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Love to wrestle. Would like to meet some strong top who knows how to dominate. I am stronger than i look like, so it won't be that easy....
All other wrestlers are welcome. Just love to wrestle and have no problem to make you submit, if you are not strong enough:)



  1. Germany, Berlin
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Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (171 cm), 123 lbs (56 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: shorts,speedos,naked

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scissorboi is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had a wonderful time with this sexy ripped grappler. He was a very good sport to take on a much bigger guy like me, but he does love to be scissored, especially head scissors, so I was more than happy to make him suffer a little! LOL He is one of those super-friendly, super-fit guys that I really enjoy meeting and wrestling, and I am very glad that he agreed to meet me. I recommend him very highly.



scissorboi is recommended by Squashlad

25/05/2018: A trip back to Berlin was a chance to catch up with friends and wrestlers old and new, and although I spent most of my time with old comrades, I'm pleased that I managed to get some matches in against friends not yet met, otherwise I would have missed out on the smilely and hospitable force of nature that is scissorboi! Arranging a match with him was a breeze, and he kindly had me around to his amazing apartment for a grapple and a few much-needed post-match beers on a beautiful Berlin summer's day. We certainly sweated, but that wasn't solely down to the sultry conditions: this is a wrestler who likes to get stuck in, isn't remotely fazed by taking on guys bigger than himself, and doesn't even mind it a bit (sanely) rough. As he said, he's an Austrian 🇦🇹 country boy, a bit of falling out of trees toughens you up! (It apparently also gives you a superb physique, although that he attributed to his job.) Between subs and once we'd admitted that the winner was the heat, he's a chatty and cheerful guy, outgoing and funny and a kind host. Definitely a guy to wrestle again and again and I hope that I can again soon.



scissorboi is recommended by Headscissorfan

When you see scissorboi's stats you might think he is small and fragile but I can confirm, he definitely is not. He had a one side headscissor session, I made him suffer between my legs but it was not easy to make him tap.
He is really a very nice and friendly guy. Definitely recommended!



scissorboi is recommended by blnfighter

Scissorboi ist ein sympathischer Ringer. Zuverlässig, sehr angenehm, als Ringer sehr zäh. Er gibt auch gegen schwerere Gegner nicht schnell auf. Wir hatten ein sehr schweißtreibendes Treffen zu dritt.
Absolut empfehlenswert und hoffentlich bald wieder.



scissorboi is recommended by Marcofighter

Hat viel Spaß gemacht mit ihm. Locker,sympathisch und zeher Mann...war ein sehr angenehmer Tag...gern wieder...



scissorboi is recommended by beginner92

Had a very good time with scissorboi. Easy-going person and a Great Host. Wrestled couple of rounds and we did enjoy it a lot. Def. Recommended and looking forward to another long session!



scissorboi is recommended by scrappyone

Great stamina. After every rough round he kept asking for more. Good and patient host as well.



scissorboi is recommended by chicagoburbswrestler

Had a hot wrestle with Alex when he was here in Chicago. This guy loves to wrestle we met up with a couple of others too. Feisty guy , and hot as hell. I enjoyed having him in my head scissors and I know he enjoyed being there a fun guy to wrestle. I think we could have gone at it all night if we could. I 100% wanna wrestle this guy again!!!!! And I cannot wait till we do



scissorboi is recommended by luckyone840

I met scissorboi in Berlin, and it sure was really great to meet him, he is very polite, and he's got great ripped bodies, highly recommended.



scissorboi is recommended by Bestenough

Scissorboi is quick and fiery fighter. Because of our difference in size the fight wasn't all fair, but he did give his best and fought till the bitter end.

Hot slim body and a nice guy!



scissorboi is recommended by LukasHuber

Alex ist ein äußerst zäher Kämpfer, der nicht aufgibt und eine beachtenswerte Ausdauer hat. Wir haben fast 90 Minuten gekämpft, ohne längere Pause! Auch technisch wird er immer besser. Jederzeit gern wieder, die Einladung für den Rückkampf in meinem Mattenraum steht!



scissorboi is recommended by JamieBerlin

On various occasions I have had the opportunity to have a match with scissorboi, and I love his absolute will and determinism to fight irrespective of differences in strength. In addition, a graciously welcoming person to spend all evening chatting and having fun with. Meet him if you can!



scissorboi is recommended by Lederringer

Er ist ein sehr kräftiger Fighter und er hat Kampfeswillen. Alex lässt sich nicht so leicht unterbekommen und zeig echten Kampfesgeist! Dieses Leichtgewicht sollte man nicht unterschätzen! Kann ihn nur empfehlen!



scissorboi is recommended by Noby

Sehr netter Kerl. Dadurch das ich fast 30kg schwerer bin konnte ich ihn natürlich dominieren, was ihm aber auch gefallen hat :)



scissorboi is recommended by Cornejo

Had a good fight with him. He is a nice guy, on and off the mat.