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Travel heaps for work and in hotels where I can host or join you. Gym three or four times a week and love to throw a guy around.

Am in most AUSTRALIAN capitals at least annually and much more in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Hit me up for a meet. Don’t like to endlessly chat online or talk to guys that never intend to actually meet.

Race is not an issue for me. Won’t meet guys with racial slurs on their profile.



  1. Australia, Canberra
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (176 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, T-shirt’s that rip, speedos, nothing

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Past Opponents

Cockyrookie Galfort OzScrapper Tripolar



quietstrong is recommended by OzScrapper

Great time with this guy. Accommodating, considerate, tough, and at the risk of stating the obvious, quite strong. ;)
He caught onto my tricks pretty fast and has a firm grip but getting hoisted up and thrown around was a dis-empowering if an exhilarating experience.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this fella, though I suspect he held back a little because he could have torn me in half... not that I'd ever admit that while wrestling. :P
Very respectful of limits, and willing to push them when requested. Hearty recommendations here.



OzScrapper is recommended by quietstrong

Bigger and stronger than I was expecting. Safe, but will own you and you’ll pay for any slowness. He’s good at finding a vulnerability.

Most impressive is his ability to take punishment. You’re gonna have to nearly knock him out or tear something off him to get him to tap. Then he is gonna demand another round.

Lot of fun and highly recommended.



quietstrong is recommended by Galfort

Mr. Quietstrong is good, we did “not so serious” match like pro wrestling, cos if its serious match maybe I didn’t stand a chance. I like it, it was intense but not so much damage. I’ve been thrown a lot, and I really like it. Recommended person for pro wrestling



Galfort is recommended by quietstrong

Franki travelled to my hotel at the airport after a very brief exchange - I didn’t expect to be in town. Much appreciated.

He is strong and keen. We had a long and sweaty match that was a lot of fun. If someone trains him to use more leg in his wrestling, he’ll get a lot more submissions - they are thick and strong as.

Definitely would meet again and highly recommended.



quietstrong is recommended by Tripolar

We met in his hotel for a light submission style match. Quietstrong has a solid strong upper body but lucky for me, quads are stronger than biceps. It was a fun and tough match with both of us scoring some submissions. It took all my strength to get him to tap.

Away from the fight, he’s a good bloke. It’s always nice to have a chat with an intelligent and thoughtful person. Take up the opportunity to battle him when he travels to your part of Australia.



Tripolar is recommended by quietstrong

Tripolar’s skills outmatched my size. At one point I’m fairly sure he tied my legs in a knot. Very funny, articulate, fit and fun. Completely safe and respectful too, while he was disrespecting me, if you know what I mean. Really strong legs but got submissions with his grappling skills.

Highly recommended and fun.



quietstrong is recommended by Cockyrookie

Quiet strong is exactly that... quiet strong. Build like a tank and enjoys using his strength to dominate. Huge chest and very impressive biceps. He’s ruthless when wrestling but also a great guy when he’s not making me tap out repeatedly.



Cockyrookie is recommended by quietstrong

Cockyrookie and I have had a lot of encounters. He is a nice guy and can do the Cocky thing and take the consequences. Not afraid to be tossed around and he can take it. Hot body and set of legs on him that are damn impressive.
If he says he’ll be there, he is.