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  1. USA - Ohio, Beckett Ridge
    Parents live here
  2. USA - Ohio, Columbus
  3. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    (I'm here from 7/24/2020)
    Most likely moving here after graduation

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


21-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 132 lbs (60 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish


I love to be roughly dominated by someone bigger and stronger than me–so I'm only into pro matches where I'm the jobber. I tend to like it pretty rough and can quite take quite a bit for a tiny lil guy (see the recommendations if you don't believe me).

There’s a heel buried deep, deep in there, willing to try it out with the right guy.

Willing to try submission with the right teacher! I wanna learn how to kick some ass!

Headscissors, bodyscissors, figure 4 leg locks, headlocks, full nelsons, and grapevines are my favorites!

I'm into other things as well, I tend to keep the fetishes/miscellaneous section of my profile accurate to that. 😊

I have pictures, you should too or I'm going to be apathetic and uninterested. I travel a fair bit for a college kid too, so if you think I'm too far away, we may be in the same place soon enough :)

Moving to Washington, DC (most likely Logan Circle!) in August and will be in town once or twice this summer to finalize an apartment. Will be quarantining in Cincinnati & Columbus until I move.

*EUROPE TRIP POSTPONED INDEFINITELY (maybe still this summer after coronavirus? we'll see what happens)

Reasons why this site makes me upset (don't worry about any of this if you're a half decent human being):
Send me unsolicited pictures of your genitals and you get blocked. I have a 0 tolerance policy for this.

I'm usually pretty open to chatting with new people, but if I'm not interested, please respect that. I don't need abuse hurled at me for saying no.

Do not bother me if you are only interested in me because of my race. That's racial fetishism and I don't tolerate that. I'm putting this in here because I've had this happen way too many times in the past few weeks.

And lastly, my profile is here for a reason. if you don't bother reading it or ask me questions that are found here, I will get annoyed and refer you here.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Squash match, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Arm wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Trampling, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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rocker78 is recommended by jeffjcao

Rocker78 was a pleasure to meet up with. It was a lot of fun dominating him, and he made a great jobber. Really nice guy as well, and fun to chat with. definitely recommend this guy!



jeffjcao is recommended by rocker78

After some fairly short notice, I was able to schedule a match with Jeff and I'm certainly glad I did. It was about an hour of me getting purely dominated by those incredible legs of his and I'm still thinking about it. His reverse headscissor is so strong that if you don't tap quickly enough, you will start getting lightheaded. Thankfully, he's highly trained and very respectful of tapping. Our other activities were a dream and I truly enjoyed being his scissor jobber–he's beautifully cruel when heeling but super pleasant when not destroying your head. Would drop everything and wrestle him again if given the opportunity!



rocker78 is recommended by manwrestler

Really nice guy who knows how to take a beating. Was a pleasure to meet Rocker78. Even with a short match he is all about quality and I recommend him to anybody in the area that wants to see how good a heel they are



rocker78 is recommended by Eagle2009

Been talking back-and-forth for a few weeks before my trip, and he came and was super friendly last. He is very cute and was able to take a lot of beatings. Recommend him for a heel versus jobber Match



rocker78 is recommended by piledriverva

Woof!! Crushed this little jobber while he was interning over the summer in DC. It is always great to meet a jobber that can take immense punishment and keeps coming back for more. Def recommend if you are looking for a jobber to dominate and crush in hold after hold. Look forward to a rematch in the future!



piledriverva is recommended by rocker78

I had a great time wrestling this big jock. Not only was he kind, he was also completely and utterly brutal. I questioned if my head would be the same after being stuck in his incredibly powerful thighs or if I'd ever regain consciousness after that tight RNC. And he's brutal, but he's also caring about your safety and after beating you to a pulp (and during), he will make sure you're okay. Highly recommended, hope to see him again during my stint in DC.



rocker78 is recommended by subcub

Besides being a super host and very easy to schedule matches with... he (beautifully) suffers an amazing amount of abuse. A match with him is a good workout (to get him to tap) and it’s also great practice for new moves. Highly recommend for those looking to dominate someone, or just practice your submission holds.



subcub is recommended by rocker78

He was super fun and although what I like is a touch out of the realm of what he usually does, he made me suffer beautifully. And those legs of this–I'm not sure if they were made of metal or something, but WOW, are they powerful! I'm definitely gonna roll with him again–he was fun and I had a lovely (read painful) time.



rocker78 is recommended by nikeWr3stlr

It's always good to wrestle a fun, scrappy lightweight jobber. He's easy to lock up, scrappy, and takes abuse from multiple holds well. Super easy to lift and toss. He tries to fight back too... so you just lock him up in a new hold and continue draining his strength. He's super nice off the mat. Definitely wrestle if you can!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by rocker78

We wrestled on his mats at his place and he's a wonderful host. Rather brutal heel and knows exactly what he's doing. If you're light enough for it, he's fun to get lifted and tossed around by and I'm actually kind of thankful that he didn't even go close to full power when he crushed me–he's brutal. Thankfully though, he's super nice and let me live. He's super fun to be heeled by and it was fun attempting to fight back. Would wrestle again!



rocker78 is recommended by maineagle93

He's a very eager guy, for good cause, he can take a ton of abuse. I thought I satisfied his need to get crushed, but then he'd get a glint in his eye and want another head scissor, or bear hug, or suffocating pin.

