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Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors Florida is home

100% total novice but 200% turned on by strong, physical, powerful body on body contact.

*lean skinny tight fuckers, you guys scare me and turn me on big time. I accept the challenge and weight size difference any day. (kick my ass on the mats, i like it)
* weekend warrior athletes, love your guys natural builds.
*Dedicated gym rats. I bow to your dedication and aspire to follow suit.
* Big beefy Muscle with padding, oh man. lock me up tight and tell me who my daddy is.
*roided out monsters. One flex i shoot. no questions asked. ..Truth!

The list is just the tip, any guy who tries to keep his body in shape, any shape is hot too me.

Guys, I am not a WRESTLER, by any stretch of the imagination. The physical contact with other built guys is my gig. Yes, I want to learn some moves and get better and better both for skill and meeting new men.
I may be novice, but I am a decent size guy with some strength and a kicking drive to learn.

Resurging gym rat myself fitness, healthy lifestyle, and a serious muscle quest mission. I once had a buff body, I remember the feeling and turn on it gave me, so now, my focus is on training eating clean and growing muscle. Wanna cum along for the ride?💪👅🤼‍♂️🔥💪💪💪💪💪

Personal Note: I am pretty much over this Duck Dynasty fad. When all the guys start looking alike with cave man looking beards. I sort of prefer men who dont follow the pack and bow to popular trends. Plus trimmed clipped shaved sort of stands out these days and stands apart from the pack.

And Hygiene. Good grief, shower prior and brush the teeth.

Local to Fort Lauderdale, nice guy. hit me up and say hello.

End game, if there was one. Id be down to date again or buddy up with a guy who would like to include fitness, gym, physical activity wrestling into our life. I always feel the physical activity makes sex so much more connected to me.
Just an idea, I am not looking or holding my breath until my prince charming comes along, I am enjoying the single life for now.



  1. USA - Louisiana, United States
    Wilton manors
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I am willing to travel 500 miles


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Gear: As little as [ossible

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BDsubmit Bigdaddy rjvlatino


nutz4muscle is recommended by Bigdaddy

we wrestled in dallas about 13 yrs ago. had a great give and take wrestling match. nice to run into past opponents on meetfighters.



Bigdaddy is recommended by nutz4muscle

I had the thrill of taking on this hunk of beef many years ago. He is as nice and charming as he is huge built and strong.
Back then I started dating a guy not into rassling so I did not continue looking for more matches and lost touch with this big stud.
I cant wait to feel this mans power and passion again.



nutz4muscle is recommended by BDsubmit

Met Joe today at the FTL ring. Had a great time. He is personable and definitely strong. When he gets a few more matches under his belt he will be a formidable opponent. I definitely want a rematch and don't miss an opportunity to lock up with him when you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.



BDsubmit is recommended by nutz4muscle

I had the pleasure of meeting this fine man today. I was totally prepared to get tossed around like a play toy and I did. He is very strong and extremely talented on the mats.
Bill was very patient and willing to teach me as we went along. I appreciate that since we all have to start somewhere.

I may have surprised him a bit by my strength, but I was very disappointed in my own stamina. I really need to work on that.

Ready for more!



nutz4muscle is recommended by rjvlatino

he was a nice hot opponent to have his first match with me.
nice body with strong arms/hands.



rjvlatino is recommended by nutz4muscle

Rjv, is the perfect opponent to have my first match with.
Very nice guy, easy to set up and arrange and Strong.
His body is powerfully built and he uses it to his advantage.
Thanks RJ