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Age 39
Height 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight 152 lbs (69 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - California, Mountain View
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Two on one

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Gut punching, Trampling, Muscle worship

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Gutpunching and trampling is my main interest. I like getting punched by in-shape punchers as well as punching abs. This is sexual to me, and I'd prefer to do it with people I feel sexually attracted to. So I apologize in advance for those whom I don't reply to. I do have preferences, and I think I should be honest about it.

When I meet someone, I don't aim for sex. In general, I don't like dicks and (conventional) sex. Hitting the abs is like sex to me. It even sounds similar to banging, right?

I know many people lie about their stats but I don't. I have Skype and Facebook to verify my identity. My past opponents can also vouch for me. (stevecrasher is my Skype name. If you add me, let me know that you're from meetfighters when you send a request. I don't log on there often so I might forget.)

There are many ways people do gutpunching. I'll describe mine here so we'll not have a misunderstanding if we get to meet.

I can do some play wrestling but I suck at wrestling. I would enjoy being dominated in a gutpunching-oriented wrestling match, but one-sided beating is way better.

I hate skin pain. If you are going to hit me, make sure you focus on hurting my abs, not my skin. I love all kinds of blows. Bring in your fists, knees, feet, elbows, and even some blunt weapons if you'd like!

I like to take blows flexed first. If you hit me hard and long enough, you'll get to hit me unflexed. Then I'll moan even after a light punch. That's the best moment.

I'd love to be a giver too. I like to punch guys with visible abs. You don't have to be ripped. Just looking like my pic here is great for me. (Yes, I would punch myself if I could. That doesn't mean I'm in love with my own body, haha. I'm not that vain!)

A worship or a workout is a great way to start a session. We should admire each other's body, then destroy the body of the person showing off ;)

Here's one of the fantasies I have. Say I'm on the floor doing leg raises or sit ups. You are punching me every time I flex my abs. I keep doing this until I need to rest, then you stop punching for maybe 5 seconds. Then you resume punching me. I'll have to resume the exercise in order to block the punches. This keeps going for a few times until you start to see that I need a longer break. That's when you start punching harder. I'll probably be able to resume the exercise but only a few reps before I'm out again. Then one time, you don't let me rest. You just keep pounding harder and harder. I'll start to moan in pain. My abs would be pumped but I'll not be able to flex. And this is when the fun starts...

There are many other different scenarios I'd like to try, some of which include having my wrists and ankles restrained 😉 Talk to me and you'll learn more.

Making gp videos is what I've always wanted to do. If you and I have the same dream, let's chat about it already!

I admit I can be difficult at times. I don't like to get naked, and I don't want you to get naked either, but I can tolerate this if the session is going well enough. To me, men are hottest when they are not exposing their dicks. If you're meeting me, please don't touch my dick or rub it even under the clothing. I mean, don't do it right away. Of course I'll most probably get very hard, and when it comes to that, ok I might let you jerk me off. (If possible, I'd rather you make me jerk off by hurting my abs though.) And if the roles are reversed, I might refuse to jerk you off. I know this seems unfair, and I really wish it wasn't the case, but for now it is. Well, I'm hoping some of you could change me.

I'm all for massaging, cuddling and some romance after the violence ;) Or if time doesn't permit, we could skip right to this part, even though that kind of defeats the purpose of this website. 😜


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scrasher is recommended by playfulwrestler

Met him a few years ago for a gutpunch session. He’s absolutely amazing; took everything I could give. We did trade some punches as well, and he’s good at that too.

If you’re into gut punching, I definitely recommend scrasher!



thenumberseven is recommended by scrasher

We met for gutpunching. He seemed somewhat reluctant to hit me hard at first, but he did go into a sadistic rage eventually and I enjoyed that a lot!

When it was his turn to take, he let me push his limits beyond what he thought he could take. I really really loved witnessing his reaction. It was super hot. I hope he loved the beating too ;)



scrasher is recommended by baywrestler

This kid has a great body and man does he like having his abs abused. Be prepared to work up a sweat trying to break them. A very enjoyable afternoon.



baywrestler is recommended by scrasher

I was given one of the most brutal gp experiences by this extremely attractive man. I know his photos on here are super hot already, but meeting him in person took it to another level. He's super friendly and understanding of my quirks too.



scrasher is recommended by gprunner

I am very glad that I get a chance to meet scrasher. His gutpunching interests are very similar to mine and I had a great session with him. His ab is incredibly strong and he can take a LOT of beatings! He is also a good puncher and a great conversationalist. I wish that I will have more opportunities to meet him in the future.



scrasher is recommended by tkdboy

Exceptionally strong body!
Scrasher was a pleasure to host.



tkdboy is recommended by scrasher

His punches and kicks are very hard! Although I am not qualified enough to rate his skills, I do believe few people are as good as he is. And he's super nice off the mat too :)



scrasher is recommended by patrickhk83

Pawin is a strong and cute guy, can handle a lot of gutpunching. I guess 2 of my friends and I punched him more than 1000 times together but he still say our punches were not hard enough. Next time we should find more people to practise gutpunching on him together! He is a tough guy!



patrickhk83 is recommended by scrasher

He is a very nice person. He got everything arranged for me. I had a group gutpunching session that I never thought would have been possible. Although I know gutpunching wasn't his main focus, he did it like a pro. He put me in a situation that I had been fantasizing about, and that was hot!



scrasher is recommended by nycguy86

A great, really smart guy with incredibly defined abs! They can take anything. Believe me, I tried :-)



nycguy86 is recommended by scrasher

Very nice guy with a great muscled body. Meeting with him was one of my best experiences!



scrasher is recommended by pshawfocus

Thoroughly good guy. Ticks all the practical boxes - good communication beforehand, arrived as agreed, genuine and interesting guy, pictures are recent and profile description accurate.

In person he's in great shape, the pics don't do his torso justice. We had a fantastic session, giving and taking. His abs are very solid and he keeps coming back for more. He's also a creative and strong puncher.

Ticked all my boxes - I hope we can meet again very soon.



pshawfocus is recommended by scrasher

Incredible, incredible guy! Strong and attractive physique. He is extremely experienced in gutpunching. His abs are unbreakable. I tried very hard to break his abs with my punches but I couldn't. He could also take a LOT of beating unflexed. As a giver, he is extremely creative and he knew exactly what to do to satisfy me. We had such a great session! He's smart and very understanding too. A great person to know I'd say. I wish my time with him never ran out, but reality sucks.


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