He seemed as happy as I was to continue this for a good long while. Major points for also being able to adjust for a change in schedule for me and make a match happen.

For those looking to crush someone, he's a fun time.



maineagle93 is recommended by rocker78

He's a demanding and brutal heel–with huge emphasis on brutal. His legs... just... wow. They're so ridiculously strong, I swear I'm not sure if my neck is gonna be fine again. He's a good wrestler, fun to talk to, and absolutely amazing at crushing the crap out of his vic–I mean opponents!

Been a while since I'd been crushed like that–he's a crazy powerful scissorer and I'd love to be in his legs again, though the timing before I leave DC is not in our favor.



CJnDC is recommended by rocker78

I loved wrestling with him–he was fun and I had a great time teaching him how to beat me up. Would wrestle again.

If you're submission wrestling him, stay away from his legs, they're pretty strong!



rocker78 is recommended by hispanicpanic79

After chatting for several months, we finally connected. It was a slower, low-key match but we had fun trading holds: He's a smart, jobber who sells it, is flexible AF and communicates well. His head scissors also almost made me tap out. Fun, easy-going: His handsome face and slender furry bod could bring out the heel in anyone. I'd definitely meet up with him again to truly throw down.



hispanicpanic79 is recommended by rocker78

Like he said, we had a pretty low key match since both of us were drained and I decided to fight back a little more than usual and I enjoyed it. It was fun trying out holds on someone instead of being the dummy for it myself.

All in all, great guy, cares about your safety, good conversationalist, and mean when he needs to be. Had fun and will definitely be meeting him again (and preferable when he has more energy for me get absolutely annihilated).



rocker78 is recommended by mattz4fun

I was really excited to finally meet this durable jobber after our prolonged banter. This handsome, fit opponent handled my stretches and tight squeezes and he was always ready for more. His skills help working different lifts and holds and allowed me to push his limits. Match was even better than I had hoped. Ready for round 2!



mattz4fun is recommended by rocker78

After a few years of chatting, I was rather excited to finally meet up with mattz4fun and I have to say, he definitely didn't disappoint. He was worth the 2 years of waiting and then some. I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable match.

He's insanely strong, technically skilled, and I think our interests aligned just so (i.e. he enjoyed making me suffer and I enjoyed him making me suffer), so things worked out. All in all, easy to meet up with, easy on the eyes, and a brutal (yet safe) heel if that's what you like.

Would happily wrestle him again if we were ever in the same area.



rocker78 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very sexy slim jobber who loves scissors, triangles, chokes, and other hot holds. He can take a lot of punishment and keeps coming back for more. It was very easy to schedule the match, and he's 100% reliable and a very interesting guy to get to know. I had a great time working him over and am happy to recommend him to any heels looking for a good time.



rocker78 is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had very great time to wrestle this guy! He is strong! Friendly! And he can take a lot of pain from my bodyscisssors! Had really great time! Forward for wrestle him again in the future!



Marcwrestler is recommended by rocker78

What is there to say about Marc that hasn't been said? He's relentless, strong, and fairly easy on the eyes. I asked to just be dominated and he delivered–though I think he was too nice to me at the beginning ;)

He's fun and will make you suffer if you like that–though even if I could get out of those tight holds, I don't think I would have wanted to anyways. I would definitely see him again if we're in the same area and it is an honor to be on Marc's loooong list of opponents.



rocker78 is recommended by Apollonian

As Rocker said, we had a VERY impromptu match and I had a GREAT time. He told me he was interested in being worked over with chokes and scissors and I was more than happy to oblige. Despite my impending knee surgery, I seem to have to issues from squeezing willing individuals to a pulp. LOL I think we spent about two hours hanging out and he endured the torture for pretty much the entire time.

Rocker is a very intelligent man, good conversationalist, and totally worth your time. I recommend him most highly.



Apollonian is recommended by rocker78

We had a very impromptu "match" (it was more of a squash session) and somehow our schedules lined up and wow, he's incredible. He's very sweet, incredibly careful, and a ruthless, dominant heel. He had me begging for mercy yet also begging for more. I feel sorry for anyone who feels his legs around their neck–and that's after he hasn't been working out due to his injury. Very ready to tumble again with this guy, he's great!



rocker78 is recommended by mason brooks

Wow, can this guy take a beating. Given his wiry frame I was concerned about getting too rough with him, but there was no need to worry. Every hold hold I threw at him, no matter how punishing, he took and came back eager for more. His flexibility is exceeded only by his tolerance for pain, and I had to work for every submission he gave up. I’m looking forward to trying out some new moves on him next time we meet up.



mason brooks is recommended by rocker78

I had a great time with this muscled pro wrestler. The first thing you notice about him is his arms– they're sculpted to perfection and after being on the receiving end of that strength, painfully powerful. And then he takes his clothes off and you know you're in trouble (and also his abs are a work of art), but enough enthusing about his body.

