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  1. Australia, Sydney

I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


58-year-old Male / 5'8" (172 cm) / 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English


Looking for competitive masculine grappling experiences with in shape guys. Open to learning and being tested also to trying different wrestling styles. Competitive, fun, sane. I lean more toward the submission style of grappling. Very interested and keen to try most things. Bit of a fitness enthusiast so enjoy the workout as well as the competition.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: Massage
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Muscle worship

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muscsydney is recommended by DenverWrestler

This guy is one of the very best 'novices' I have ever met. He has a magnificent beautifully proportioned hairy muscular body, and his muscles are not just for show – he is incredibly powerful and uses his strength very well to defend himself against many submission holds. He's also a quick learner and picked up the basics of submission grappling very quickly, especially the basic defenses. On top of this, he's a real likeable guy, friendly and outgoing, and also 100% reliable, and it was quite easy to schedule the match. In short, he is a terrific addition to this site and will quickly become one of the most sought-after opponents here in Sydney. I'm already planning a rematch with him before I leave for home.



DenverWrestler is recommended by muscsydney

I can't thank Denver Wrestler enough for sharing his experience and skill with me. As a novice it can be pretty intimidating meeting someone so experienced but he made sure i was comfortable and relaxed before getting to 'business'. He's generous sharing his knowledge and spent time showing me some skills for which i am very appreciative. All round good guy who was fun and easy to be with. A massive challenge but very worthwhile. Look forward to another session when he returns.

Dec 2019 and another session and lesson from this respected MF legend. Strong and skilled as ever and generous to a fault with his knowledge. A challenge and a pleasure anytime. Thanks again for the opportunity to meet. Hope to see you next year 👍



muscsydney is recommended by ak1988

Had a great meetup with muscsydney. Off the mats, he's an easy and interesting guy to have a chat with and on the mats has an impressive combination of strength, fitness & skill. Highly recommended.



ak1988 is recommended by muscsydney

Had a great and very testing meet with ak1988 a big guy with loads of skill and enthusiasm. Safe and sane and a massive challenge. Top bloke both on and off the mats. Highly recommended.



muscsydney is recommended by ff ssa

Muscsydney is for sure one of the best competitors and match I had in this website. He has very strong arms, and it’s very hard to get on top of him, or to control it. Our fight was extremely competitive and very sweaty, I had a great time. He is an opponent worth the fight. Besides all those qualities, he is a nice guy and very hot and educated, also very easy going to set up out match. I hope we can have another one on the future!



ff ssa is recommended by muscsydney

A good 2 hours of sweaty grappling. Ff ssa is tough, powerful and determined. He moves quickly and comes at you full throttle. He does not submit easily, was tireless but always played safe and sane. He was flexible with my time when it came to scheduling the meet which I appreciated as a visitor to Rio. There is much to recommend about him. 👍👍



muscsydney is recommended by brettjones

muscsydney It’s a great guy, his photos make him justice, muscular and strong body.

We grappled for about one hour and a half, very sweaty match lol. You need to take care with his arms cause once this guy get you locked and brings you down to the mat it’s very hard to escape, had to apply some “sneaky” tricks to get the upper hand.
I did manage to choke him out a couple of times and get some taps of him and can say the same about Muscsydney . It was a tight fun match but I think he menage to come out as a winner at the end, way stronger than I anticipated and have enough stamina to make any younger guy jealous.

A very nice guy, may seem a shy type at first but it’s a fun and smart guy to talk to after the time goes by, I would greatly recommend him as an opponent and would with no doubt have a rematch if we cross paths again.



brettjones is recommended by muscsydney

Although he appears to be a newcomer BrettJones is no novice and has some experience of meets under his belt. Articlulate, genuine and well educated he was a pleasure to be in the company of. Very easy to arrange the meet with and keen to share his local knowledge when we did. He's keen as when grappling, strong, willing to keep going and happy to inflict 'pain' where possible. He will take advantage of any opportunity to get the upper hand. Recommended without reservation.



muscsydney is recommended by SydneyGrappler

Firstly, muscsydney has put in the hours at the gym. His photos are accurate and his physique is nothing short of incredible.
As you would expect, muscsydney is strong as an ox. But he also moves really well and learns fast.
Enjoyed 3 hours of high-octane submission grappling, with the mat room at times looking like a water slide. While very competitive, it was also sane and enjoyable - stopping a couple of times to share techniques.
Off the mats, muscsydney is easy going and easy to chat to. Very easy to organise a meet and really flexible around my availability.
Great bloke, great experience.



