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Looking for some workout buddies, some flexing, muscle worship, gut punching and wrestling



  1. Canada - Quebec, Brossard
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 204 lbs (93 kg)

Gear: shirtless, briefs,singlet, barefoot, pro boots

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muscle marty is recommended by eman170

Met up with Marty after many years of trying! It was worth the wait! Wow!

Had an hour of hot and sweaty wrestling with Marty and LB!

Marty is a great guy on and off the mat!



muscle marty is recommended by doublearn

Muscle marty is a fun wrestler! I knew as soon as he walked into the gym that we would have a great time. Huge arms, shoulders and a great chest to put through several wrestling moves. Lifted and wrestled for a few hours and could have easily wrestled even more! Hope to wrestle again!



doublearn is recommended by muscle marty

Was lucky enough to meet up with doublearn on his trip to Montreal. We had a great workout at the gym and flexed and wrestled at his hotel. Doublearn has a thick muscular body and is a tuff wrestler. He has a great personality, loved every minute with him, I highly recommend doublearn.



muscle marty is recommended by freewrestler

Awesome body even better than what appears in his pics. Good wrestler, knows the techniques and awesome muscles. We went at it for two hours and will battle again for sure.



freewrestler is recommended by muscle marty

Had a great meet up with Freewrestler. His double bi flex is amazing, awesome arms and pecs on him. He made me work, had me in his bear hug a few times, powerful man. Great guy to meet up with, want him again on his next trip to Montreal. I highly recommend free wrestler.



muscle marty is recommended by canwrestle

This is a super strong, in shape and muscular guy. He is a tough wrestler, knows his stuff and gives it his all with just the right amount of intensity so you know you've been in a match with him. Out of the ring he is awesome, friendly and funny. Hope to meet up with him again and this time pin his ass and retake the title.



canwrestle is recommended by muscle marty

Met up with canwrestle in a wrestling ring in Montreal. I had a great time, this guy is skilled and can handle himself in the ring. Strong body and can dish it out as well as take it, and he knows his wrestling I recommend canwrestle to anyone passing thru his city, great guy off the mats too.



muscle marty is recommended by Headscissorsguy

I met muscle Marty for a wrestling match in Montreal and he is definitely an athlete who enjoys wrestling as hard as you want just as much as he can adjust to your limits.
His knowledge of wrestling holds is awesome and he is super fun to be with just as much off the mat like on it.
He has a super muscular body with big muscular chest and arms but watch out for his super legs because his scissors are devastating.
If you travel to Montreal, don't miss the occasion to meet with him.
I myself hope to meet with him again in the near futur.



Headscissorsguy is recommended by muscle marty

Finally got my hands and legs around Headscissorsguy. He made me work for it but in the end I had him trapped in my head scissors over and over again. It was well worth the battle as he appreciated my muscle while he struggled in my hold. Headscissorsguy is super friendly and an easy guy to roll around with. Looking forward to next time.



muscle marty is recommended by wrestlemat2001

Marty is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet...but be careful, he is really strong and is an experienced and gifted wrestler. I couldn't quite believe just how built he was so I asked him to flex for me. He did and I remain in awe to this day. Ready to wrestle with him anytime and worship those amazing muscles all the time.

He showed up on time and even bought me a beer...yeah he is that good ;)



wrestlemat2001 is recommended by muscle marty

Wrestlermat2001 was kind enough to invite me to his hotel room. We had a great time, a true gentleman and took care of me. Awesome guy for muscle worship in my top 2 for sure. Highly recommended.