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  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

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musclehorn is recommended by flexiwrestler

Had a fabulous afternoon with Musclehorn - extremely skilled wrestler had me tapping out even in the most flexible of positions! And added to that a thoroughly nice, intelligent interesting guy to spend time with and look forward to future meets!



flexiwrestler is recommended by musclehorn

this guy has a profile name which is shown to be especially appropriate in a wide range of positions...he is very bendy and flexible...only thing is since he is evidently able. to cope with that the only fair thing to do as a heel is to push this well established jobber into the realms of less comfort.....that I did and repeatedly. although the taps then came freely it was an end result which met with the satisfaction of both participants and to that extent a very fruitful meet...and to top it all the oc9ng on the cake is we shared a lot of both varied and interesting's news stories and more were exploited to the full to recover between grapples....a firmly nice guy with whom to share a mutually sweaty afternoon!



musclehorn is recommended by Faultner


Wouldn’t expect it from him as he’s such a nice, friendly guy but don’t be taking him for granted or he’ll make you regret it over and over again.

Needless to say, although he absolutely crushed me, I had loads of fun with Joe (attempting) to fight back against his onslaught.

Absolutely would recommend you have a go with him, especially if you like a challenge. Just don’t be surprised when he mops the floor with you!



Faultner is recommended by musclehorn

well what can I say about Tom. a cocky cheeky wee face. .and a loose mouth to go with it,.that just meant he was in for some punishment..strong kegs and a good defence but I broke through repeatedly and made the boy suffer in true heel style...thought he'd out stamina me..a mistake on his of a few......he seemed to enjoy the working he got and he got a lot 0f punishment...not a pushover by any means and my bloodied nose is testament to that! a good guy for chat too...when more experienced he will grow in ability to match his confidence......



musclehorn is recommended by Coops

Had Joe down for a weekend of wrestling fun.

First off I have to say he's an awesome guy, great company, good to talk to and has a wicked sense of humour. We hit it off really well, albeit with the help of some cider and vino.

Although we didn't actually get to do the planned wrestle we had a few early morning grapples.
Well I say grapples! I wasn't actually doing much grappling TBH and his charm quickly went out the window when his wrestling head came on.
I had read previous recommendations about how Joe had wrestled and had hoped the good chemistry between us might have made him go a bit easier on me - no such luck.

He's a big chap and looks the part in his singlet and as an aggressive and competitive wrestler, at what felt like twice the size of me, I didn't really stand much of a chance. He wants to win and dishes out the pain with an evil glint in his eye, and I was quick to submit and minimise the hurt.
Although he's not been doing it for long his strength and brute force makes up for any inexperience, to the point that maybe he could benefit from reining it in a bit. Not much give and take here but if you like to suffer and don't mind it hard and fast I highly recommend. Guys newer to wrestling should bear this in mind when hooking up with Joe.

Having said that we had a great time together, he's a big hearted generous guy that I definitely want to stay in touch with.
Maybe when I get a bit more experience and he get's a bit calmer we can try it properly on the mats.

Thanks for a great time Joe



Coops is recommended by musclehorn

After much planning coops and I met up at his place.i was staying all weekend so instead of having a conventional match we had segmented tussles all weekend on a mattress...coops exudes all the attributes of a jobber and his ability to absorb powerful ramped up holds both locks and compression was commendable. This guy is relatively new to the grappling scene and it's palpably obvious that with time experience and a consequential increase in his confidence levels he will become the proficient grappler he aspires to be.With a current penchant for underestimation of his ability this guy possesses good levels of power and time will add to his manoeuvrability. Today's jobber I think could well be tomorrow's heel in his case.And yes he is a really cool guy to chat with and spend some quality time with off the matts. .or in this case should I say mattress. Seize the chance to take him on guys.



musclehorn is recommended by fran32sp

I managed to meet J in Manchester as agreed. We had a stroll around the CC and a couple of drinks before heading back to the hotel. I attacked him by surprise, I could not help it. We were both in jeans. J is a friendly and good fun guy to hang out with, but, when it comes to wrestling he is very aggressive. I didn't give up easily, making him getting a bit sweaty too. He is a very powerful and strong muscled guy. Do not miss the chance to wrestle him, but be aware of his size. Bring it on hunky monkey J.



fran32sp is recommended by musclehorn

I met with Francisco after a couple of months warming to the task
Don't let his size fool you.what he doesn't have in weight he makes uo for in speed and agility.he has a high weight power ratio and took some time to break down.we wrestled semi stripped in our hotel room in a brawl style set up.i hope he'd agree that after some time absorbing the stern defence he mounted there was really only gonna be one superior weight and power was always gonna b difficult to defend against and I was able to wear down his energy level and his credit he mustered what he could and even managed one threatening attack though that was first him all she wrote. Yeah I won but u guys should know it's not all just about that.tge camaraderie both on and off the mat was a significant and much needed comfort giver.a lovely guy to spend time with and a gentle. .tell u what though although he got no submissions during the match he did later afterwards get me on my back...that was to give me a great deep tissue massage which I had earned as the this guy if given the chance!



musclehorn is recommended by innerspace

Met Joe in Manchester and we had a chat beforehand. He's a friendly guy and easy to talk to. I tried to charm him to get him to like me so he would go easy on me.

But in the hotel room, stripped to his speedos he became serious and focused and I knew I was onto a hiding. It took all my strength to fend him off and limit the damage, he was like a charging bull, and just as powerful. His 2.5 stone weight advantage (yes 2.5 stone Joe), bigger muscles and wrestling knowledge made an instant impact as I was taken down and held time after time. Joe was very enthusiastic and probably doesn't know how powerful he really is. In fact I thought I was in danger of injury after one move. The only break I got from the punishment was when Joe got a bit breathless due to the oppressiveness of the confined room. I thought I might be able to exploit this using my fitness to my advantage, but I only got on top once for single pin, the rest of the time I was back on the receiving end.

It wasn't difficult for Joe to dominate me as the lighter, inexperienced guy so next time Joe - pick on someone your own size - lol

Joe says he is still a novice but he already has all the tools to go far on this site and I'm sure he will surprise quite a few people.



innerspace is recommended by musclehorn

This fit friendly guy has the abs of steel u would all dream of.he could take a fair deal if punishment to them before you could weaken his defences...he is a lithe agile and very wirey but strong opponent whose relative leanness conceals some decent levels of power...we were matched in terms of height though I was probably about 1.5 stones heavier. .greater muscle size and weight differential together with greater experience told in the end as I was able to take Jon down and break through his defences..great guy to spend a bit of time with chatting too..of u are offered the chance test yourself. .this guys confidence will undoubtedly be on the rise which is just as it should be.



musclehorn is recommended by lgndoc

Wow what to say about Joe? He is a formidable opponent. I had the privilege of a full night and morning wrestle with him. Great wrestler, extremely strong, massive muscles - seriously his biceps are huge, and a great guy off the mats. Highly recommend BUT make sure you're ready!!



lgndoc is recommended by musclehorn

What can I say about luke.a jobber extraordinaire whose determination enthusiasm and passion for the grapple is matched only by the lithe lithe definition to his attractively toned body.a thoroughly nice guy to add to that who is great to converse with and whose head is not all wrestle wrestle wrestle. We were able to spend a prolonged period together engaging in holds intermittently as well as a full of match.both were great.luvs the bear hug cranked up and was able to take my powerful arms cranking this up.pain an pleasure mixed. .so he tells me.if u get the chance to meet get ready to work hard.