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Addicted to wrestling; mainly pro-mission or sub; like real competition in hot gear; spandex, speedos and pro trunks. Boxing's hot too.



  1. USA - Tennessee, Nashville
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers
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Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

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nofabio is recommended by kyo1989

Hilarious guy with amazing hair and good sense of humor; he is definitely a good guy with great technique.



kyo1989 is recommended by nofabio

This guy is sexy & fun! You gotta love an opponent who laughs in your face while you're pinning him! Already planning our rematches!



nofabio is recommended by Gabe Steel

NoFabio first and foremost is an amaizing human being . He is a gentleman off the mats of course and someone you can befriend and will has your back no matter what best friend definitely. Now for what you guys want to hear 👂 yes this guy is a beast on the mats don’t let his charm and funny personality fool you he will kick your ass and love every second of it was a very tough match that winner is yet to be determined until our next battle for those of you whom have been brave enough to fight him you well know how tough he is for those who passed him up we’ll dudes it’s your loss this guy knows his stuff and will serve u a beat down with a smile on his face anyway moving forward if u get the chance go for it but at the end of the day I’m getting my rematch with this stud



Gabe Steel is recommended by nofabio

Can sum up this stud in 3 words: Hot, Fun, & Tough! He's a brawler by nature; yet can take pain as well as he dishes it out! Will pull you into a false sense of superiority by pretending to be hurt & begging off, then lowers the boom on ya! Best match of my life from this future star- & new friend! Already have rematches scheduled :)



nofabio is recommended by mustangcowboy

He is a good guy who can really lock the holds on you. He drove up to meet me at my place and was a perfect gentlemen. He is a kind person who is easy to talk to before and after a match. He has great strength and is a good guy overall. Highly recommend him to anybody who loves to wrestle.



mustangcowboy is recommended by nofabio

If you get a chance to rassle the Cowboy, take it! I've never met anybody who looks so much younger than his age! Unbelievable! A real Southern gent; at least 'til the bell rings! Deceptively strong- watch out for his legs! Just an all-around great guy & wrestler- hope a rematch is in the cards (as he promised!) No draw next time Mustang! PS: He really rocks a red speedo, too!



nofabio is recommended by Leanwarrior77

No Fabio is a great guy on and off the mats. Massively strong, he will dominate you and then buy you a drink. Those arms too! Really like this guy and look forward to a rematch soon!



Leanwarrior77 is recommended by nofabio

This stud earns his screen name; he truly is a lean warrior! One of the nicest guys I've ever met; not to mention easy on the eyes- the sight of him in his Superman speedo will make any opponent weak in the knees! Helluva wrestler; of course he could beat you with his smile alone! ;) Thanks Chris!



nofabio is recommended by festygoer00

This guy has an amazing attitude on and off the Mat! Was able to spend a few days at his place and we wrestled quite a bit! Very strong and knows how to apply his wrestling holds. He was giving me a nice and rough match, almost made me say "I quit" haha. Can't wait for our next match!!



festygoer00 is recommended by nofabio

Martin is one helluva fun match! Deceptively strong; great stamina; has a pain threshold like no opponent I've ever had! The best part is he turned out to be a very special friend! Lots of rematches in our future!