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Mostly here for the perving, as I can't wrestle for shit.

I saw a couple of wrestling videos/gifs where guys were dominated and their balls abused. I realised that it was a huge fantasy of mine to be on the receiving end. What could be more masculine and raw than that? I guess I joined this site for the S&M aspects.

CMNM (Clothed Male Naked Male), bondage, ballbusting are part of my fantasies.

Maybe, when I boil it down to the essence, it's about two masculine guys tussling, one is dominated, and there's a look of complete submission in him, a combination of desperation and ecstasy, fully open to the experiences to which he is subjected. What could be hotter than that?

Don't be surprised if, at the end of the day, I turn out to be all talk and no action; I'm just telling relating my fantasies. I have engaged in a tiny amount of wrestling and ballbusting (as bustee) before, though.

I've not got any wrestling vids, but maybe I'll get around to it one day. Vid of me being busted:
Vid of me cranking my shank:

I don't have a foot fetish personally, but I'm happy to oblige. I have been told I have very nice feet, have shown them to guys before, and even had my feet sucked. So if you're into feet, then definitely don't be shy to me about it.

I'm a quiet guy with a somewhat dry and sarcastic sense of humour. I'm also quite an exhibitionist. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?

I don't mind who I wrestle with, but would refrain from anything sexual with someone who is married/in a committed relationship.

I thank you for the kind words that have been expressed to me. I am sincerely grateful for them. Please note, however, that in the end I'm just a guy, and am likely to fall short of lofty expectations. In the words of Winston Churchill, I am a humble man with much to be humble about ;)



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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

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