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looking to meet for matches. I love to wrestle. Competitive and high energy on the mats. I lift/work out regularly and enjoy the challenge of facing off with an opponent.

open to all types of matches and gear, and always ready to get a sweat on. can travel or host with wrestling mats.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    Place of residence
  2. USA - California, San Francisco
    (I'm here between 9/26/2019 and 9/30/2019)
    Folsom Street Fair
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: briefs, square cuts, singlet

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Roll23

Met up with this guy on his visit to Houston and HOLY CRAP it was an awesome match! He’s skilled, friendly and made every move a challenge. Not only did we push each other for every tap but this guy had me sweating bullets by the end! NikeWr3stlr is def one to watch out for and you already know Ill be coming back for round 2💪🏻



Roll23 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

Would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous wrestling Roll23 after reading his profile and hearing about some of his BJJ experience. But when you want a tough, sweaty match... lock up with this guy. He’s built like a tank, tough, has moves and ready to take what comes his way. A great challenge to wrestle, fun to submit 😝, and a super friendly dude. He’s quite a challenged, and should rank high on anyone’s list to wrestle. I’m already ready for round 2... 3... and more... 💪💪



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Dmvboy123

We had a fun and sweaty match. He’s a super tough and skilled wrestler. Good luck trying to get him to submit!



Dmvboy123 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

had a great match with @dmvboy123. he’s scrappy, high energy and tough. Enjoys being strained on the mat, but not a complete jobber. Great to have a sweaty match, toss around and lock up with. Make sure you take him on!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Wrestle007

NikeWr3stlr is a real blast to wrestle. He's strong and has an almost unlimited amount of energy that he could probably wrestle all day(I would have liked that). Had a fun time wrestling and hanging out with this guy. Highly recommended!



Wrestle007 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

I cannot say how fun wrestling @wrestle007 is. He’s a quiet terror, who’s built and ready for a match. But careful when you size him up, because he’s an absolute beast on the mat. We wrestled a few 1-on-1 matches and then against each other in a tag team. He’s a force to wrestle, so make sure you bring your A-game. Don’t get locked up in is muscle holds or else your strength will be drained; but when you get him, it feels amazing. Quite a wrestler to put on a show with too... make sure he’s on the top of your list to meet on the mats.



Scissorguru is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

Had the chance to wrestle 1-on-1 and part of a tag team. @scissorguru was totally ready for a challenge and to throw down. Enjoyed getting scrappy with me, holding me down and wrapping those strong legs around me to hold me down. Tough guy, and great to wrestle. Get this guy on your list, and fun off the mat to chat and be around.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by toughjob

This dude is a beast! A brutal and masculine force on the mats! He brought the fire out of me, big time. I knew I would have my hands full and I couldn't have been happier. Nothing like two bulls slamming into each other, sweat flying...damn what a good time. He's also so chill after the match. Great to hang with and talk to. Brother, we have a rematch coming. After I've recovered, of course (haha!) Highly recommend this amazing wrestler!



toughjob is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

His name aside, this muscle beast needs hard sweaty submission matches. Once you face @toughjob, be ready for a workout. He’s not easy to tap, verbal, and freakin’ strong. Wearing him down isn’t easy, but super fun to try. Grab him in a couple submissions and make sure you’re ready to lock it up hard and tight. He’s verbal during a match (super great) and a great tag team partner. Get this guy on the mat, and be ready for a brawl. Super chill off the mat, great conversationalist. Make him one of your top 5 guys to roll.



Youngcub47 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

I knew when I was going to wrestle, I was going to be up for a challenge. But once you actually match up with him, you realize his calm, technical, and strong he really is. I couldn’t get a tap in, but kept going and had a great time wrestling this guy. Be prepared for a tough match up, but you’ll learn a lot and have a great time. Can’t wait to wrestle him again. Definitely recommend.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Japanda

Big guy with big heart! Awesome dude all around.

He's super strong and knows how to hold down a guy.

He's a force that should not be taken lightly. With that being said, he's an excellent wrestler and super fun to hang out with!



Japanda is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

Energetic and fun wrestler who is a quick learner and enjoys the challenge of a tough wrestling match. Super fun to be around off the mat too. Take him to the mats, show him some moves and then be ready to be locked up in them.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by rocker78

We wrestled on his mats at his place and he's a wonderful host. Rather brutal heel and knows exactly what he's doing. If you're light enough for it, he's fun to get lifted and tossed around by and I'm actually kind of thankful that he didn't even go close to full power when he crushed me–he's brutal. Thankfully though, he's super nice and let me live. He's super fun to be heeled by and it was fun attempting to fight back. Would wrestle again!



rocker78 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

It's always good to wrestle a fun, scrappy lightweight jobber. He's easy to lock up, scrappy, and takes abuse from multiple holds well. Super easy to lift and toss. He tries to fight back too... so you just lock him up in a new hold and continue draining his strength. He's super nice off the mat. Definitely wrestle if you can!



justir is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

had a give-and-take match with @justir on mats at his place. this beefy guy knows how to roll, take some moves, dish out some aggression and leave you sweaty and tired at the end. make sure you get a match going with this guy if you're in the area!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by RNC23

Glad I was able to set up a match with nikeWr3stlr at the last minute! Man is he powerful on the mats, like wrestling a gorilla! Lol. He loves to wrestle and was a great host too!! You'll need some luck with him for sure!



