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New to site. Wish I had found it years ago, but better late than never. 61 y/o former Professional Military and Firefighter, Combatives in the Army and just general grunt work as a FF. It has been a long time since I did any grappling or combatives, so looking for training and skill building initially. Looking for matches of evenly matched, fit guys. Looking for the workout burn like after practice, learning new techniques and mixing it up sanely. I'm fit and strong and able but men looking for real hard core matches should probably look elsewhere. Just looking for a good sweaty time with sane men from all over. Cheers!



  1. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 12/20/2006 and 12/31/2099)
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles


Age: 62-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: shorts, jocks nude

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Judo Judo

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ruck95 is recommended by kevin patrick

Awesome guy, fantastic wrestler. Such fun and easy to host. Tough as nails on the mats. Wrestle this one.



kevin patrick is recommended by ruck95

Great wrestler, great host, great teacher. Glad to have a couple day long mini camp and train with the best. Kevin is an energizer bunny and will wrestle you til you both drop. Highly recommended to wrestle Kevin... I'll be back!



ruck95 is recommended by wrestledad

As a wrestler Ruck95 has immediately skyrocketed to my most hated wrestling enemy. He's an arrogant, nasty cheating heel who has the audacity to challenge my credentials as Alpha Heel. I will not relent until ruck is thoroughly destroyed,abused, and humiliated. If I need to fight him every day I will. I will not rest until he "bends the knee" to me.

As a person, ruck is a fantastic man. Sexy, thoughtful, considerate and an all around good buddy. I look forward to years of friendship, and intense combat with this stud.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by ruck95

Good match. Good man. Great powerful sweaty bearhugs! Look forward to next time when we both have more time!



ruck95 is recommended by Mountainside27

Ruck is a very fun hospitable, honest and reliable guy to not only wrestle with but also hang out with off the mat. We packed in a decently sized breakfast and then bear hugged it out for a while when i realized this is a strong mf. For my first match it was a slow steady sweatfeast that lasted close to 4 hours. Ruck will make sure you have the kind of match you want. Dont under estimate this guy, his strength and skill put mine to shame as a newbie and he puts younger strong guys to shame with precision and he loves to pec and gut punch. My pecs got a very thorough work out. He showed me numerous submission holds and then got submissions. definetly look forward to locking up with him again for another sweaty squeezefest



Mountainside27 is recommended by ruck95

Mountain is a big hunk of man. Lots of raw potential in those big gunz and legs and powerful chest. Lots of power and tons of potential. Very enthusiastic with a lot of stamina for a newcomer. You won't be disappointed



ruck95 is recommended by Denver1

Had a fun match with this man! Fun time with lot’s of gut and pec pounding. He can both give and take a pounding! Off the mats he’s a nice man and easy to hang with.



Denver1 is recommended by ruck95

Had a great bout with this stout man! big and strong and able to take and give a good gut and pec workout. Great guy for a beer and burrito afterwards too. Looking forward to more! Wrestle him if you get the chance!



ruck95 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A tough strong guy who is highly motivated to improve his skills in submission grappling. We did some grappling and had a training session in BJJ fundamentals – he's smart and picks up moves quickly. Moreover, he's a very nice guy, personal, reliable, and friendly. We plan to meet again soon for more grappling and training, and I look forward to it. Definitely recommended!



DenverWrestler is recommended by ruck95

Really enjoyed a short bout with a great guy. Very patient with my klutzy attempts to go too fast too quick! Many more to follow I hope



ruck95 is recommended by RuggedWrestler

A lot of fun! Strong and ready to go now. We had a great time and I can tell this guy is gonna start owning the mats soon. I see several more matches with this guy. Wrestle this guy if you get the chance/



RuggedWrestler is recommended by ruck95

Had a great time rolling with a big strong man. There will be more and I know we are both looking forward t o it



ruck95 is recommended by nightstranger

great workout with and workover from this guy!! a budding and natural heel learning and applying devastating holds when he isn't landing fists and claws.

looking forward to future matches!



nightstranger is recommended by ruck95

Great meeting up and throwing down. Great guy to roll with and work out some of your pro moment. Shit, who knew, I even got a little heel in me. Thanks again and look forward to next match!