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Hello every one ..big straight bi curious chunky chubby musclechub , that's attracted to very big men that love to wrestle , kiss cuddle and fondle in a powerful and ferocious manner , want to explore big men in a ferocious physical and sensual manner and only with big men

Also , i have this fetish you may like to hear ,and hoping to find a group of very big men to explore this one day ... i would like to find about 4-6 big chunky beefy bearish men , at least 270-600 lbs even big ferocious superchubs , where we go to a private gym , and all weight train in our shorts , topless , real weight training , getting hot and sweaty and hard as granite as we weight train, and in between set, muscle and chunky flesh worship each other , and when we finish with the weight training , we get to wrestle each other, with the big wrestling mat area to the side either in speedos trunks or even nude , every one participating , weight training and wrestling each other with hard as granite hardons, and doing this 4 times a week , for a year , and at the end of every session , we shower together, and get each other squeaky clean ..then .we go all together and eat like beasts ...whether you were straight, bi curious, bi or gay , it doesn't matter ... can you imagine the infinite physical and sexual testosterone levels running through our bodies , i believe you would gain 2-3 times more muscle this way big underground big Bromance club ... big men being big men



  1. Australia, Tottenham
    (I'm here from 12/28/2016)
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 331 lbs (150 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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mojopeace is recommended by bullneck

We hat a hard, tough and sweaty bout. He's a beast on and a great buddy off the mat.



mojopeace is recommended by walrus

Met mojopeace yesterday where he was staying in London. His pictures do not do justice to the human tank that he is. 170kg with the biggest chest and ball gut you can imagine with massive arms and legs as well all of them solid. We had a gut barging / sumo / wrestling session though to be honest it was like a cat playing with a mouse, he would slacken off and let me gut barge him back a bit before pushing me across the floor. The kissing and cuddling were incredible. He was a great host as well. If you are a big guy and like your men huge and powerful please dont miss thie opportunity to meet this sexy man mountain.


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mojopeace 5/15/2019

arms getting bigger

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mojopeace 3/01/2019

slowly getting beefier

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mojopeace 6/24/2017

Growl flexing

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