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Complete novice, very eager to be trained, in order to become a strong Gladiator, of whom my owner Sailor Jean can be proud!

The magnificent and knowledgeable Coach "Ringerohr" has spotted a genuine talent as an English Boxer in me, and I am eager to pursue this track further.

Wrestling clearly comes less natural to me, but I would be thrilled to be receive patient instruction on various holds from any opponent in order to make future encounters ever more interesting.



  1. Belgium, Bruxelles / Brussel
    Place of work, from Monday mornings to Thursday afternoons
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 159 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French, German

Gear: Any choice of garment my opponent chooses

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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kimmetje mehdi berx Ringerohr Sailor_Jean taureau



recruit20-02-67 is recommended by mehdi berx

J'ai rencontré Mike une première fois sans lutter, il m'avait gentiment servi de guilde, c'est un homme au coeur d'or qui n'a pas ménagé ces efforts.

Sur le tapis, Mike ne se laisse pas démonter, il apprend méthodiquement, n'ayant pas peur d'endurer la souffrance et de la rendre, j'ai pris un immense plaisir à voir son apprentissage avec taureau et il le fut encore plus quand j'ai pu me retrouver face à lui, rien que l'intensité dans son regard me montrait qu'il en voulait et que même au bout du rouleau il n'allait pas abandonner.

C'est un lutteur que je vous recommande sans la moindre hésitation, son plaisir du combat n'a d'égal que sa soif d'apprendre.



mehdi berx is recommended by recruit20-02-67

A genuine Natural Talent for wrestling, as he welcomes the pain as well as the joy of the sport.
To a complete novice like me, no better Man to instill me with that same respect for this Most Manly of All Contact Sports, Ground Wrestling.

The most delightful and courteous of hosts he makes as well. Hit him up whenever you plan to come to Liège and want to have a Good Time!



recruit20-02-67 is recommended by Ringerohr

recruit is a keen learner and determind to fight and box hard. He still has to learn some stuff.His stamina is excelent.
Beside the ring we had good conversation and I am sure we will meet again.



Ringerohr is recommended by recruit20-02-67

Once you've met this magnificent MAN, you will find it impossible to forget him: an absolute tribute to What It Means To Be A MAN, he is, quite simply! His Mind & Soul are as impressive as his Body, and he clearly lives to help other Men to instil that same Joy of a MANly Life in them.

Whichever one of the 3 facets of the Triumvirate of Mind, Soul & Body you are looking for, he will deliver. His Fighting Premises are just as exciting as they look on all the stunning pictures, as is his beautiful Body.
The complete newbie that I am to fighting, he has given me the MANly confidence I need to go on developing my fighting skills, by displaying absolute patience, trust and invigorating enthusiasm!
Come and meet this MAN, and have him influence your Life as a MAN as he has mine, and will continue to do so! Oh yes, I am already looking forward to meeting him again, and bestowing the honour upon him to show him my progress in fighting!



recruit20-02-67 is recommended by taureau

It is always a discovery to meet beginners here, but recruit20-02-67 is even a more special case, as he is also a Slave to a Master. I was not very confortable with this initially, not knowing what to expect at all. In the end, his Master turned out just to come along to watch and occasionally play with him after a round.
Recruit20-02-67 of course still has many holds to master but he seems to have great motivation and has a good cardio capacity. I'll be curious to watch his progress.

He also looks nicer in reality than on the pics, is a kind and interesting man with a distinctly unusual personality.
I wish him lots of fun on the site and hope many members here will be curious to discover him and play with him.



taureau is recommended by recruit20-02-67

Sent from Wrestling Heaven, this MANimal, specially for me, the Complete Novice, to instantly instil me with a burning passion for this most MANly of sports.
He looks the part, sounds the part, feels the part of the perfect gentleman wrestler who is out to win against an opponent, but not before giving that opponent every opportunity first to instruct him to his own level of expertise, by sharing all the precious knowledge that he has amassed over his years as an active wrestler.
It was like starring in my self-written screenplay called "How I Would Want To Be Introduced To Active Wrestling".
Part of my instantly awakened Drive To Get Better is the absolute desire to face "taureau" again in future, and impress him with my progress! No better recommendation for a True Wrestler in my mind.

Check this MANimal out, whenever you have the opportunity!


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