He was at BG East for a reason–so he knows exactly how to work a hold, make you submit, be cocky about it, and is phenomenal about safety. My neck still kinda hurts from all the choking and scissors, but if he were to tell me to take more right now, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Great dude, great wrestler, super safe, and in spite of being rusty in pro, he can still definitely dish it out. Highly recommended! Can't wait to meet his partner and get dominated by both.



Ryaryab is recommended by rocker78

He's so sweet, I was almost worried that he wouldn't have it in him to cause pain. Boy, was I wrong. His scissors were incredibly strong (made stronger by my masochistic desire for him to be even rougher–not sure I regret that decision though ;) ) though I think I may have tired him out just a bit. One decent squeeze and I'd probably be out like a light, but luckily, he's very nice and won't do that on purpose.

Would wrestle again, he's fun, powerful, and so sweet.



rocker78 is recommended by sleepermuscle

This pretty boy can take some real punishment. 100% jobber and he plays the role great although it was not a choice with our match where I tossed him around and squeezed the life out of his little body. Nice guy to converse with so it's too bad I had to work him over but it's what he wanted! I got what I wanted when I told him to worship my muscles. He did a great job but once again there wasn't a choice on his side. I would definitely roll with this boy again. I had a great time!



sleepermuscle is recommended by rocker78

Wow. Still kind of in heaven after meeting this muscle man. He's incredible. Been a while since a heel was cool with being that rough on me and it was a fantastic ending to what was a really rough day of work for both of us. I thoroughly enjoyed his workover–he knows exactly what's he doing and it certainly doesn't hurt that those muscles aren't just for show. He's safe, rough, and an absolutely stunning trash talker. If you have the rare chance to be his jobber–take it.

He also loves to flex. A lot. So, I definitely know how solid he is after that match.



rocker78 is recommended by Akrob

Looking forward to meeting with Rocker already and he only left a few hours ago. Tough and brave to meet me since I outweighed him by 60 pounds. He enjoyed the struggle as much as I. He bends and doesn’t concede. I bet he’s great as a pro jobber. He says that is his favorite style. He’s working out to put more muscle on his wiry frame. Like him just like he is now.



rocker78 is recommended by Wrestlessnohio

Rocker78 was very open and honest with what he wanted in a match. He even gave me a wish list of holds which I tried my best to fulfill. I need to work on a few of them, but it was fun trying. He was light enough for me to lift and carry which I enjoyed. He is reliable, safe and sane! Don’t discount those traits. If you’re looking for a lighter guy to punish and tie up in multiple holds he’s a perfect candidate. It’ll be fun doing so again.



Wrestlessnohio is recommended by rocker78

Wow, he's strong and knows how to keep a guy down! I had a lot of fun getting my ass handed to me by this fun powerhouse of a guy. He's technically skilled as well as physically fit enough to make that technique so much more painful. And he's also a very safe and sane wrestler! Would wrestle again and I highly recommend him.



rocker78 is recommended by Chris in seattle

This little guy can take a lot of punishment. We spent about an hour with him getting squeezed and he's pretty tough. I hope his ribs heal up nicely for round two. I highly recommend him.



Chris in seattle is recommended by rocker78

I'm not honestly sure what to say about him because he's extraordinary at what he does–being squeezing the everliving crap out of guys. His legs are so powerful that you'll question whether your ribs will ever be the same. I legitimately don't think I was able to handle more than 10 seconds of pressure because he's just that strong. If you have the chance to tussle with Chris, do it, he's a great wrestler and super safe as well. As for off the mats, a super kind, intelligent, and funny guy and I'm ready for whatever he wants to dish out in round 2.



rocker78 is recommended by Kureitondes

We had a fantastic time. Chatted for a while and made a great list of holds and moves we wanted to include and checked them off as we completed them. Admittedly we were a bit over zealous with the length of the list but it didn't detract from the fun at all.

Highly recommend him if you're able and don't be too gentle, he won't even react. Tough guy and a lot of fun to chat with as well between bouts.



Kureitondes is recommended by rocker78

He's an incredible heel! Don't let the incredibly kind exterior fool you because underneath is a ruthless and knowledgeable heel who will crush you mercilessly. While he's a powerful guy on the mats, off the mats, he's kind and super fun to talk to. Will definitely be hitting him up again for another beatdown!



piledrivinking is recommended by rocker78

So, I walk in the door of his house and I'm taken aback by this large, towering hunk of a man who enjoys flexing his incredible arms. We had a great squash match where he showed me all of his favorite holds and demonstrated some of my favorites as well. He has an incredible piledriver and is incredible at dishing out pain (yet still very controlled). Very cocky, yet puts you at complete ease. Incredibly safe wrestler and I'd recommend him for beginners!