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  1. USA - Florida, Miami Beach
  2. United Arab Emirates, The Palm Jumeirah
    (I'm here between 3/07/2020 and 3/21/2020)


42-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 168 lbs (76 kg)


into other fit guys for wrestling. Into gear . can get into pro mission .. submission or just jobber vs heel matches.



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Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling

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roadster123 is recommended by SubmissionMSCL

This guy has the muscled, piston legs and quads to back up his cocky attitude. I have suffered in them and I can vouch that he is the real deal. Cruel, mercliess, and consistent with the punishment he doles out. It won't matter what you bring to the mats, he will conquer and use you for his scissor toy, A rare find here on MF and I'm coming back for more.



roadster123 is recommended by sqfig4

I can't imagine why I'm the first person to review this guy. Had a match with him, he obtained the place to meet, was an extremely gracious host, had not one but 2 separate matches during my stay and he fed me. Even allowed me to spend the night in the room he rented as I had driven a few hours to meet. Roadster is one heck of a fighter, come prepared for this guy as he is strong as an ox and his scissors will put you out real fast. Can't say enough good things here about him and I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to meet again in the near future. Safe, sane wrestler with some mad skills.