SydneyGrappler is recommended by muscsydney

Straight up front and with respect to every fighter i've so far met on this site the very physical 3 hours spent with Sydney Grappler yesterday were hands down the best. I'll openly admit i was a bit intimidated about this meet but was immediately made to feel comfortable by his relaxed and generous manner. This man is skilled beyond my ability but i was treated with respect and my efforts controlled and contained safely and sanely at all times. The physical aspect (he's strong) was full on and i was pushed to and on many occasions carefully beyond my known limits. He's physically fast, he's technical, quick thinking and time and again i found myself in positions with no knowledge of how i got there and gobsmacked at how quickly it had happened. In the downtimes he shared both his vast knowledge and experience and generously answered all my questions....we chilled while i caught my breath, mopped up the sweat and surveyed the damage we'd caused...oops ! His body is testament to his hours of training. All up this was simply a sensational experience with a top bloke.



muscsydney is recommended by Ozpuncher

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with this muscle stud on 2 occasions now.
First meeting was a tough a gruelling fight, this man is as tough as a Bull & strong as an Ox doesn’t know the meaning of submission! He is a tough opponent and had me submitting right the way thru a good 2 hour wrestle. He can can take a solid punch to the gut & can give as good as he gets, even thru out our match I landed some decent hard punches to his gut without him flinching.
Our most recent fight was more a gut punching session of which he enjoyed both giving & receiving hard & deep punches as u will c in the vid we recorded.
This stud is highly recommended & reliable a pleasure to fight with, but be carful, he’s as strong as an Ox & will give and take whatever u can dish out to him



Ozpuncher is recommended by muscsydney

A tough and very sweaty 2 plus hours of solid grappling followed by some serious gut punching. A good grappler and Ozpuncher lives up to his name. He'll land heavy unexpected punches to you in the middle of a hard-fought grapple or as we finished up today will give you the opportunity to drive numerous hard punches into his midsection for the sheer pleasure of both fighters. I have to admit i enjoyed delivering the blows. Then i took quite a few as well (it only seemed fair). This is where his true pleasure lies i think. Smart, safe. articulate. Has to be a solid recommendation.

A second meet 25/01/2019.
Another grappling session, lots of sweat and muscle and a variety of holds. We set out to have a solid gut punching session this time around also as was Ozpunchers desire to record something. So i hope we can both get something up here on video soon. Another good grappling and gut punching session.



muscsydney is recommended by Adler

He were very polite, friendly and thoughtful about our session. Beside being such a skilled energic wrestler, he were also a very patient opponent who adjusted his level for me. Lucky for me, muscsydney is a curious guy, he agreed to try my interest - gutpunching - on his impressively hard abs! Totally recommended!



Adler is recommended by muscsydney

Reliable polite and keen young guy. Flexible and agile with long limbs that keep you busy submitting him. Tho eager to mix it up to improve his wrestling skills gut punching is his thing. Adler loves to gut punch and his pleasure at dishing it out is obvious. He can be sneaky about it and look for opportunities to his advantage or he will set you up and just lay right in and punish you. Guaranteed sore abs but well worth the experience.



muscsydney is recommended by quadi1

15/09/18: I was so happy that I manage another meeting with him (3rd in total)! As expected, he was in magnificent shape as always, strong, determined and eager to learn new moves :) After showing him some things he applied them pretty well on me and we made each other tap several times...
The 2.5hours fight felt like 5 minutes, had so much fun and lost the time completely! I really hope I will meet him again someday despite our distance :) Highest recommendation!!!

19/04/18: Wow! This guy is in great shape :) Honestly I really hope I can get such a shape in his age...or at all :D So his body is brilliant...but thats not all: His muscles arent just for show, there is a lot of power in it which he demonstrated dozens of times during the approx. 2 hours match ;) Although he says that he doesnt know many moves, i can confirm that he has quite a good moveset ;) Besides that he was willing to learn new moves from me :) Although he is a gentle and nice person outside the match, he has a very naughty side on the mats so be prepared for that ;) Since it was an even match, we both had to suffer a lot :D It was a lot of fun and I really hope that wasn't our last meeting...if I get the opportunity to meet him again I would do that immediately, so take the chance and fight him ;)



quadi1 is recommended by muscsydney

15/09/18 Met up with Quadi1 again.
Another tough sweatty submission and educational session. Quadi makes you work really hard to get him to submit with his extreme tolerance to applied pressure and if successful he makes sure you suffer in return. Uses his size, skill set and power well while remaining safe at all times. Showed patience beyond his years whenever I probed him for tips or wanted to try something on him. Highly recommended and well worth locking up with.

