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looking for similar guys for safe and sane matches.
will do an occasional no barred match.I am not into cyber matches and guys that just want to roll about Real matches only with guys up to 14 and half stone.I have mats so can host most evenings and some day times
I am happy to travel for the right person. I'm also happy to do coaching and train anyone who wants it. I'm in Northamptonshire and i now have a matted room. I am happy to meet guys from the age of 23 up to 63 and i am into safe and sane matches only Its 2018 and i am looking for a few new workout partners to get fit and to lose weight please email for more info I can host near Rugby all matches have to be fun



  1. United Kingdom, Rugby
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I am willing to travel 40 miles


Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 173 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: any

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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small power house is recommended by HighwayMan

If anyone deserves the adjective “powerhouse” it’s this bloke!!
SPH is very strong and quick; his speed on the mats will take you by surprise and have you pinned in no time amongst other technical moves. His strength is also his knowledge of “pressures points” that he will use on you to get you to submit.
I wasn’t surprised when he told me that he used to be a wrestling instructor before his many operations.
Overall, I highly recommend him and definitely looking for a rematch.



HighwayMan is recommended by small power house

I had the opportunity to meet up with Highwayman i found him to be a great guy strong and very keen to learn new things and new moves i am looking forward to meeting again very soon



small power house is not recommended by Randori

  • Unreliable / no show



Randori is not recommended by small power house

  • Unreliable / no show



small power house is recommended by Saturday4pm

SPH is something else!!!! A great technical wrestler and strong all throughout his body. There's no escape from his arms, body or legs!!!
Got completely dominated with more subs than the British Navy but SPH is a really nice guy with a GSOH and is a good conversationalist.

Deserves this recommendation and I appreciated the heated seats in my car on the way home if you catch my drift. One more thing though: he's lousy at matching you up to a celebrity. I ask you...……….GARY COLEMAN????!!!!



small power house is recommended by hephaestion2014

I have wanted to wrestle for a while and finally had the chance. Felt at ease as soon as we met. A solid, no nonsense wrestle, really stretched me but was fun at the same time.

I didnt see him at full strength as playing down to my level but was a great enjoyable tussle. I think i may have caused a bead of sweat to form on his brow.

But genuinely I cant recommend highly enough. Safe, strong, sane and happy to give tips. I look forward to many more matches in the future.

A definite power house!
A must wrestle and must meet.



hephaestion2014 is recommended by small power house

I Met John at my matted room he is a great wrestler strong and he is very stubborn to give. Yes i held back as normal he is such an easy going guy.
Easy to talk to and confident. He's very safe and no hesitation in recommending him to anyone for a match. I look forward to our match very soon. Bill.



small power house is recommended by Tyger

It's five years since I last met Bill, and I'd forgotten how good he is! He must be one of the best wrestlers in the UK. Very strong and incredibly skilful - it's an excellent combination. Needless to say I couldn't touch him, but had a great evening anyway. He's a monster on the mats, and a gentleman off them. Can't recommend him too highly, especially if you want a real challenge.



Tyger is recommended by small power house

I have met Huw before about 5 yrs ago. Huw is a great little wrestler he keeps coming back at me. He is strong. He's a great guy on and off the mats. I look forward to a rematch.I highly recommend him for a match.



small power house is recommended by spitfighter

Small Power House is exactly that! Very experienced, strong, safe wrestler. I as a novice lad didn't stand a chance, but learnt a few good moves.



small power house is recommended by Jack

Met Small Power House today, he was great at teaching me a few moves as I am a beginer He understood my limitations at the same time had me in some strong holds which had me tapping him several times.
I enjoyed our meet and looking forward to our next bout. I would really recommend Bill, he is strong, has great technique and is a good coach.

Met Bill again tonight, another good training session, did remember a few moves he taught me. Genuine decent guy who knows a huge amount about wrestling.



Jack is recommended by small power house

Hi I met Jack today he is very new to wrestling he has a lot of interest in the sport i found him very strong and easy to get on with. i would love to meet him again and hope it's soon.with more training he will be a hard opponent to beat. Bill



small power house is recommended by The Kestrel

I met Bill for a late night session on short notice last night.

It was easy to arrange the session with him, and he had great space to throw eachother around. He is clearly a skilled wrestler, knew what he was doing, and shared good feedback with me throughout the session. great stocky build on him, and very strong, he was a pleasure to grapple with.

He is very sociable and chatty, LOTS of interesting conversation and a clever guy with a sense of humor that is easy to relate to.

