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  1. USA - Oregon, Portland
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30-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets wrestling shoes headgear


Goofball lightweight wrestler here with a few years under my belt. 5 seasons freestyle in school, a year of jiujitsu and some ring action with some friends in my early 20s. I don’t take this too seriously n here for a good time! Love the sport, the bond, the intensity as well as the gear. No ego here and tend to mesh with chill stoner type guys. If your all business or a very professional person, we’ll probably not meet up just saying. Also like to meet up with guys closer to my size, age not so important. Also if your a few thousand miles away n want to know what holds I’ll use it please leave me alone. I’m not gunna help you beat your meat at keyboard. Seriously knock it off.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Workout partner, Online chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Folkstyle
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, CBT, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 3/10/2020

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spiilitwill is recommended by Scrapper147

Really glad I got to meet up this this guy for a proper freestyle match on mats! Great wrestler, great gear, great skills, and super friendly. We went at it for a couple of hours (both negative for COVID of course) and had a great time. Highly recommend this guy!



Scrapper147 is recommended by spiilitwill

Great opponent, and just what I needed match wise. It had been a long while since I got to lace up n go for pins, wrestling him reminded me of what I love about the sport. And ignited the dull flame that felt on the brink of being extinguished. Thanks again for the great time! And if your ever questioning going up against this pinfall wizard, Don’t or you’ll regret missing out.



spiilitwill is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Frank is a great submission wrestling opponent. He is strong and determined, with good natural skills, lots of endurance, and he doesn't easily submit. You will have a great match, if you wrestle against him. I recommend him highly and look forward to a re-match. Thanks for a great time, Frank.



spiilitwill is recommended by sfrookie

I’m glad I finally met up with this stud, and just as I imagined we had a picture perfect match. Just 2 young dudes gearing up in singlets and wrestling hard. We had several rounds of sweaty submission wrestling, he got some sub moves on me and I got some on him. He definitely can go hard and proves he has some experience under his belt. I seriously cannot wait for a rematch, the highest of recommendations for this man.



spiilitwill is recommended by Rukh

Had a great match with spiilitwill with back and forth submissions. Despite giving up 25+ pounds, he still pushed the pace and was able to exploit some of my weaknesses. I didn't get to test his takedown game, but look forward to doing so next round. Once his endurance returns, he'll be a force to be reckoned with! Also great to chat with off the mats.



Rukh is recommended by spiilitwill

Just the type of match I was hoping for on my birthday. An experienced strong fast n awesome grappler. A match where we weren’t sure who would take who each round. Kept me on my toes in the funnest way possible. Nice guy who knows what he’s doing despite not warning me of his 9 years of jiujitsu I had to find out the hard way. Can’t wait to get more experiences n better my skills with every rematch we got coming



spiilitwill is recommended by njwrstlr

Managed to get a quick match on while passing through Seattle. He's a scrappy wrestler who's got some freestyle skills and great endurance. Had a great time and definitely recommend.



njwrstlr is recommended by spiilitwill

The earliest match I’ve ever had. Met up in the morning with just enough time for some good rounds in. But a guy like this is worth getting out of bed for. Strong, skilled and determined to get that submission. Wish we had more time I would’ve wrestled him all day, and he has the stamina to do so.



spiilitwill is recommended by RJinSeattle

Spiilitwill definitely knows his shit. 5 seasons of wrestling under his belt, and it shows. A year in the works, and worth the wait. He’s scrappy, fast, strong, and rocked the shit out of his gear. If he was my size, I’d be toast. I had a blast rolling with this dynamo. Round 2 is guaranteed.



RJinSeattle is recommended by spiilitwill

What an awesome guy, wonderful host, and put me through one hell of a workout. Wrestled a good chunk of matches each with a different outcome. He’s full of surprises and by the end of it I could hardly move.



spiilitwill is recommended by haha12345678

Great guy, great opponent, and wicked clever. Gonna take over Oregon at the rate his wrestling training is increasing. Looking forward to the rematch. Take him on if you dare.



spiilitwill is recommended by Likestowrestle

A great guy and a good wrestler, had a blast wrestling him and can't wait till we get another session going.



Likestowrestle is recommended by spiilitwill

This champ in the making eats n breathes freestyle...a good head on his shoulders n the skills to match...went at it for hours pin after pin till i could barely move...been a minute since ive had some serious pin matches n was not dissapointed in the slightest



spiilitwill is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Nice guy, wonderful host with his own mats. Looks good in a singlet. Overall he moves well on his feet and great with take downs. Skilled wrestler! Overall I had the upper hand each match with more endurance and strength. This dude has a lot of potential if he starts a weekly fitness routine. Highly suggest.



spiilitwill is recommended by Bigdaddy

this hot young wrestler, is very skilled. taught me how to do a spladle. he had alot of stamina and even though there is a huge size difference between us, i was able to scale back some, and make sure we had a long hot fun sweaty wrestling match. very handsome, nice guy, fun to wrestle and easy to talk to. looking forward to a rematch with this stud.



spiilitwill is recommended by RoninWarrior

I had a ton of fun with this guy. We wrestled for a few hours which turned into a really great night of wrestling. This guy is smaller than most, but can definitely put up a fight. He's also a really nice guy off the mats too. Very glad I was able to meet and wrestle him! Looking forward to a rematch one day.



spiilitwill is recommended by MykeTee

Met up with spiilitwill yesterday to battle it out after a few months of chatting and trash talking. Had a ton of fun throwing down with this guy, he fights hard. We went at it pretty rough for a few hours, looking forward to his comeback in the rematch ;D Chill guy to hang out with too! Definitely recommend



MykeTee is recommended by spiilitwill

finally met up, and after a 600 mile drive i was not dissapointed. great fighter, spirit, and enough energy to tire me out...that being said if you plan to meet up with this guy shut em up once for me...high recommendation.



wrestlerjoe is recommended by spiilitwill

quite the fun matchup...met for a good dozen rounds was pretty even in terms of tapping out...think i had em more haha...strong and fun with deadly powerful scissorholds...if your thinking about going up against em watch out for his legs! would defitnently wrestle again



spiilitwill is recommended by vanwrestler

An incredibly nice guy and fun wrestler. He knows how to wrestle and looks damn good in a singlet. Definitely meet him if you have the chance - I will!



vanwrestler is recommended by spiilitwill

really awesome guy to meet up with, was on semi short notice n wasnt sure if i could make it, but glad i did...had a good time...dont let him fool ya he knows what hes doin



spiilitwill is recommended by Ftlfightr

If you're in the Portland area, don't pass up an opportunity to tangle with this guy! He's reliable, skilled and has a great attitude with a lot of heart. In-shape and sexy - very much recommend-



Ftlfightr is recommended by spiilitwill

had a blast with that guy. glad i was able to keep up. if ur lookin for strong flexible n skilled..look no further.



spiilitwill is recommended by wrestlin

We had fun and were evenly matched. I think we came out pretty evenly by the end in terms of tapping out. I'm ready for the next match!



wrestlin is recommended by spiilitwill

woke up, coffee, wrestled..wish i could start every morning with a match against someone so even in size n skill. back n forth for the short time we had to wrestle. hoping for a rematch i had a blast n half.