Robust and enthusiastic are the first words that come to mind when describing the meet with quadi1.He's both strong and skilled from his many matches and equally adept at applying pressure as he is at absorbing it. He will not tap easily nor willingly. He was also happy to show me new tricks. He made an effort to travel and was easy to arrange the meet with. A pleasure off the mats as well. He's Interesting and easy to chat with about a wide scope of subject matter. We will manage another meet i feel confident, you should also.



muscsydney is recommended by rioman61

I had a great match with this aussie tough muscle pack! We rolled hard, and sweat as if we were in oil. The guy is super powerful and despite the weight difference he was able to handle himself tough, move quickly around and exchange loads of lock holds (neck, legs, hands, arms). A powerful and strong match, with lots of stregth test. Def want to meet again and recomend.



rioman61 is recommended by muscsydney

Had a tough session with Rioman61. Technically he outclassed me with his real skills but it was a hard, tough and sweaty couple of hours. 100kg turns out to be quite a bit when its pressed on top of you lol. He made me work hard and non stop and i appreciated that. Great conversation and a helpful and considerate host. Now i've just got to remember what i learned !? Like many before me well recommended.



muscsydney is recommended by Andrew21

This guy is a powerhouse. Muscular and very strong! He might say that he's a newbie, but he can really pin you down if you are not careful !
Looking forward to a rematch sometime



Andrew21 is recommended by muscsydney

This guy is quick and strong. He's 'muscled up' quite a bit from some of his pics so be warned. He was a good solid challenge and i'd enjoy a rematch anytime.



muscsydney is recommended by GrappleViking

June 2017
Met this absolute powerhouse of a man on my home turf in Oslo, in a rather small aparment complex.

Firstly, this guy is so built.. I mean, years and years of working on your body, eating right and taking care clearly shows through his immensely impressive build! I have never seen and felt muscles so solid.. Nevermind the wrestle - he makes you want to touch every fiber of his bod.

As we wrestled on a rather small space, it was much more strength than speed and skill. And him being so damn strong...! He is (fortunately) very unexperienced, so keeping him under control was both fun, but also very tiring, as his brute strength saw no end. It's worth mentioning that he has very good instincts, and just seemed to "know" what to do, without knowing why. Very impressive.

I showed him a few tricks, and if this muscle man gets some time to develop more skill, no one in his weight class will stand a chance. Including me. But then again, who would mind losing to a man with that physique..

We had a great time together in Oslo, and is a person I can highly recommend to absolutely anyone. He is a charming aussie, (I know, right?! Shocking) with a great sense of humor. Can't wait till next time.



GrappleViking is recommended by muscsydney

Much has been written online about this young wrestler and all of it as it turns out...justifiably true. I had the opportunity to meet up with him in Oslo knowing full well i was faced with a real challenge even if only a little of what had been written was fact. As it turned out it was all true. While i had an advantage in strength and the limited space we had reduced his ability to wrestle to his maximum it took less than a full minute for him to show up my inexperience and establish who was the superior wrestler here. It was a great demonstration of how important real skill is when pitted against strength. Once that was established i was forced to think much more about what was he was doing and we settled into a much more satisfying struggle tho with never a doubt as to who really was in charge. No matter what i tried he seemed to have an answer for my every move and exhibited a mental control and determination beyond his years. That said, I feel i made him work hard and there was a level of satisfaction for me in achieving that. He has a great young body to roll against which does lessen the pain of defeat somewhat. He was open and generous with his knowledge answered all my questions and shared a few 'tricks' which i look forward to using in the future. Like all those before me (and those to come) i must highly recommend this 'Viking Grappler' not only for his skill but for so much more that he was prepared to share with this novice. All up a great experience together and i look forward to the next time.



muscsydney is recommended by zz9zza

Will definitely rematch; very strong and sensible opponent, has a good instinct for grappling already... great session!



zz9zza is recommended by muscsydney

Had a great meet with zz9zza. He tested my resolve, my strength and was generous with both his knowledge and experience. He made me work very hard for anything at all which i appreciated even tho i got 'nailed'. Easy to arrange the meet. He's a big strong man and well worth the meet. Thanks.



muscsydney is recommended by Military Wrestler

Muscsydney is a strong, solid and tough fighter. With more skills and experience, he will become a killing machine. We had a competitive, intense and rough fight which left both of us exhausted and sore. But it was fun! A highly recommended fighter.



Military Wrestler is recommended by muscsydney

Military wrestler is a seriously tough challenge. He's strong and determined and built to go the distance. We had an intense and exhausting battle that pushed me past my limits and left us both exhausted, sweaty, spent and me more than a little sore but fun and worth every ache. Cannot recommend him highly enough.



muscsydney is recommended by JACARE

I met this guy some time ago, but until tody i have memories of our match. he has great muscled body and he is also very gentle, until we step on mats. And we we have a excelent pro-mission match. Highly recommended! Here, i am waiting for a re-match!



JACARE is recommended by muscsydney

Treated my inexperience with respect and showed me a good deal as well. Lots of sweaty action. A genuinely nice guy.