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Fit friendly guy seeking fun, into erotic wrestling with sex. Not much experience.
Discreet and safe sex only. Cannot host. Not a member so can't reply to messages so send me your email.



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Camden
    (I'm here from 1/02/2019)
  2. United Kingdom, St Just
    (I'm here between 8/05/2019 and 8/25/2019)
    Erotic wrestling
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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solidguy is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I really enjoyed meeting Gavin. A very pleasant guy. It was easy to arrange the match with him and we spent a great couple of hours.
He has very strong grip and I spent way too much time pinned down. I managed to escape and find several interesting positions which he seemed not to appreciate so much as he decided to tap out of them!

I am sure with more experience and a little more killer instinct he is going to be hard to handle



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by solidguy

Marcus is a friendly chatty guy who appears to be quite placid however on the mats he is a formidable opponent. Apart from having a very flexible body he has very strong arms and legs. As a beginner I had him in some pins which felt like an achievement for someone of my inexperience! However his technique and endurance got the better of me. Had a great workout and hope to do it again. He also looks great in speedos! Great to wrestle at the Barnet matroom too.



solidguy is recommended by Mister80

Great guy to meet up with. He is soild with a good strong upper body and legs. We rolled and built up a hood sweat. He gave me a massage as my reward ;)



Mister80 is recommended by solidguy

Mister80 very kindly hosted at his hotel. He has a good solid build and we had a great match and sweated loads. We are about the same weight so was good to meet someone my own size. Gave him a massage as a thank you! V nice friendly guy also.



solidguy is recommended by DenverWrestler

Sometimes a new wrestler (for me) surprises the hell out of me, and this guy certainly did. His pictures don't do justice to his excellent muscular body, especially his legs, which are some of the strongest and most muscular I have ever encountered. But his upper body is strong too – his grip is especially powerful, and he's very good at controlling an opponent's arms with his wrist strength. We mixed a training session into some submission grappling, and when technique is combined with his power, he is a real beast on the mats. Moreover, he's a very very nice guy, so the entire experience was positive and fun. He's a real diamond in the ruff, and I encourage any London guys or travelers who want a tough strong well-built opponent to link up with him. Without doubt, I totally recommend him



DenverWrestler is recommended by solidguy

DenverWrestler is the perfect gentleman. A great host and and very friendly! Obviously a very experienced wrestler-very strong arms. he knows his stuff around the mat. He was very gracious showing a beginner like me some of the ropes. He taught me some moves so hopefully I will get to put them into practice. It was a pleasure to meet him and I thoroughly recommend him as a teacher and as very personable guy to chat to and hang out with!



solidguy is recommended by finest

Solid: strong arms, great upper body and big legs!
We had a good roll, recommended.



finest is recommended by solidguy

Finest has a great physique, strong body especially legs! He is also a v nice guy with lots of helpful tips for a beginner like me. Really enjoyed our session. Hope to wrestle again!

UPDATE 14/06/18
Had a great match with Finest and he looks better than ever! Such a nice guy and obviously knows what he's doing. Even gave me a few tips. hope to wrestle again.



solidguy is recommended by Blackuk

This was a pretty good match up as Neither of us are particularly technical and we both seem to rely more on strength. Don't underestimate this guy as I first did as he is pretty strong and can catch you by surprise. This started out to be a hard sweaty struggle. Certainly looked like it was gonna be a good battle. Unfortunately it ended prematurely but certainly recommend this strong, friendly guy.



Blackuk is recommended by solidguy

Really enjoyed my match with Blackuk. Amazing physique especially arms and looks much younger than his age. Very strong guy. A good challenge for me and hope to have more opportunities to pin him next time! Really friendly and welcoming. Such a shame we had to cut the match short. Hope to wrestle him again really soon!