RNC23 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

had a fun match with RNC23. Quick and strong. Don't let him get a choke on you, his grapevines are nasty. Good guy to work up a sweat with.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by wrestlerdude31

Great guy! Strong fun and safe we had a fun afternoon wrestling with some hard fought pins and submissions. Can't wait to wrestle him again



wrestlerdude31 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

getting a match with @wrestlerdude31 is a must. he's fun, quick and tough. he has a couple nasty moves, and really good a swapping holds and talking trash. wrestled the afternoon with him and worked up a great sweat. DEFINITELY should be top on your list to wrestle.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by rosman

Nike is a beast of a wrestler–incredibly strong with great endurance and a fun and easy going attitude. you'll have to make him work extremely hard to get him to tap–if he taps at all.



rosman is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

despite a novice claim, Rosman is a strong guy who’s a tough submission. Good with upper body moves, this stud works then holds you down until you exhaust and goes for the submission. Definitely worth a challenge, you won’t be disappointed!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Chiitaljock

Had a hot match with powerful stud. He is aggressive, and knows how to clamp on the moves! He's beefy, masc and a really cool guy. Dont pass up the chance to take on this man!



Chiitaljock is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

loved how cocky Chiitaljock was before I met him face to face. once we squared off, realized how strong and tough he really was. recommend wrestling him!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by MaskedMayhem

Wrestling this guy is always a lot of fun. He's strong and fast and knows his stuff. He's a real nice guy off the mat, but will control you on the mat in minutes. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you're looking for a fun, sweaty tough challenge, you better not pass this guy up!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by herb

For sure I would recommend this guy, we just wrestled nearly 2 hours and it was great. He gives you a great workout. We will be sore in the morning but well worth it. We also started comparing notes and realized we have many of the same wrestling interest from the good old days and the present.
Again if you get a message from him take him up on a match. You will have a great workout and lots of fun.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by DenverWrestler

Tough strong guy with a great background in freestyle and submission wrestling. Showed up as promised, put me through an intense submission workout, and proved to be a very nice guy with whom I have a lot of common interests outside wrestling. He's a beast on the mats but a totally safe sane guy to wrestle. Definitely someone I want to wrestle again.



DenverWrestler is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

DenverWrestler is a tough, worthy opponent. Not afraid to dig in and go for it, he is competitive, good spirited and technical all in one. Definitely worth your time for a match, he playfully locks on holds and is always ready to get the tap. Even when you end up on top, he'll keep fighting to not lose. Make sure he's on your next to wrestle list...



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Jedi

A powerful young man, very strong, skilled but also safe and careful. We set up a match with a minimum of messaging back and forth, and he kept me posted when he ran late. Outstanding wrestling session! I'm eager for the next time we can go at it!



Jedi is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

great martial arts skills, aggressive, big and tough. be ready to wrestle, but bring your A game. great match, willing to rematch.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by worldfamous

Skilled dude very quick with moves, strong and aggressive on the mat...definitely a fun challenge!



maineagle93 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

very into back and forth trading holds. nice challenge, awesome practice buddy. and even more fun to sometimes dominate! meet up with and trade some great holds. great dude.



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Mike86

Brian is strong, big, and has a good skill base. He's definitely a lot of fun on the mats. Definitely recommended.



Mike86 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

this dude an absolute beast. wrestle him... I dare you. I double dare you to beat him! either way, great time, has mats and a super nice dude to hang out with. when in chicago, meet up with him... (don't think I have to tell many that!)



mattz4fun is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

this guy is one of my favorite wrestlers to roll with. dominant, knowledge of varying styles, and knows how to toss around someone on the mat (I however kept him in line!). highly, highly recommended and want another match!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by Jsubwrestler

Glad I got to meet and wrestle this guy. Lots of fun on the mats, aggressive and impressively quick for his size. Extremely nice dude off the mats too, fun to just hang with. Definitely recommend him.



Jsubwrestler is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

quick, savvy, technical - Jsub is a lot of fun to wrestle. work up a sweat, roll for long submissions. make sure you get a match with him if can!