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29 Male

6'0" (183 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  2. USA - Florida, Orlando (I'm here between 1/14/2015 and 1/17/2015)
    Shooting Wrestling videos with Cameron Matthews
  3. USA - Washington D.C., Washington (I'm here between 1/18/2015 and 1/18/2015)
    Spending the night here
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I am willing to travel 5 miles
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Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, No holds barredNo holds barred, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestlingMud/oil wrestling, SumoSumo, BoxingBoxing, Kickboxing / Muay thaiKickboxing / Muay thai, JudoJudo, Pool wrestlingPool wrestling, Just watchingJust watching

Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Promission, Folkstyle, Outdoors fights, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Going to matches, Looking for coach, Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Online chatting, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, I'm straight, I'm bisexual, I'm gay, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Spandex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Modeling, Photo swapping, Muscle worship

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*I will be carpooling with Cameron Matthews and making a stop in Washington DC for the night on Monday, January 12th. We will be staying in and filming in Orlando, Florida from Tuesday, January 13th-Thursday, January 16th. We then plan to head back north and make a stop in Washington DC again on Saturday, January 17th. Serious inquiries only and I will do my best to make it happen.

Hello everyone I am Ethan Axel Andrews (Case "CT" Thorton) from the wrestling websites UCW-Wrestling, Rock Hard Wrestling, Movimus Wrestling, and BGeast.

I am available for private matches, modeling, and personal training and am based in the Philadelphia area. Please message me for inquiries about scheduling with me.

My preferred style is submission wrestling but I am open to anything fight related. I have varying levels of experience and training in several disciplines. Also, I am open to most rules, gear, etc.

Travel locations for me include Albany, New York, and Washington DC. I also get to Florida and Boston on occasion for work and travel to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. Message me if you have questions on any other travel locations. My general rule is this...if there is enough interest in an area to make it worth my time I will do my best to travel there.

Nice guy outside of the ring so please feel free to hit me up to chat or ask questions. Peace!

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roundhouse grappler is recommended by trent1978 (12/30/2014)

Nice guy and very skilled wrestler. Had a good time even though lost badly.

trent1978 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (1/10/2015)

Trent1978 wrestled as hard as he could. He did have me in a few dangerous positions too. The guy knows how to keep going like the Engergizer Bunny. If you are looking for some non-stop wrestling he is your go-to guy!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by chigrapple (12/31/2014)

Had the pleasure of grappling with Roundhouse, although there was quite a bit of pain mixed in - the fun type of pain. What a great guy, whose wrestling and martial arts skills are surpassed only by his warm personality and sense of humor. If you have the opportunity, don't miss the chance to meet and wrestle one of, if not THE best.

chigrapple is recommended by roundhouse grappler (1/10/2015)

Chigrappler was a most gracious host. The man is open minded to what people want to do. I had a fun time putting on and trading holds. A lot of wrestling talk too. Even if you aren't looking to wrestle but want to have a fun chat about wrestling you should hit him up. Looking forward to meeting him again.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by Revolutionpro2 (11/19/2014)

Extremely skilled, you'll be pretty sore in the morning after a match with this dude but he'll make sure you have a great time too. Great guy to talk to as well, highly recommended

Revolutionpro2 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (11/16/2014)

Good heart. I hope he can find a place to train in Chicago. Real easy going and eager to fight!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by tygrrr (11/07/2014)

What a tremendous talent, great guy on and off the mat, but on the mat u will have your work cut out for u...knowledgeable in grappling, pro and many other styles, no way will u be disappointed if u get on the mats with roundhouse....if u get the chance, take it...

Just finished a rematch and let me tell you, he's still tough... Great moves, tremendous knowledge, but this time it was me who was victorious in the end... "He tried really hard" but I was not gonna be denied... Looking forward to round three... Wrestle him if u get the opportunity!!! He's awesome

tygrrr is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Very cool dude and a lot of fun to wrestle with. He tries hard. Its a shame I have to wait so long for another match.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by Yngrasslr00 (10/21/2014)

Great guy to roll with, u will learn some things quick trying to work around his offense, very skilled guy who wont let up, makes for an intense match which is what I like. hope to get a chance to meet again, if u guys get a chance, def take it.

