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Hi guys, I'm new to this website. I'm interested in submission wrestling. The schoolboy pin move, reverse SBP and cockfight are a big turn on for me.
I also find naked combat matches, nhb sex fight and gut punching very hot. I don't have much experience so looking to learn, practice and have fun!!
I find exciting being competitive so I don't give up so easily, I enjoy fighting and I enjoy very much body contact, the confrontation between men and the erotic side of it. Hit me if you fancy!!!



  1. United Kingdom, Southampton
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I am willing to travel 75 kilometers


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Gear: shorts, trunks, speedo, naked, bare feet or socks

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Broc MMAniac pshawfocus



schoolboy lad is recommended by pshawfocus

What a warm, friendly guy. There was a danger that we would not actually get down to the matter at hand as we discussed builders, windows, religion, the LGBT community, social media, parquet flooring, scooters, road trips and finally, how to make a good coffee!

Despite his (his own words) inexperience, Schoolboy lad got down to business quickly and we had a good hour of him working over my abs with his strong punches. I ended up secured in a semi-wrestling position (I’m no expert but I get the sense he’s pretty adept at such sports) so there wasn’t much chance of escape as the punches rained down.

Away from the action he is a friendly, polite, charming, smart and handsome guy. If you’re in his neck of the woods and fancy a wrestle (or a gut punch), he’s defiantly worth stopping by.



pshawfocus is recommended by schoolboy lad

I had my first session with this incredible guy, he is very reliable, polite, considerate and very good-looking. It was my first GP session so I was outside my comfort zone but fortunately he was very clever in conducting the session. He is clearly an expert and he knows how far we could go and how we could enjoy the GP without exaggerating. He was very understanding with me and he made me try and explore things that I've never done before and which I did really enjoy. His abs are made of steel, it was very exciting trying to make him give up but he never did, he is very strong.
Outside the GP he is again a very nice guy you can have a good conversation with, about everything. Great guy overall and a real gentleman, really looking forward to meeting him again if possible



schoolboy lad is recommended by Broc

Schoolboy_lad is just starting out but is a quick learner. Strong and instinctive we really enjoyed working up a good sweat together. Safe and chilled he is a pleasure to be around off the mat but is keen to compete once you lock up. We did some give and take and had a great time. Very happy to recommend him, especially is you like your men hairy.



Broc is recommended by schoolboy lad

Broc is a very good guy, a formidable wrestler, very cautious, considerate and also very well-built. I did really appreciate him showing me some moves and how to apply various techniques. His fighting skills and experience were clear from the start but he was able to modulate his strength and use his expertise according to my level, which made our wrestling time a very enjoyable experience. We had an amazing and safe fighting time, very intense and very much erotic as well. I'm really looking forward to meeting him again for another wrestling session.



schoolboy lad is recommended by MMAniac

Had a spur of the moment wrestling session with schoolboy lad, who happens to live in the same city. This was also his first fight on meetfighters. He's got good wrestling instincts and defenses, and is surprisingly strong for his weight class. Very friendly and reliable guy whom I'd happily wrestle again.



MMAniac is recommended by schoolboy lad

Micky is a top and determined bloke, very skilful and strong. He is also a very nice, reliable and friendly guy. This was my first match on this website and Micky was clever enough to adapt his fight skills to a level that was enjoyable for both of us. I have a lot to learn and Micky was very kind to show me some wrestling moves which I hope to practice over my future matches. He pinned me down most of the time, I hope to repay the favour soon 😉. Really looking forward for a rematch!!