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Tall, hairy heavyweight man into wrestling for the fun and exercise, result secondary to BOTH enjoying, though do like to win. Easy on style and gear, happy with indoor or out so long as private.
Can host meets with space (approx 9 x 10) and mats, and easily accessible by road (4 miles off the A1M or 15 mins walk from E Coast mainline station. Also able to accommodate overnight visitors.
Buy one get one free.... sjs333 my step brother also stays here can meet either or both



  1. United Kingdom, Darlington
    (I'm here from 10/03/2016)
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I am willing to travel 150 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: any

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silverbear is recommended by Greekheel

Have met up with silverbear countless times now, distance has never been a problem for him and he travels down to me in Brighton regularly. We have developed a fantastic scenario which only get better with every session, never gets dull or boring. I have had my belly fantasies fully fulfilled with him resulting to our sessions lasting hours and in some cases days. can never get enough.



silverbear is recommended by dadwrestle

Damn, its good to see this star of the the heavyweights getting back on the mats!! Had the privilege of wrestling him in his mat room on Easter Monday. He's the most amazing host, with a fund of great stories. On the mats, beware, he's tough, strong as an ox and ready to wrestle! We go back a long way as opponents, and its great to know there are battles ahead! 100% GOLD STAR recommendation!
This guy is everything the label says! Reliable, friendly on and off the mats, and excellent wrestle! Looking forward to locking up again in the Rochdale ring!



dadwrestle is recommended by silverbear

Paul and I have met some number of times over the years and have always had a great time, making each other work damned hard and loving every minute of it. Away from the mats an equally good guy, great company, great host and gentleman. Next battle overdue but can't wait



silverbear is recommended by sjs333

a Great guy, very friendly and hospitable, genuine guy who loves a good old wrestle. big build and knows some good moves. 100% recommended.



sjs333 is recommended by silverbear

Steve is strong, fit and very capable on the mats, well worth the time taken to step on to his mats. In addition he is one of the most genuine, caring and decent guys you could ever wish to meet.



silverbear is recommended by MONSTA

Awesome guy. Great build. Safe and sane giant.
Would wrestle him 24/7



MONSTA is recommended by silverbear

What can I say , great guy, looks the part and knows how to deliver. Great guy off the mats, a great host and a valued friend



silverbear is recommended by Glasgow1971

Met Duncan a few times so was eager to hit the mats, very safe and sane and didn't use his height or weight advantage against me, making for a really enjoyable meet. He looks great in gear and off the mats he's really good company, lovely guy, hope for many more meets.
Highly recommend



Glasgow1971 is recommended by silverbear

Mark and I have met a few times and always enjoyed getting to grips. He is strong, agile and makea a great opponent, making you work hard but in good spirit despite his strong desire to win. Away form the mats he is a great guy, and now a lifelong friend



silverbear is recommended by Antheus

Met him yesterday at mine and having said that I'd like to say a big thank you for traveling all the way down to Nottingham.

He's a great man on and off the mats and enjoyed our conversation thoroughly. 100% recommended and hope to meet again!



Antheus is recommended by silverbear

Met this strong guy and enjoyed a good hard struggle........ fit, fast and strong and gaining in experience all the time. Well worth meeting this guy both on and off the mats as really genuine, and a great host. Look forward to meeting again



silverbear is recommended by walrus

Been chatting for ages and finally met at mine. As he said he filled the doorway with his enormous body. He was as i had hoped ie, huge, hairy and handsome. We bodychecked each other and had a play wrestle / exchange of holds on the bed, taking turns at using our considerable weight to squash and pin. He is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guy and we got on well. Certainly no wasted food in the Dominos two for one offer with us two ! I highly recommend him ! Lets make sure we dont wait 3 years till next time, big man.



walrus is recommended by silverbear

Finally met up after lengthy delay, though was worth the wait. Solid, strong and able to absorb punishment. Had a great time, and will be back for more



silverbear is recommended by Ironbull

When I got in the ring with Dunc I realised what a big guy he is. Plus very strong, skilled, fearless, resilient and experienced. But I also realised quickly that he's a safe guy to go up against and the worst that was going to happen was that I was going to get a gentlemanly pasting.

When I stepped back out of the ring I also realised what a thoroughly nice decent man he is and excellent company.

I have have pleasure in highly recommending him and very much look forward to another wrestle as soon as our paths cross.



Ironbull is recommended by silverbear

What a great guy to meet and a really great wrestler. Strength,skill, perfect balance and positioning make him one hell of a handful to go against - getting the upper hand is not enough, try keeping it....IF you can.
Determined and in no way phased by the disparity in height and weight I can honestly say it was a pleasure to step into the ring, something I hope to have the pleasure of doing again in the future.
Though giving nothing away once through the ropes outside the ring you could not meet a better man. Well worth any journey to take this man on.



silverbear is recommended by Tynesider

I finally got to wrestle with Dunc and wish I hadn't left it so long.

He's a friendly guy and good to wrestle with. I had a really good morning with him; before, during and after the match.



Tynesider is recommended by silverbear

Met Dirtyfighter today and had a great time..... very strong, fast and agile. Looking forward to next match already as is a great guy on and off the mats. Welcome any time



silverbear is recommended by Sir David

Met Duncan few days ago. We had met last year but didn't get the chance to wrestle.
Duncan is a great host and a very easy person to talk to. We had a fantastic roll around and despite both recovering from injury it was a great day all round.
Duncan may be big but he is very friendly with it and no hesitation in meeting again.
Cheers Dunc



Sir David is recommended by silverbear

Having hosted David against another guy in the area some time back we finally managed to face each other recently.
A great guy and so easy to get along with, but don't be fooled by the smile and easy going demeanour as he is a tough little devil on the mats, and a shrewd tactician into the bargain.
If you get the chance to hook up with him... don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed.



silverbear is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met Silver Bear earlier this week. Although he is slowly getting back into his wrestling after a few months absence. Silver bear is a great wrestler. He teases you with his holds and can easily control the bout. "Silver bear" is Safe and sane and pleasure to wrestle. Not only will I wrestle again, but also I look forward to meeting him again off the mats as he is a true, generous and genuine guy.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by silverbear

Met Phil and had a great time, strong and skilled wrestler and really looking forward to meeting again. Well worth anyone's time meeting him. Great guy off the mats and welcome here at anytime as thoroughly enjoyed the whole MeGrapple experience !