Boxers, speedos or naked
Languages spoken English
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Last update 11/09/2022


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  1. United Kingdom, Winchester

I am willing to travel 75 kilometers

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

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Looking for submission matches with bearhugs, flexing, verbal/fighting talk, staredowns, headlocks, scissors, testing strength, grunting, lifting & carrying, arm wrestling, horseplay, indoors or outdoors in safe places. Also looking for a coach. Have wrestled most of my favourites (ask them). See if you can make me submit in a bearhug, and I'll see if I can make you.


  • Docklands Bear

    SubmissionPro wrestling

    United Kingdom, Southampton

    64 / 5'10" (178 cm) / 193 lbs (88 kg)
    78 past opponents in 12 years

  • grapplewilts

    SubmissionNo holds barredBoxing

    United Kingdom, Swindon

    50 / 6'1" (185 cm) / 250 lbs (113 kg)
    16 past opponents in 12 years

  • Pete43

    Olympic / Greco-RomanSubmissionPro wrestlingJust watching

    United Kingdom, Winchester

    51 / 5'9" (175 cm) / 165 lbs (75 kg)
    4 past opponents in 3 years

  • scotch2012

    BoxingJust watching

    United Kingdom, Hastings

    52 / 5'9" (175 cm) / 152 lbs (69 kg)
    11 past opponents in 12 years

  • toetotoe

    Olympic / Greco-RomanSubmissionSumo

    United Kingdom, South Kesteven

    36 / 5'11" (180 cm) / 214 lbs (97 kg)
    68 past opponents in 11 years

  • Warkscub

    Pro wrestlingJust watching

    United Kingdom, Stratford-on-Avon

    50 / 6'2" (188 cm) / 258 lbs (117 kg)
    86 past opponents in 13 years

  • westox


    United Kingdom, Reading

    44 / 5'6" (168 cm) / 164 lbs (74 kg)
    50 past opponents in 14 years

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marklondon71 is recommended by grapplewilts

Had a good outside meeting with this guy. He is strong and stubborn does not give in easily. Great to meet with, recommended .



grapplewilts is recommended by marklondon71

Had a good punching match with this big guy, took a lot of punishment, and gave a lot, would like to meet again.

11/3/22 - met up again outdoors, he’s a strong fighter, and beware of his gut punches! Awesome bearhugs, too.



marklondon71 is recommended by Pete43

I had a great session with Mark, very genuine and strong fella, we did enjoy a bit of cocks fight too. I fully recommend Mark.



Pete43 is recommended by marklondon71

Had a good quick fight with Pete recently. Strong guy, fight not really long enough, hoping for a rematch soon - recommended.



marklondon71 is recommended by Warkscub

Met with Mark a few years ago but recently reconnected. We had a fun wrestle, lots of trading holds and worked up a good sweat grappling.
A genuine, friendly guy - great to wrestle and looking forward to another bout! Definitely recommended.



Warkscub is recommended by marklondon71

Had a great wrestle with Neil, a while back now, but very capable wrestler with lots of holds, very powerful chap, and definitely recommended.



scotch2012 is recommended by marklondon71

A very agile fighter and boxer, with a keen passion for boxing, also wrestles. Safe and reliable, with good attitude and personality. Looking forward to another match. (9/2/15)

Had another match, an amazing boxer who taught me a lot about stance and moves, etc. We also wrestled, getting submissions out of each other, we are well matched. Looking forward to next bout. (1/3/17)



marklondon71 is recommended by westox

I had a really good match with this guy. Totally reliable, strong and enthusiastic with a great selection of holds. Also, an absolute gentleman who was good to talk to as well as tough on the mat. I thoroughly recommend him and look forward to meeting again.



westox is recommended by marklondon71

Good wrestle with this guy, very strong and quick. Particularly good bearhugs, body scissors and arm bars. Looking forward to another match.



jamstu is recommended by marklondon71

Great wrestler and very accommodating, very good fight and got plenty of practice. Sorry he's further away now, would definitely wrestle with him again.



Docklands Bear is recommended by marklondon71

Very experienced opponent, a while since we wrestled now, but a great experience, and learnt a lot from it. Would meet him again.



marklondon71 is recommended by wrestle fun

Mark is a great guy, reliable and fun to wrestle with, what he lacks in skill he makes up in enthusiasm and determination.

He is strong and willing to learn during matches, I hope we can meet for another match again this year.



wrestle fun is recommended by marklondon71

Had a safe match with a very strong and skillful wrestler yesterday. Very much look forward to another meet.