Yngrasslr00 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Gives it his 100% and doesn't quit which is what I look for in an opponent!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by phoenix (10/16/2014)

All of the above is true. He's an awesome pro match, a tough as nails submission match, and nullifies size quite a bit with his skill. Never a let down with this one.

phoenix is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

A serious challenge! The guy is big and knows how to throw his weight around.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by RNC23 (9/18/2014)

I now see why so many people want to wrestle this guy! Real good dude, and real good on the mats as well!! Was able to give me a few pointers with the training he's had. If you're lucky enough to set up a match, do not pass on it! Looking forward to our next round for sure! .

RNC23 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (9/10/2014)

Fun, positive, laid back guy. Granted he didn't win against me he still tried his hardest and great for conversation too. If you are looking for a fun, safe, and easy meet up he is your man.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by Aethier (9/13/2014)

Wrestled him at UCW a few years ago.
A real friend inside and outside of UCW.
Great personality.

Very experienced, strong, and respectful in Pro Wrestling, and MMA.

One of the best wrestling matches I've had in my life, can't wait till we have another.

Aethier is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

I wrestled him a few years ago for, and you guys should check him out. Is very knowledgeable with pro wrestling and worth your time!


Irishluke is recommended by roundhouse grappler (8/04/2014)

Luke and I wrestled years ago when we were both younger and lighter and it ended in a draw! I know I am definitely looking forward to a rematch. One seriously tough dude, don't underestimate him!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by dragonuk (6/08/2014)

I have been a fan of Axel since his early appearances on NHB Battle videos Finally got to meet while in Philadelphia and wrestled on the UCW mats; where I have seen him work over many a rookie.In real life, Axel is a very strong opponent, with good technical submission skills, who can pitch the level to any opponent. Our match was a couple of hours with a few short breaks, in which Axel was unrelenting in dominating me with a whole arsenal of submissions. Chilled, polite, and friendly off the mat. A pleasure to meet, and highly recommended for any one who loves a high adrenaline quality wrestling meet.Hope he comes to England sometime.

dragonuk is recommended by roundhouse grappler (6/09/2014)

Very eager to get on the mats and be tortured :-p. In all seriousness a very pleasant British gentleman, we wrestled for a couple hours and he was able to keep up with me the whole time. Made the few hours fly by. Definitely worth your time.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by ProWrestlerFL (6/02/2014)

one of the best and sexiests punks in the wrestling world. very for real and great at pro or sub style. hot jobber and great at doing the heel thing too and real subs.

ProWrestlerFL is recommended by roundhouse grappler (6/02/2014)

If you like a good rough time he is definitely your guy. If you are a true to life jobber here is a heel you can't refuse.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by darkk (5/29/2014)

Amazingly skilled on the mat and incredibly chill guy off of it. thoroughly enjoyed our time and only hope next time I can give him at least a little challenge.

darkk is recommended by roundhouse grappler (5/28/2014)

Man this guy can take a serious beating. He wanted body punches with the wrestling and I didn't hold back. I was shocked his belly didn't turn black and blue. I would definitely tangle with him again.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by abuster (4/06/2014)

Highly skilled wrestler and a great trainer! Taught a newbie like me a set of basic pro wrestling moves effectively and patiently. Had a great match with him after the training. Highly recommend him for anyone!


roundhouse grappler is recommended by MatmanTX (3/15/2014)

Axel is a tough competitor. Much stronger than expected, great technical skills, and you can tell he likes to win. Will be practicing my jiu jitsu skills so next time we meet, I can wipe the mats with his sexy ass. Also, a smart and easy going guy .

MatmanTX is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Real and reliable! I had a fun worry free time with this dude!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by litewt78 (3/12/2014)

This guy can really dish it out, in tight gear no less. A real knockout. Don't pass up a chance to fight him, even if it means a beatdown.

litewt78 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

This guy can take a beating! Met up a few times while I lived in Wisconsin. Very reliable!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by Evangelleon (3/12/2014)

He's an awesome guy and a well-rounded fighter. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Evangelleon is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Tough dude and keeps getting bigger and stronger with each passing. Can't wait to see what he is capable of with a few lessons.


