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  1. USA - New York, New York City

I am willing to travel 15 miles


26-year-old Male / 5'6" (168 cm) / 135 lbs (61 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks, boxing gloves, briefs, singlets, jocks, etc.


beginner here. primary interests are gut punching and ballbusting; looking to expand/incorporate those interests into erotic sub/promission wrestling, boxing, and general fighting/scrapping as well. not really the most competitive – much more interested in just having a good time. love getting stretched out in holds being made to submit over and over.

increasingly into the idea of getting beaten down two-on-one. anyone in new york wanna collaboratively have a go at some punchmeat?

definitely enjoy a good workover. like so:

socially distancing these days. looking forward to post-vaccine punches, bearhugs, and more ;)



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Two on one, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Leather, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Muscle worship

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riotgear is recommended by Tiger

Great guy who is easy to meet. Gives a good fight and can take alot of punishment.
Safe, sane and easy to talk with. Eager to learn.
cant say enough good things as his . Other recommendations really say it all. A truly good opponent and highly recommended. Good host and eager to fight. Very durable as he took significant gut punching with barefists, knees and elbows. A real challenge to bust his gut.



riotgear is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

It was a real pleasure to meet riotgear. Fun pleasant guy with a great body. We had a blast and looking forward to meeting again. Highly recommended.



riotgear is recommended by BuddyBeast

Only 16 messages, a smattering of texts, and before I knew it I was straddling, strangling, pounding and pummeling this outstanding, epic jobber.
I have NEVER seen ANYBODY take SO. MUCH. PUNISHMENT! It's almost like this slim, sexy stud just doesn't feel pain like the rest of us. As his abdomen took a brutal beating, the room resounded with the sound of striking fists and cries of pain, until his skin burned with an angry red red orange numbness. Back arched, face contorted in agony, rope-like limbs used for strangling and suffocating...chains, gloves, gear used as a gag...this was like a three act punishment play and he was the star. As others have suggested, he's also a gracious host and brilliant between beatings. Unleash your inner beast on this breathtaking, growling, aggressive jobberbitch. Then move over, cuz I want another turn.



BuddyBeast is recommended by riotgear

Writing this a day later and every part of my body aches. What a great time with this handsome stud... so brutal and so intimate. He really put the hurt on me, working me over to the edge then pulling in for a kiss. Funny and warm one moment and the meanest sonofabitch the next. Can’t wait for the next time.



riotgear is recommended by RuffMscl

Awesome guy who can really take some hard blows. I think he only buckled twice. Very hospitable host and a great first opponent for my first time back “in action” and a nice welcome to NY. GREAT and that can take some punishment.



RuffMscl is recommended by riotgear

Had a hot punching meetup with this stud. Hits hard, looks amazing in gear, natural heel. And a totally lovely guy when he’s not hurting you good. Highly recommended.



riotgear is recommended by DenverWrestler

I can't enough good things about this super-sexy jobber. His profile makes clear what he likes, and we went through the whole repertoire of domination activity. He suffers like a real pro and comes back for more. I hope he doesn't mind me saying that I had a very hot time with him. In a city full of unreliable guys, he showed up exactly as scheduled, and we had been able to arrange the match in a very short period. He's also friendly and out-going – just a real nice guy and a real nice opponent. I highly recommend him and look forward to wrestling him again soon.



riotgear is recommended by ColoWrestler

I knew that there was a large weight differential going into my match with Riotgear, however, the moment he walked in the door I knew I was dealing with a man who could take care of himself and would dish out whatever he took. He is amazingly flexible and has very strong heel instincts that express themselves with surprisingly effective gut punching and low blows...He also likes to work over nips and other body parts. The chemistry we had proves that there is nothing quite like a wrestling match to get to know someone well....I am up for a rematch ASAP



ColoWrestler is recommended by riotgear

Had an amazing time with this hot stud — sensitive to how things were going, responsive, brutal, super erotic. Multiple submissions in one creative hold after another. Itching for the next time. Among other things he awakens a dormant heel in me.



riotgear is recommended by NJWoodbridge

1/22/19: It's been a while, but we met up again today. This guy keeps getting better and better, and far more durable. I love the way he dishes it out, too. I cannot say enough good things about him.

8/30/16: Another great match with Riotgear - rougher and tougher for both of us than before. And oh so much fun!!! Gutpunchers might interested as this man can take more than just a few. I cannot wait to meet up again.

6/13/16: Just had another match with this tough guy. Such fun! I recommend him very highly!

June, 2015: I took on this lad at his place and I am glad I did. I had a stupendous time showing him some basic submission holds, moves, and tactics, and he was eager to learn and practice them. On the receiving end, he is a tough kid! He took ab work and other rough stuff really well. Most important, he's a terrific fellow and just fun to be with. Glad to say I made a new friend. I look forward to our next match!



NJWoodbridge is recommended by riotgear

The guy knows his stuff and I feel fortunate that he took the time to teach me some of it! An excellent heel and a perfect gentleman to boot. Looking forward to our next match – hopefully sooner rather than later.



riotgear is recommended by BeardedWrestler

So much stamina wrapped up in such a sexy package. He is a total blast to play with, and can handle tons of abuse. I enjoyed making him submit and groan, over and over. Smart, good kisser, and responsive. Can't wait for a rematch.



