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Hi Frank here,
I have been a wrestling fan all my life. As a child I loved watching Hercules, Tarzan, gladiator movies, lucha libra and any sport activity that tested ones strength and endurance against others.
I enjoy watching two hot bodies, muscle vs muscle, Alpha vs Alpha struggle to dominate each other.
Unfortunately due a series of injuries I cannot wrestle :-(
I have recently been hitting the gym regularly and I am committed to getting healthy.
***Update 6/2018....My journey to a healthy lifestyle continues.
I have lost 40 lbs by changing my eating habits and working out. I'm tipping the scale at numbers that I haven't seen in over 25 years. My goal is to loose 20 lbs more. :-)
**I have been having fun recently connecting like minded guys with each other, finding opponents and organizing matches, I have access to mat space, this is especially helpful for fighters traveling to the NYC/NJ Metro area. Feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to find a real challenge for you.
**Hey Guys...if you are not interested, just say so...
I'm an adult and can handle it...
Don't hit the block button...
Don't make promises or commitments that you know you will never fulfill...
That's just rude and childish behavior...
Thanks for checking me out.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Jersey City
    Place of residence
  2. Belgium, Brussels
    (I'm here between 10/19/2018 and 10/21/2018)
  3. France, Paris
    (I'm here between 10/21/2018 and 10/28/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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sisuperman is recommended by gymrat

I met SIsuperman yesterday. Due to some injuries, he couldn't show me any moves (I need the tips!), but we scouted out the facilities that he sometimes makes available (clean, spacious), and went through some training fundamentals (As Jeff C says, we "put the science back in training") to protect him from injury and protect his injured back.

Super nice guy, a real fan of wrestling, and interested in helping others with logistics - and experiencing wrestling variously until all my tips take hold :-)

Just an honest wrestling fan and nice guy. Look him up if you need a place to wrestle.



gymrat is recommended by sisuperman

I met with Gymrat who is very professional, reliable and possess a passion for healthy living and fitness and his hard muscled compact body is living proof of his dedication to that lifestyle....did I mention his abs are like a brick wall?
He was kind enough to share his methods of training and conditioning in which he incorporates the basic principles of physics. He even prepared a “cheat” sheet for me before we met.
I highly recommend him and if he contacts you do meet up with him.



sisuperman is recommended by grapplingguy

May 2018: In spite of my injury and work schedule that occupied most of my daytime, I had great week in NYC - I credit for that Sisuperman and all guys who came to roll with me. First of all, I should acknowledge that Sisuperman settled up the BEST PRIVATE spot for grappling I ever saw - really! Clean and wonderful room, with professional-quality mats, wall-size mirror and locked door ...what else you can wish for good alpha battle. In addition to that - access to very private locker, equipped with showers and men-only steam room and sauna. AND access to very nice gym with a lot of equipment and even with ropes. It was great place to roll and train! And as always - this guy took all administrative things to setup matches for me. Thank you, man for that!
We also train together and I should say that Sisuperman is really fast leaner - I showed some defense techniques ...and he became "difficult" opponent almost immediately. Couple more training and he will beat a lot of bad asses here :)
Bottom line - I very much look forward to my matches in his place during my next trip to NYC! Thank you, Sisuperman, again!

Nov 2017: It is really good to have a reliable and honest buddy who can help to find mat space and setup match. I have never had a promoter, but it seems as I got one:). BTW, opposite to Dana White he values his fighter :)))!
I am glad that he joined us for our own grappling event and then went with me to a local pub to watch UFC night; he has a good taste - all fighters whom he picked won their fights. We had great time together, drinking beer, discussing fights and watching around if any real challenge for me can be found within semi to fully drunk crowd:))). We left bar around 2 am and I felt that by that time we were not much different from the surrounding guys :)
I wish he can roll in competitive grappling, but unfortunately he can not due to injury.
If he contacts you - respond! He may bring good challenge for you, and more important - he selected you - he has good taste in fighters, he picks the best ones:)
I, definitely, look forward for our next fight night!



grapplingguy is recommended by sisuperman

Where do I begin....
I spent an incredible week hosting grapplingguy, who as stated many times on here, is an incredibly strong 💪🏻 and skilled 🥋grappler 🤼‍♂️, a true "ALPHA FIGHTING MACHINE" in addition to having an awesome personality.
I was able to prearrange some bouts and hosted them at my place for some fun times.
The highlights of his visit were many,
I rolled with him in what I would call more of an “instructional bout” than a “competitive” one and he still beat me up 😉 always mindful of my back issues and I enjoyed every moment.
I appreciated him teaching me some defensive moves🥋, insisting that I take notes and even giving me “homework.”
We worked out🏋🏻‍♀️ together where he also gave me tips and instructions to elevate my routines to the next level and afterwards we spent some quality time relaxing in the steam room and sauna.
He is truly an inspiration and role model to me and I wish we lived closer as I would train with him on a daily basis.
Thanks buddy for an awesome week, a better friend cannot be found on here and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the fall 😊
We chatted for many months and he graciously agreed to let me set up a match for him during his recent business trip to NYC to witness him in action. When we met and he demonstrated some of his training routines and holds for me and I could feel his power.
In the ring he is a Beast. He is very muscled and defined, extremely skilled, a true Alpha dominant fighter.
After the match we went to an Irish pub in Hoboken, NJ to watch UFC and possibly find a challenger...we watched the fight but couldn't find a worthy contender in the pub full of drunk
He is smart, kind, generous and considerate and an all around fun guy to be with and I have truly found a great friend.
Till next time...



sisuperman is recommended by Wrestleperson

Sisuperman is a wrestling aficionado who is great to know. Though unable to grapple due to an injury, he maintains a lively interest in the sport and will gladly facilitate matches between other wrestlers. He takes care of the administrative tasks so you can just wrestle!



Wrestleperson is recommended by sisuperman

Wrestleperson is reliability, honest and an all around great guy. This was a match planned for sometime now and finally happened last night. It was a match of power, 💪🏻 skill 🤼‍♂️and of course sweat 💦
Thank you for an awesome show and please know I will be happy to host you anytime 😉



sisuperman is recommended by nicky7

Many thanks for arranging for me to meet with grapplinguy. I got the best experience wrestling him
And picked up great techniques. Thank you again