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Hey Guys !
Into Male to Male fights,specially chokes & strangles...

Feel free to contact me !



  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 42-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (174 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: speedos, shorts, uniforms, GI

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Judo Judo

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max20052005 is recommended by Headscissorfan

He is a very nice, funny and good looking guy and we had a great time. I appreciate that he was coming over in the evening even though he had to get up early the next morning :)

We had more like a jobber/heel match and max20052005 is a very good jobber who can take a lot of squeezing



Headscissorfan is recommended by max20052005

Very glad to have met this nice guy ! Powerful, skilled and very strong ....When you get in his numerous holds, hard to get out !
It was a very pleasant moment and I hope to make a second round soon !
Anytime !



max20052005 is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

My new friend Max20052005 is a great and fast learner and is also eager to learn and is capable to dish it out and to take it all too. As I started to take him upon me today, in wrestling and in choke sessions, sleepers and breath control. He's great in opening his mind to what I have to offer him, opening up his horizons, and to execute too things he's got into his own arsenal and repertoire.... As he learns to trust more is primal and animal instinct, he's going to be soon a worthy opponent to watch. I've been more than happy to meet him today. To when is TAKE 2?

Mon nouvel ami, Max205205, est une bonne personne qui sait vite apprendre ce qu'on lui montre et qui est autant capable d'en prendre comme d'en donner. J'ai entrepris, après toutes ces années à correspondre via ici, à le rencontrer aujourd'hui et le prendre sous mon aile dans la lutte et les sessions d'étranglement et faire breath control aussi via sleepers et autres. Il est bon à ouvrir son esprit à ce qu'on lui offre, ouvrir ses horizons et, du fait même, exécuter certaines choses qui viennent de son propre arsenal et répertoire. Apprenant à mieux faire confiance à son instinct primal et animal, il deviendra vite un adversaire redoutable à surveiller.
J'ai été vraiment content de te rencontrer aujourd'hui... À quand la PRISE 2?



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by max20052005

Meeting MTLwrestler1967 was a really great moment on the mat . He is kind and adaptative and a good teacher ! I have improve my skills already thanks to him. He knows what he does and have several skills and more to discover .
Grips, holds, chokes ....everything was well-done !

To be continued ....



max20052005 is recommended by wrestlemat2001

A very nice guy before, during and after the match. Wiry strength, and able to handle considerable pressure/pain. Great endurance and eager for more. Yes, contact him!