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  1. Australia, Sydney

I am willing to travel 150 kilometers


47-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 240 lbs (109 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: leotards, wrestling trunks, boots


Am a huge wrestling fan and love to wrestle mainly as a jobber in one sided matches. Am also capable of being a nasty heel or back and forth matches.Love wrestling in leotards or trunks and boots.Am not into or a fan of nudity when wrestling.



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No holds barred No holds barred
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Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Leather

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Last modified: 4/11/2020


mrleotard is recommended by RhymeOrReason

MR Leotard is a very gracious host. A treat that I had the time with him. Once we knew what we were both capable of, things got very fun and sweaty. He took the time to show me some moves and then....we put them into practice. We had a knee to the jaw, and a body in the wall, no one got hurt, not really. Maybe some pride 😂😜



RhymeOrReason is recommended by mrleotard

Had a tough and fast paced submission match with RhymeOrReason. Despite it being her first match she was eager to learn and is a very fit, quick and feisty opponent who wore me down enough to eventually get the better of me and made me submit more than once. Will be definitely wrestling her again and recommend that if you get the chance to wrestle her, you will not be disappointed. Thanks RoR.



mrleotard is recommended by Sydjobber

I had my first ever match with mrleotard. I wasnt sure what to expect, but i had a lot of fun and he was very respectful of my limits. He is clearly experienced and although i was gently pushed to my limits, the toughness seemed just right for my first time. Nice to chat with as well and i would recommend him for a match for sure



Sydjobber is recommended by mrleotard

Had a match with Sydjobber, it was his first match but he was very keen to learn and confident in explaining himself with regards to wrestling. As it was his first match there wasn't too much intensity but I'm sure that will change with a few more matches. A very nice guy off the mats too, and recommend him if anyone is looking for an easy going wrestle.
Happy wrestling Sydjobber.



Oz Brit is recommended by mrleotard

Have met Oz Brit a few times for a wrestle and always look forward to re matches. Oz Brit is very fit and strong and is a very accomplished wrestler who is able to accommodate most styles of wrestling. A very good opponent and friendly guy as well.



mrleotard is recommended by celtwrestle

Mrleotard kindly stepped in when another opponent had to pull out due to work.
We mixed give and take with submission style and I gave away a fair few to this guy which at times made me relieved that I want fighting the ultra competitive match I had originally lined up.
For old school pro-wrestling moves mrleotard’s the biz. Great to chat with and share a mutual enthusiasm for ring craft.
Recommend for both competitive and his preferred old school style



wrestlemask is recommended by mrleotard

After chatting with wrestlemask for quite some time I finally got to meet and wrestle wrestlemask. We had a great back and forth match and worked up quite a sweat. He really knows what he's doing on the mats, and while being tough and strong is always mindful of the safety of both wrestlers. Wrestlemask has a good set up for wrestling and is well equipped to accommodate, and a good host.
After a great match we headed off for a few beers and it didn't take long for the banter to kick in. A friendship has definitely been formed with this great guy. Highly recommended to meet for a wrestle, and a drink afterwards.