Andy15 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

One of the first guys I wrestled off and on camera. We did a few matches for and have wrestled each other in private as well. Reliable and really flexible, freakishly flexible! Tries his hardest each time.


bumblepuppy is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Wrestled with him on, which you should all check out! Case "CT" Thorton vs Mason Brooks. A great guy to work with!


chompsticks is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Great stamina and able to wrestle for a long time for those of you who are into long sessions!

roundhouse grappler is recommended by koister (2/26/2014)

Very great wrestler and awesome guy. Really nice and helpful.

koister is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

A very nice dude and reliable. Willing to work with someone with a hectic schedule like mine.


kr798360222 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Tough dude for his size and one of the few guys I have met so far that likes to fight with his fists. He comes at you like a pitbull keep it up dude!


Lv2wrestle is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Fun guy and tries his hardest. The lessons he is getting are paying off because he gets better every time. Who knows one day he might actually beat me :p! Great host as well :D


matt13226 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

One of the first guys I ever wrestled. A great jobber for all you fellow heels!


Mike86 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

A great host and a BEAST on the mat, not to be taken lightly!


nywrestler is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

If you are looking for an excellent jobber to wrestle no need to seek further he is right here! Fun time and will be doing it again.


mikey3458 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Great mentor and fun on the mats when you are able to get him there.


Rumblefish is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Cool guy and tries his hardest. Most importantly he is real!


Slade is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Wrestled with him a few years ago and man is he one tough dude. His skill is masked by his size and looks, he will school you and take down someone twice his size lol!


Jake Zane is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Don't miss your opportunity to wrestle this dude. He is open to a lot of things and gives it 110%. Watch out for his spladle, though I got it on him and he didn't get it on me ;). A good rival for me. 5 stars!


Streetfighter30 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Strong dude, respects limits and ideas of the other fighter, and is there for fun and most importantly a good fight!


ransomedfighter is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

Tough dude for short guy. Even with a messed up arm he kept on wrestling. Can't wait for the rematch!


heidernchu is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/11/2014)

A fun tough jobber who is also very flexible and able to take a lot of pain. Excellent time and really nice too.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by palaman (12/31/2013)

Humility and exceptional talent are hard to find paired up this well! Great guy to meet and learn a thing from.

palaman is recommended by roundhouse grappler (12/30/2013)

Good with folkstyle/freestyle for not having much experience!


zedd61 is recommended by roundhouse grappler (12/30/2013)

Fun guy, tries really hard and and can take a good beating.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by PghBoxerBoy (3/02/2012)

RG, is a great friend and grappler, I've had several experiences with him. I have seen him grapple and work, I am proud to be his friend, and recommend him to anyone looking at his profile. Keep working guys!

PghBoxerBoy is recommended by roundhouse grappler (2/18/2013)

Able to back up his talk. Tough, skilled, and destined to win big in the future.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by SlimScrapper (7/21/2010)

great guy, but don't let his size fool you, he knows his stuff, a lot of fun and would definitely be down to meet up with him again

SlimScrapper is recommended by roundhouse grappler (2/18/2013)

Freakishly flexible for a guy his size, lots of fun to role with.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by billy (3/12/2012)

Very nice guy and very easy-going. He's incredibly skilled, so watch out. I highly recommend RG.

billy is recommended by roundhouse grappler (2/18/2013)

Lots of fun to role with. What he lacks in skill he makes up in heart and personality.


Jefary is recommended by roundhouse grappler (2/18/2013)

Tough little guy. Really hard to knock out.

roundhouse grappler is recommended by wrath (2/18/2013)

big fan of his seen almost all his wrestling videos from UCW to bgeast. look forward to one day meeting him in person.


roundhouse grappler is recommended by face to submit (3/27/2011)

He's a friendly, down to earth guy. Really enjoyed our wrestling match. I highly recommend him. Knows his stuff you won't be disappointed. =)

face to submit is recommended by roundhouse grappler (3/28/2011)

Strong for his size and good stamina too. Not the most technically skilled guy but has the heart of a wrestler and eager to learn.

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