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Love exchanging long pro-mission holds . . . I like the holds to be real, and gradually cranked in power, while I resist with all my strength for as long as I can. Like watching wrestling dvd's with an opponent, then trying what we've just seen. Usually a 'jobber', but like to take control sometimes. Not interested in sex, but like frottage in speedos. Love body scissors and pec/gut punches & claws. I'm beefier than the 'bridging' pics imply . . anyone looks good if they bridge & tense ! I'm not competetive by any means . . . just love the body contact and the dominance/submission of pro wrestling. Trying to get fitter & lose weight. Would love to find some local guys as regular wrestling/training buddies. Hope to get to the USA/Canada and/or UK/Europe one day, Feel free to drop me a message or say Hi in the chatroom.



  1. Australia, Sydney
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 62-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos & Masks

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rob c57 is recommended by Britwrestler

Hosted Rob in Sydney. He is a strong solid bloke who is always up for a wrestle. Off the mats a very nice, genuine guy



Britwrestler is recommended by rob c57

Met while he had a different profile name and he was living in Sydney and he hosted . . . really strong and experienced sub guy.
I'm into pro-mission . . . so I couldn't offer him the challenge he wanted.
But a really good guy.
Happy to recommend to any sub guys.
He's even said that he might like to try some slow, fun pro-mission if we get to meet again ! :-)



rob c57 is recommended by Low low

I had a great couple of matches with Rob. He would overwhelm me wresting, so concentrated and giving me a good hard gut punching, that caused me to double over. He finished me off with a couple of knees to the gut, then dropped me with a punch to my nuts from behind. All limits agreed to before match. A nice guy.



Low low is recommended by rob c57

Whoops . . . I hadn't written a recommendation . . . sorry.
While "Ball Busting" isn't my preferred kind of scenario, I'm happy to try and provide whatever an opponent wants . . . if I can.
My "Inner Heel" came out to play and it was fun working him over.
We've had several sessions over the years when he's happened to be in Sydney.
Good guy . . . can recommended him to any heels who want a willing victim to pummel ! ! ! :-)



rob c57 is recommended by Squashlad

22/02/2017: Was great to have rob c57 for my first grapple in sunny Sydney as he's strong, determined and really good to spend time with. His size and strength meant that I was just defending when he was on top, and chances to counterattack were frustratingly few as he knows how to use his weight effectively. He does prefer jobbing but was kind enough to do submission with me and made me work for everything—which was tricky when you're not used to the New South Welsh climate! Between subs and off the mats rob c57's an interesting, modest and engaging guy, and a few drinks and dinner afterwards were a very pleasant way to end a great day with him. Highly recommended, safe and sane and I'm looking forward to a rematch with him soon.



Squashlad is recommended by rob c57

Experienced guy + over 160 Previous Opponents + Submission Grappler (him) vs Unfit + Pro-Mission Jobber (me) . . . you can guess the outcome ! ! !
I was tapping out left, right & centre. But then he slowed it down a bit, and still had fun getting me to tap out in prolonged holds, proving his dominance over me. Great fun. And yes I even got a few taps from him, though I'm sure he LET me. :-).
Experienced, well-travelled, fun guy . . . I hope he comes back to Sydney soon ! ! !



rob c57 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A big beefy guy who knows how to use his weight to his advantage, so you have to either get him to agree to be the jobber, or find a way to stay on top! He's a nice guy, 100% reliable, friendly and outgoing, and fun to wrestle.



DenverWrestler is recommended by rob c57

What a great guy to wrestle with ! ! !
He's very fit and experienced . . . and covers all types of wrestling: from aggressive submission to fun pro.
We had a great pro-mission session .. . well . . I'm sure I liked it more than him as I'm not fit .. . gives me a reason to join a gym, I guess !.
He totally owned me . . . but that's to be expected as I'm a jobber . . .but even I wasn't his skill isawesome.
Was fun to just chat with him as well . . about his global wrestling travels.
Whenever he's back here in Sydney, I hope we can have LOTS more sessions ! !



rob c57 is recommended by Oz Brit

Good reliable wrestler. tough jobber!



Oz Brit is recommended by rob c57

We've had several sessions.
He's very fit, strong and experienced.
Great guy to wrestle with.