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Hi there, I'm a pro-style fantasy wrestler. I love back and forth matches or being on the losing end, either one.

I wrestle in speedos and briefs.

I love a match that is slower paced like pro but I love a match where I face a heel who pulls out all the stops to get the win. That includes fighting dirty, low blows especially are my favorite (to receive) but also give if desired. Everything is fantasy in my fights, or very light impact except for the low blows which I like to be light to light-medium (at least toward me), no injuries. I like a safe and sane match.

Let me know if you'd be up for a m/m or f/m match (cyber or real)!

I prefer to match with people who are in decent shape and who are within a reasonable range of my size/weight.



  1. USA - Ohio, Columbus
  2. USA - Oregon, Portland
    (I'm here between 5/11/2019 and 5/13/2019)
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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prostylejobber is recommended by Txwresl

Great guy and totally fun to wrestle. He is in great shape, takes and loves a lot of punishment, but also knows how to dish it back. I loved the match but beyond the wrestling he is a good guy with a smile and a positive attitude that makes for a really good time...I would be ready for a rematch anytime with this very fine guy.



Txwresl is recommended by prostylejobber

Such a great time! He is an experienced pro fantasy wrestler who is a ton of fun! He really knows his moves and besides being a great time while wrestling he was a very nice guy, considerate, and fun to talk to. If you have the opportunity to wrestle him do not pass it up! We had a limited time as he was just in town for a few days and I was working a lot so I'm glad we found the time to meet up, you will be too!



prostylejobber is recommended by Wrestlessnohio

This young buck found his way to my wrestling room, and I'm glad he did. He prefers and enjoys pro yet graciously worked in some safe, sane submission which is more my style. I have to say it was nice to engage in pro wrestling as I'd like to learn more. One obstacle for me was his height. He is the tallest guy I've rassled to date. So much so that I couldn't apply some holds, lol @ myself. Also, he was by far the most specific on which holds and maneuvers he prefers. Communicates well, reliable and prompt. As we all have discovered those traits aren't always demonstrated by others. Give him a shot especially if you prefer pro.



Wrestlessnohio is recommended by prostylejobber

Awesome wrestler! Had a great match with him and it was so fun. We did a mix of pro and submission since my preference is pro and his sub; it worked out great. Very courteous, in great shape, and he is deadly with the leg scissors. He sure knows how to lock on the submission holds and trap you in them. I found myself folded up in awkward positions, helpless and at his mercy countless times.

If you get the chance to wrestle him take it, you won't be disappointed!



prostylejobber is recommended by jtwrestle

Prostylejobber was a blast to wrestle. Really a natural at pro. He's a nice guy and great build. I would definitely recommend him.



jtwrestle is recommended by prostylejobber

JT was an awesome opponent. He was very accommodating, very good at executing moves, and it was obvious that he had a lot of experience. Great guy and had a great time! Definitely recommend him for a match!



prostylejobber is recommended by lspowerhouse

t Wow this wrestler I can't wait to work him over again hot looks ,great in speedos knows his pro. Moves and knows how to sell. I can't wait for him to work me over Next time If ever in Cleveland. Look him up
You won't be sorry. (Tito Santana) We are going to have many. Many more matches



lspowerhouse is recommended by prostylejobber

Awesome wrestler! Very athletic and has a great attitude during the match, total heel for me. We did a pro-style fantasy match and he hits with the perfect amount of force to make you feel it but to avoid injury (especially the low blows, ouch! Perfect force!). Also is very accommodating on how much force to use, can go light or harder.

His knowledge of pro is excellent and he knows a lot of wrestling moves. I will definitely be meeting up with him again in the future for more matches. Definitely a favorite! If you're passing through Pittsburgh hit him up for a match!



prostylejobber is recommended by Angelo

As his name suggests, this wrestler is a great pro style jobber. He has all the classic instincts. He sells it like a champ and can take quite a lot of pro punishment. He's a great guy besides–met me during a short layover in Cleveland after a day of travel nightmares. Best thing that happened to me that day! Wrestle him if you can! Hoping for a rematch one of these days.



Angelo is recommended by prostylejobber

Awesome wrestler! Very safe and creative with his pro moves. He knows what he's doing and was a wonderful heel. He has some awesome gear and I can't wait to have another match with him. He had some travel issues beyond his control so our time was limited but we made the most of it and I know we would have had even more fun if we would have had more time. Wrestle Angelo if you get the chance!



prostylejobber is recommended by slick

Fun guy to wrestle. Hope to meet again some time.



slick is recommended by prostylejobber

Slick was my first real meetup that I had. He is so knowledgeable about the sport of wrestling and he has a vast amount of experience which really showed as he worked me over. Had a ring match with him and it was tons of fun. He is very controlled and safe; he knows how to take you to your predetermined limits and then keep you there. Can't wait to get to SLC again for another match!