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Age 68
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
Gender Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - Arizona, Tucson
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Laid back kind of relaxed guy without an attitude or anything to prove, just into the give and take of wrestling and grappling with or without submissions. I really enjoy the simple physics involved. I play from my back so pins don't mean much to me. Have a workout room with good mats in the middle of town. I particularly enjoy training beginners or guys who want to improve their skills in basic grappling and submission – armbars, chokes, cutters and compressions. I have a good background in judo/jujitsu and would be happy to introduce guys to throws. I don't travel much so my interest is in local guys or guys who are passing through.


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matwrk is recommended by AZgrappler

This man was a great host and teacher in addition to a tough opponent on his mats .
Which he has a whole big room of mats to roll around and we still managed to keep rolling into the walls . He shared his knowledge of different holds , reversals and escapes . Hours flew by and before I knew it , it was time to go but I know there will be a next time . Thanks for a great morning and afternoon Dave



AZgrappler is recommended by matwrk

AZgrappler has the heart of a wrestler. The give and take of wrestling is in his element. Banter is friendly and consistent with the aggressive but sane play. While he throws himself in the grappling, he is also careful and fully aware and sensitive to the limits of his opponent. Lots of guys come to wrestle, but few seem to enjoy it and work to make it mutually enjoyable as AZgrappler. If you are looking for an enjoyable mat time, you should wrestle this guy who loves to wrestle.



matwrk is recommended by AZ85258

Great experience! Matwrk is both a skilled opponent and a very good teacher. Worked on applying and getting out of holds- even after 20+?was able to learn a few things. Nice mat set up, good host, easy to talk to. Looking forward to next time



AZ85258 is recommended by matwrk

AZ85258 has a number of wrestling qualities which will recommend him to anyone seeking a good workout with a friendly guy who comes to play but at the same time is safe and respectful. Perhaps his most sterling characteristic is an indomitable will to work through any mat challenges. Hard not to respect a guy who thoroughly enjoys himself by wrestling full speed while also is able to be mindful not hurt nor injure the guy he is wrestling. Add to his wrestling persona a winning, engaging and friendly personality, and you have all you could ask for in a wrestling opponent.



matwrk is recommended by YoungStud614

Matwrk is a master grappler and the model of communication. He was vocal and patient as an opponent and as a teacher. Absolutely recommend!



YoungStud614 is recommended by matwrk

I read over Youngstud's previous recommendations to get a feel for him before our match. I was struck by the fact that all of his recommendations mentioned he was a very nice individual who was fun to be around. I strongly confirm this view. He is a very decent and easily to get along person. His wrestling is as he describes himself in his profile – a former high school wrestler. My background is grappling but our two styles seem to blend together nicely. I enjoyed the workout. I expect I will be a bit sore from it tomorrow, but it will be that good kind of sore. If you are looking for a spunky guy who wants to wrestle, and at the same time is safe and responsible, Youngstud614 is certainly an excellent choice.



matwrk is recommended by reneesouis

Dave is one of the most altuistic person that I have met so far in martial arts and wrestling. He is an excellent teacher of the arts, and really works very hard to make the match an athletic as well as a teaching match. I wish I lived in Tucson. Thank you Dave for your hospitality, and instilling in me the art of judo and scientific wrestling.



reneesouis is recommended by matwrk

Reneesouis and I met up and had an enjoyable couple of hours of wrestling. Reneesouis has an easy going, laid back kind of personality that made me feel very comfortable with him. He also has an enjoyable sense of humor. He is eager to learn skills and share the knowledge he has.



Ynotwrestler is recommended by matwrk

Highly recommend Ynotwrestler! Very positive and safe individual who thoroughly enjoys wrestling. He is great at wrestling banter while at the same time sensitive and respectful of his opponent. After rolling around with him for an hour straight, it is clear he wants to wrestle. If you are looking for someone who loves to wrestle and is willing to be safe and respectful, while bantering, you have a great choice here.