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  1. USA - Florida, Saint Petersburg
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69-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 295 lbs (134 kg)

Gear: speedos, singlets , fight shorts,


this is rick. i am 6'2 285 a bear of a man. i like most forms of wrestling. i am a heel and often use dirty tactics when allowed. and i do like to dominate, though i can also be dominated. i just like to wrestle. right now i have no place for a meeting but I can do a motel match or I will come .



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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Tag team / group fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Not interested in fetishes, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Rip and strip

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Last modified: 5/06/2021


ricky 1 is recommended by latinman31

Met Ricky for a give and take match, this is a lot of a man to handle, he is fast, strong and be careful...the heel side tries to come out anytime he gets a chance! So it was great to keep defending myself and returning the dirty moves to remind him I am not just a bag of flesh to punch around lol.
Out of the match, he is very friendly and great stories to tell, definitely need a rematch but I won't be as nice 😉.
Recommend if you are looking for safe, fun and strong guy to wrestle with.



latinman31 is recommended by ricky 1

I had a very good time meeting and wrestling latinman. He is a very good looking man with a great wrestling body. Did not know what to expect but he is very strong and quick. We went back and forth and we both got some good shots and holds on each other. Of course there was some dirty shots also. Hey I like being a dirty heel on the mats. Looking forward to our next match with the intensity increasing as we trust each other becoming a little more rough with each other.



ricky 1 is recommended by Roughmatch

Awesome heavyweight I have wrestled on several occasions. He is far bigger and far more powerful but I do well with him. Very nice guy. Even hosted me for a couple of nights prior to our trip to Hillside. We have plans to meet again for a very tough NHB battle. Our future battle will be extremely limited on rules; basically the fight goes until one of us is physically unable to continue. This excludes injury, as neither of us are there for that. But it will be long. It will be sweaty. It will be rough.



Roughmatch is recommended by ricky 1

I have met Tom a few times in the past at hillside and my former house in ohio. He is a very tough and good wrestler. I am way bigger than he is but we have had good rough matches. We are planning the ultimate no submission match. Outside of a couple of agreed to rules, this is not a match which ends with a submission. The only way one of us wins is when the other says he has had enough and cannot continue. This could be a short match or a match that last for hours. Plenty of pain and torture but no injury. We are excited and hoping the next year is virus free so we fan have our match.
In the mean time when given a chance meet and wrestle him when he finally feels safe for matches to start up again.



jman429 is recommended by ricky 1

I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times when he was just starting out. I am a heel and he took a sane jobber beating . He was fun to meet and I look forward to meeting him again when I get to Indy next year,2021. Give him a chance, he won't disapoint.



cubby is recommended by ricky 1

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting this baby face jobber for the first time. Though he had amateur wrestling experience he was stepping onto the mats in a rough heel vs jobber match with me. Needless to say a knee to his stomach started him down the road to a dominating victory by me. Today after an almost three year wait we finally had our rematch. Though he has wrestle about 40 guys since our last meeting , my confidence was extremely high about what the outcome would be. Though it was tougher this time, at the end of our two hour battle once again I had him begging me to stop the beating he was getting, both legal and dirty. Of course being the good, kind hearted heel that I am, I immediately upped the torture I was inflicting on him til he finally said, Sir I have had enough, please stop. I am sure it will not be 3 years again till our next battle. Oh, by the way he is a great guy to wrestle and I am sure almost anyone would have a good time wrestling him



ricky 1 is recommended by BulldogOhio

Great guy, and tough bear on the mats. He locked me in hold after hold until I was worn out and at his mercy. Completely respectful of all limits, and great conversationalist off of the mats as well. He doesn't get up this way as much as he used to, but I'm always eager to go belly to belly with him whenever possible.



lspowerhouse is recommended by ricky 1

A very good wrestler. Whether you like submission or pro. You will have a good rough time.



ricky 1 is recommended by Senior Bear

Great wrestler, a lot of fun, lives up to his claim to be a heel–safe but punishing.