BeardedWrestler is recommended by riotgear

Such a fun time with this stud — who, in addition to giving it hot and heavy, is also smart and kind. Left sore and feeling spoiled rotten. Can’t wait for next time.



riotgear is recommended by law306

Tis true, at the very last moment before my departure in NM up poops up riotgear out of nowhere! This guy is fun, articulate and can take a good beating. If I didn’t have neighbours I would have dished out a lot more and I know he would have no problems. His abs can take a lot of abuse! He also enjoyed giving it back to me, no issues there. My fists can’t wait to see him again!



law306 is recommended by riotgear

By total happenstance managed to meet up with law306 while in New Mexico.. hot guy with plenty of hot holds and punches to spare. And a total gentleman to boot. Such fun to watch him get really into the beating. We’ll have to meet again in some other city for a heavier pummeling; can’t wait.



riotgear is recommended by punchpignyc

every so often you get to meet one of the golden incarnate souls who favor us with their presence - sexy as all get out, playful/serious about what they love, free as a child about expressing it, who when they channel this into an aggressive male-male encounter give their lucky partners a real sense of what it is to come up against a man. Riotgear is one of these rare few. Hot, certainly. Quick, strong, lean, powerful, inventive gut-puncher. Nice smell of sweat. Sensual and brutal all at once. I think he will agree that no punch either of us threw didn't have an over-the-top intent to THUD for real. Pussypunches are not his thing. He loves to see how much he can take. I loved obliging him. Ditto the reverse. Incredible creature, this young dude. He's got the extraordinary light & force in him which make him a tough mutha punch-receptor and a tough mutha puncher. He will bring it to the brink. And you will go with him. All of it as sensual as it is rough. Thanks riotgear. "memorable time" doesn't say enough, but it was certainly that.



punchpignyc is recommended by riotgear

funny writing a recommendation for someone when one of the defining qualities of the meetup was the sensation of unfolding surprise; i'm wary of saying too much for fear of robbing others of that pleasure! had a remarkable time with punchpig, who brought out my (very) latent aggressive side more than anyone has before and had plenty of hard, robust, and very felt punches of his own to offer as well. a total joy to meet this veteran and all-star of the scene; here's to many more.



riotgear is recommended by Tristan98765

My meet up with riotgear was amazing! I love punching a man with fortitude and he's got tons of that. He looked me in the eye and challenged me to break his abs. Don't be fooled by his size, he can take a lot of hits. Great stamina! He's smart and charming as well. We had a really great time. I hope to meet him again and get even more into it.



Tristan98765 is recommended by riotgear

A total dream of a puncher. He's got heavy blows to spare and a real desire to see how much you can take, but I never felt less than completely safe with him. Had a great time; can't wait till the next go-around.



tygrrr is recommended by riotgear

Had an amazing time with this hot heel.. commanding, sexy, and dishes it out real nice. Gut still aching. Can't wait till the next time; feel like we only scratched the surface.



riotgear is recommended by bjames65

Riotgear is a stick of dynamite! The kid packs a powerful punch and can take an inordinate amount of punishment. I'm sure I will be sore for days after our meeting. He far surpassed my expectations based on the fact that I had a 60lb weight advantage. This allowed me to toss him around a bit, but he kept coming back for more. He is a self proclaimed pain pig and I was happy to push his limits, though I don't think I really found them. My highest recommendation to this handsome, intelligent fighter!



riotgear is recommended by Kureitondesu

So glad we got to meet up! We've chatted for a couple of years now and it worked out we were in the same city. LOTS of hard hitting and LOTS of awesome conversation! I would both highly recommend meeting and having a hard fought match with him. Still a bit sore a couple of days later which is always a plus!



Kureitondesu is recommended by riotgear

Finally got to meet up after chatting for a while now, and it was a great time – hard punches and great conversation. Can't recommend this guy enough, especially if you love gut punching. Still a little sore.. and counting the weeks till we can trade blows again.



riotgear is not recommended by Phillip

  • Unreliable / no show



riotgear is recommended by irishpunknyc

This dude, a self-described glutton for punishment, is a blast to play with. Smart, sexy, fun, a li'l bit nasty, etc. I enjoy making him grunt and groan, and getting bruised up by him too. An all-star.



irishpunknyc is recommended by riotgear

we've gloved up numerous times at this point, and it keeps getting more fun.. irishpunk is great. dishes it out, takes it too, and loves the gear. additionally: a perpetually engaging, intelligent, and funny conversation partner. i feel very lucky to have him as a punchbuddy.



riotgear is recommended by Flwresler

This guy is so... cute, as well as a great wrestle ! So, Fun, moves, holds, workin' on eachother and Bulge Action to Boot ... Woof ! That was 2015... Met up again this year in NYC, 2016. Had a Blast ! Always a Good Roll.... Look forward to next time!



Flwresler is recommended by riotgear

Had a great time with this guy. A lot of mutual bulge working to be had. Really friendly and engaging off the mat, too. Looking forward to the next time!



riotgear is recommended by Lion Mike55

I was very lucky to have us wrestling in a Amsterdam hotel on a sunny winter afternoon for a very long play in a changing jobber heel game .
This for hours of pleasure while celebrating our manhood and working us to sweaty boddies , still some to learn in new holds .
Coffee and a drink afterwards in town gave us more knowledge about our personal beeings and what us drives in our lifes .
Nice wrestling and talking to you nice , intelligent , handsome youngman !
Hope for another time , when your plane will hit the Dutch ground .



riotgear is recommended by nycwrestlegp1

Always have a fantastic time with this young, hot, smart stud. Can take everything you dish out and give it back with the best of them...:) Highly recommended for great punching, great wrestling, great hot action, great conversation...a good time for sure!



nycwrestlegp1 is recommended by riotgear

Always have a great and hot time with this guy – dishes it out like a pro. And as a bonus, he's a really fun and engaging gentleman off the mat as well.



riotgear is recommended by Fchallenger

The two of us had a real scrap when we met - we threw everything we had at each other. We have the same style of fighting and neither of us wanted to give in. It was an amazing match with an awesome guy. Don't pass up the opportunity to meet him!


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riotgear 6/08/2017

barefisted. a spontaneous meeting.

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