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Age 65
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Gender Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
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Fetishes: Gut punching, CBT

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I love to be gut punched or to punch other guys guts. Also into ball busting mine or yours!


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mekmall is recommended by GINGERMAN

Mekmall has the appearance of a benign fellow, but anyone who thinks he's a cream puff and would deflate like a balloon at the first punch soon discovers how foolhardy he
had been. The shape of Mekmall's abdomen belies a solid hidden wall of toughened muscle that doesn't give way to any form of battering. There is no give in it, no enveloping of whatever tool or fist is employed. Still, this soft spoken gentleman is everything one would want who was being introduced to gut punching: easy to arrange a meeting; punctual; innovative in how the match was conducted; and, understanding in the strengths and limitations of a newbie to gut punching; namely, me. Pre and post punching session, I found him to be readily conversant, highly intelligent, and much in the mode of a bon vivant. Recommend him? Of course, without a moment of hesitation.



Fist2gut is recommended by mekmall

Fist2gut lives up to his name. He really knows how to send his fist into your gut. He has a way of breaking down your gut over a period of time so at the end you know that you have taken a great beat down. My gut swelled up and today I have the soreness in my abs that comes from a great match. I highly recommend him.



mekmall is recommended by MKEwrestlebear

This guy can take a punch! Mekmall is a friendly guy with a love of abuse, and I had a good time pounding on him with, starting out with soft blows and escalating to full-power shots with bare fists. Anyone looking to tenderize some beef should look him up.



MKEwrestlebear is recommended by mekmall

MKEwrestler is a very good puncher! If you want some great punches to your gut, call on him. You won't be disappointed!



Northern Warrior is recommended by mekmall

He is a very good puncher. And has a great system for working abs and balls! If you like to be punched call on him.



mekmall is recommended by jed7720

mekall is a good opponent, good guy, hard puncher and does what he says he's gonna do



jed7720 is recommended by mekmall

Jed7720 is able to take a lot of punishment to his gut. He is able to dish it out too. We had two great sessions. You can trust he will show up and be ready for what you want to give.



mekmall is recommended by MysticWolf

I.....swear I wrote this a week ago. Mek is awesome. We talked -forever- about what we wanted, and what we would do when we met up, always friendly, always attentive. When we finally did get to meet up he was great company. Takes punches -really- well, even from my new toys. Which he wasn't shy about being punched by, either. He was good with me 'coaching' him along the way to make the session better/safer on both sides as well, which is a good thing. ^^ Hoping to meet up again in the summer.



MysticWolf is recommended by mekmall

I love to have my gut punched. It is one of my favorite things in life. Mystic Wolf really punched hard and gave my gut what it craves. Nice body punching on his part. He knows what he is doing and he leaves his mark. I would highly recommend him. He does what he says he will do and he is a great guy besides. I most definately will have him punch me again anytime we can set it up.



mekmall is recommended by Hawaiijd

Met up with this tough guy several times. Great jobber who fights back. Hope to meet up again



mekmall is recommended by Parisbb

Mekmall is a tuff guy... he took good baseball bat hits in his guts... and his balls can take good beating.
Just for those into real ballbusting... he managed to cum handfree having his nuts bongered (by a bonger massage tool)... and you all know that is not for beginners!!!
I highly recommand him!!!
He is also a very good guy to speak with on tons of various subjects...
Have fun!



Parisbb is recommended by mekmall

This guy knows a lot about ball busting. He can do whatever you want him to do. He is there to make sure that you enjoy the session. I would highly recommend him if your are a novice or someome with years of experience. You will not be dissappointed.



mekmall is recommended by Johnnyg56

Mekmall sure can take some very hard punches and knees. Very tough guy. Give him a try



mekmall is recommended by SammyBoy

If you are into gut punching he is really good at it. Keeps things safe, sane and fun. Also a genuinely nice person to get to know as well.



mekmall is recommended by Gutboxer

Good gut slugging with another Taker. A gentleman before and after, and a hard hitter and taker when the gloves are on. I am sure we will meet up again for another go round.



mekmall is recommended by BobL1957

Tough gut on this sucker. My fist was tested against this Guy.



mekmall is recommended by hardpunch

Mekmall was a lot of fun to fight with and was also a gracious host. I hope to be able to meet up with him again soon for more gutpunch action.



mekmall is recommended by Guysmiley

Gene was in town so we met up for some gut punching. I was careful as still on restriction but we enjoyed our time together, punching back and forth. He has a lot of endurance and was fun to work over as he really can take it, not just empty promises. Looking forward to meeting up again when I'm full bore.



Guysmiley is recommended by mekmall

I met up with Guy and he was a very hard puncher! I love to be punched and he came through. Watch out for the hammer! If you want your abs challenged Guy is the man. Plus he is also very friendly and had a good sense of humor!