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Guy in Madrid looking for fights and arm wrestling.

Note that I only answer to people living in Madrid or visiting.

Young, smart, active and easy going. Into sports, gym, competition and anything physical, really. Gay, though not quite looking for anything here.

Also with many interests in books, movies, science, computers, food and nature. Frequent traveller either by work or leisure, accompanied or on my own,



  1. Spain, Madrid
    Place of residence
  2. Switzerland, Geneva
    (I'm here between 5/01/2018 and 7/31/2018)
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish

Gear: Singlets, shorts or underwear.

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angel86 Pepepepe st7 trasgoluchador wolfmad


muscleGIMP is recommended by st7

Probably my favorite go-to opponent in Madrid. Extremely competitive and muscled. He’s always willing and able to compete in any kind of physical test. When it comes to wrestling he’s a great rival to submit, and a huge challenge due to his energy, huge muscles and desire to make one submit in exchange. We’ve had many many bouts to date (summer ‘18) and I know there are many more to come. Specially since he’s become so keen on the sport that he wants to start training seriously soon. And he will become even more dangerous soon. Woof



st7 is recommended by muscleGIMP

(EN) Great guy,

strong, experienced and very competitive! He's very much into wrestling and arm wrestling, and he has plenty of space for both, including a large tatami that is perfect for fighting . He is both enjoyable and easygoing.

(ES) Buen tío,

fuerte, experimentado y muy competitivo! Le gustan mucho la lucha y los pulsos. Cuenta con espacio para ambos, incluyendo un amplio tatami que es perfecto para luchar. También es a la vez simpático y sociable.



muscleGIMP is recommended by trasgoluchador

Gran combate, estuvimos muy igualados, y se resiste mucho, difícil de sacarle algún punto!

Buenas piernas y fuertes brazos de los que no es nada fácil escapar.

Sin duda recomendable, en cuanto se pueda repetiremos!



muscleGIMP is recommended by wolfmad

This rookie already has some skills, but over all, he is extremely fit! Iron-like arms that wouldn´t bend until he decides to. I didn´t catch him at his 1005, but he still made me know what he is able of. Also reliable, nice, and un to chat! Great man to have a good time on mats :)