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love pro and pro fantasy and erotic ...lets roll...master of all versions of the piledriver



  1. USA - Kentucky, 40391
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: speedos, ,singlet, nude

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Nzt853 is recommended by piledrivinking

Great jobber and cool guy...get at him



piledrivinking is recommended by shortfireplug

I had a great time wrestling this muscle beast ! He can deliver (ALL) variations of the Piledriver with perfect technique but safe at the same time. He’s well muscled, strong, and very hot. We wrestled at his place with a few thick mattresses which is required when we were sulpexing, body slamming, racking, piledrivin ! I highly recommend piledrivinking ! Go get some



shortfireplug is recommended by piledrivinking

Loved wrestling this muscle stud bod...strong...and can wrestle....we had a hot fun muscle em if you can!



piledrivinking is recommended by rocker78

So, I walk in the door of his house and I'm taken aback by this large, towering hunk of a man who enjoys flexing his incredible arms. We had a great squash match where he showed me all of his favorite holds and demonstrated some of my favorites as well. He has an incredible piledriver and is incredible at dishing out pain (yet still very controlled). Very cocky, yet puts you at complete ease. Incredibly safe wrestler and I'd recommend him for beginners!



piledrivinking is recommended by tombstoneyou

One if the best piledrivers I ever received over and over again. He really knows his stuff!



tombstoneyou is recommended by piledrivinking

talk about some piledrivin! we had a blast! muscle piledriver after muscle piledriver!



piledrivinking is recommended by CRedfield

Best piledrivers in the world and knows how to work pro holds incredibly well. One of my best matches.