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  1. USA - South Carolina, Hilton Head Island
    Hilton Head, SC

I am willing to travel 100 miles


60-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 190 lbs (86 kg)


discreet guy- love sub matches- love to make some buds as well



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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Phone chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches

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Last modified: 4/25/2021


randywrstl is recommended by Syrwrestler

Had a great time with this guy, good sweaty wrestling! And he has very strong legs. I highly recommend him!



Syrwrestler is recommended by randywrstl

Do not miss this guy if you are in the Syracuse area! He is a great combinations of skill, strength and class.



randywrstl is recommended by Galifter84

Had a good series of submission rounds with this guy. He’s friendly, hospitable and a good conversationalist. On the mats he made me work for the submissions and I definitely got my cardio for the day after we were done wrestling. He’s got good stamina for sure.



randywrstl is recommended by DBALSTOM

fun guy - stronger that expected - or I'm getting weaker - or both. Definitely be meeting up again. Good match and a fun time. Very safe and reliable.



DBALSTOM is recommended by randywrstl

Great guy - skilled and strong - it was a quickly arranged match and he is reliable and a great host. Looking forward to the rematch.



randywrstl is recommended by Nakofi

A friendly man, very hospitable and we had the best conversation about our shared profession (insane) and the places we have traveled. I had the upper hand for most of the match but man, did I have the hardest time keeping him subdued, keep in mind, there is a significant age difference. He has some of the strongest legs and arms, it tired me out having to keep them from around me. We will definitely be locking up again.



Nakofi is recommended by randywrstl

I meet this power house and was amazed. He has not been into the wrestling for a long period but he has amazing strength and the growing skills to already be amazing. In addition, he is a great guy. Do not miss this guy- but hurry - he is only getting better!



randywrstl is recommended by mattz4fun

Finally got to throw down after a year of our back and forth banter. This guy puts up a tough challenge, delivers on the mats, and looks good in fight gear. We had the right amount of intensity, breathing hard and working up a sweat, working different holds. Super guy off the mats, enjoyable conversation and a meal afterwards.



mattz4fun is recommended by randywrstl

Well I had the privilege to tangle with this well known wrestler this week. YES,,,, he is strong,,,,,YES he is a hot guy.....YES he is skilled but the best is he is truly a classy guy. Had a great time and would wrestle again anytime but am most happy to call him a friend.



randywrstl is recommended by NCJockstrap

Handsome, tough and sexy opponent that loves to rassle! We wrestled a couple of times when we were both younger studs...He's a great time on and off the mats, and quite the gentleman. Don't miss a chance to tangle with this Hot Stud!



randywrstl is recommended by jobberjayse

Are you one of those dudes, like me, who craves being relentlessly and masterfully gut-punched? If so, then I strongly recommend you submit your soon-to-be-smashed torsos to this handsome man. Who can hit you hard as a wrecking ball and repeatedly like clockwork. He can also, which is about as hot as it gets, stretch and hold the rest of your body in ways to fully expose your lucky abs to his fists – and more magnificent muscle mashing !



jobberjayse is recommended by randywrstl

I had the pleasure of wrestling this hot man while in CA. He is strong, in great shape and takes alot of punishment. Look him up!



Cockywrestler7 is recommended by randywrstl

Do not miss a chance to wrestle this guy- a class act all the way - skilled, strong and tough - highest recommendation



randywrstl is recommended by builtbod

got the chance to meet Randy on a last minute..only one day notice since he came into my area...rearranged my schedule to meet him and it was the best thhing I did that day. Great guy...fun strong wrestler...we had a blast...had a great sweaty workout...hope he comes back to my area again soon so we can continue where we left off...



builtbod is recommended by randywrstl

Very nice guy- put up with my erratic schedule- we had a great match- very strong- very good shape- look him up if in JERSEY!