I fully recommend this guy for all skill levels without hesitation



The Kestrel is recommended by small power house

I met Kes for a last minute match last night, easy to organise. Well what can i say
very strong, quick. stubborn and my worst nightmare to wrestle against.
Just showed me just how out of practice i am. He is such a lovely guy on the mats and safe. Off the mats he has a great sense of humour and chatty. It's a great pleasure to meet him at long last. Can't wait to meet him again.



small power house is recommended by TARZAN

I had a great semi-comp wrestling session with Small Powerhouse this morning, fairly full on for nearly 90 minutes! SPH was a great host, friendly guy, a very strong and experienced wrestler! Plenty of room to wrestle on mats in SPH's front room + refreshments and a chance to shower afterwards. It was a very competitive which built and built and got better and better, we ended up wrestling nude. SPH was a great opponent and highly recommended! (December 2014).

Another great semi-comp wrestling session with Small Powerhouse this morning, this time at his matted room where there was plenty of space to wrestle! We both worked up a good sweat during this punishing session, a great opponent on and off the mats! Some nude wrestling too, looking forward to our next match!



TARZAN is recommended by small power house

I met Tarzan today, Had a fun but competitive match over 90 mins.
I found him to be strong, and a capable wrestler And very easy to get on with. I will look forward to our next match together and i would highly recommend Tarzan.
Round 2
This time we met at my matted room more room to move about he is still getting better and stronger and does not like to give in. If you get a chance to meet with John take it he is a great guy on and off the mats



small power house is recommended by Squashlad

Had a good, varied but all-too-brief match with small power house at his excellent dedicated mat set up. Awesome to get to do some Olympic freestyle wrestling with another guy into this neglected version of our great sport; and not just an enthusiast, but a qualified coach! He was kind enough to give me some instruction; but not so kind that he didn't chuck in taking a few off-programme submissions off me when the mood took him! Great fun to wrestle, very hospitable, safe and sane, he comes very highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the rematch.



Squashlad is recommended by small power house

I had the pleasure of meeting Craig, At my new matted room in the midlands.
He is more than a beginner, He's strong, tough and very stubborn.
He's into the Olympic style wrestling aswell. He has a very good defense also very good fun to be with. And very safe and sane.
I don't have a problem in recommending Craig to anyone on this site. I look forward to grappling with Craig again. Bill



small power house is recommended by A1Jobberlad

After talking for a while it was great too meet this guy . Despite the height difference this certainly wasn't a barrier for Bill . Great chilled session . Respected my limits and had some interesting chats . Also looking forward too bill giving my basic wrestling training in the future . Highly recommend .



A1Jobberlad is recommended by small power house

I met Alex this week after lots of emails, i found him very easy going and fun to be with.Once he has more training he will give a lot of you a good hard match. He is very tall and young but don't let this put you off he is a great guy and i highly recommend him.



small power house is recommended by slammeruk

I met small power house today and we had a great match. The name says it all - he's strong, fast and really knows his stuff. He's a friendly, down to earth guy - reliable, safe and sane, and willing to provide tips on wrestling technique. I learnt a lot and look forward to another match.



slammeruk is recommended by small power house

meet Richard this week, found it very easy to arrange this match.
found him very strong, has some good techniques, found him very safe good fun to be with.and easy going.
highly recommended. and look forward to meeting up again real soon.



small power house is not recommended by jgrappler

  • Unreliable / no show



small power house is recommended by little Tony

Met Bill a couple of times now - he's defo a powerhouse but knows how to control it with little guys like me. Felt very safe with him. Had a fun match - tho he knew more techniques than me - and he did show me who was boss a couple of times - all good fun tho - plenty of laughs too :)



little Tony is recommended by small power house

This is the 2nd time i have meet Tony, He's got stronger since our last match. He managed to make me give a few times this time around. Tony is 100% reliable. Look forward to our next match.



small power house is recommended by duncanuk

Tough, even though still recovering from medical procedures. His technical knowledge, speed, and balance make him a formidable opponent. He overwhelmed me many times but was very encouraging and knows how to make sure a satisfying contest is had.



duncanuk is recommended by small power house

Met Keith today i found him very tough, strong, and agile. He knows some good moves and how to put them on.He's a fun guy on and off the mats. I hope to meet again soon for round two. Bill



small power house is recommended by Superfly

After 2 years away from the wrestling scene, this guy put up a good fight and was able to hold his own. In fact, no one would think he was not wrestling for the past two years. Although I had met him two years ago, he continues to be determined, stubborn and agile. He made me sweat and at times he executed some subs which put me under pressure. Overall, I enjoyed our tussle and would like to meet again. Recommended!



Superfly is recommended by small power house

Had the opportunity to meet Robin again, He is safe and sane.
This was my first proper match in 2 years and he totally wiped the floor with me. He is a lot stronger since i last met him, It shows he has been working out. I know i had my work cut out meeting up with him again. And i look forward to meeting up with him again. He is a really nice guy off the mats as well. 100% genuine i would love to meet up with once a month just for a training partner.