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Age 62
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 187 lbs (85 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male or Female
Gear speedos, shorts, singlet, boxing shorts or Naked
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  1. United Kingdom, Cardiff

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Rip and strip

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I can host or travel [not to far Bristol, Swansea] Be good to get on the Matt's.

I am a genuine guy who enjoys wrestling and looking to find some regular wrestling buddies including making new friends on the way. I'm discreet, easy going & very friendly guy,,
I have some experience, am into subs/erotic wrestling, nothing too heavy with long holds,
I can travel to a wide area of the UK
Am also into naked oil wrestling. love it when the oil has been heated a little.
If you are interested in Mediation Its nice to do after a good wrestler to cool down.

When in London I stay
at the Travelodge N Circular Rd, London NW10 7UG
DATES FOR LONDON no date as yet for 2022


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Raywrestler64 is recommended by spirit6060

I was Rays first opponent and as we messaged each other I could tell he new a bit about wresting . We had a great time on the matts we did a lot of give and take and I showed him some take downs and different thing, we tried different holds on each other and we were so sweaty we kept losing our grips . He was amazing we had a great time once he learns more stuff he be a mean machine.



spirit6060 is recommended by wrestle fun

I met spirit at his abode for our match after seeing a match request on MF, he made me feel very welcome from the moment I arrived, and after a cuppa we got down to wrestling on the mats.

We had a slower paced wrestle with me seeming to gain the upper hand in a not initially intended heel / jobber match, he fought well but I had a bit more experience which enabled me to gain the upper hand in this match.

He was a pleasure to meet up and wrestle with. I hope spirit enjoyed wrestling with me as much as I enjoyed wrestling with him, really nice guy both on and off the mats. I hope we can find a mutual time to meet again.

I would certainly recommend him if you get the chance for a meet up to wrestle



wrestle fun is recommended by spirit6060

When i opened the front door and saw Wrestle fun standing there , i thought there's no way am i going to get this guy tapping he just a great stocky all muscle guy .
We had a cuppa just to eye each other up ,
we didn't disuse what we were going to do , we got starlight into it , And there was just no way i could get the upper hand here , he crush me , we had a nice slow pace wrestle , There was some cheeky cheating going on i did tap , he let go for a second then grabbed me again before i got to me feet ,
I had a brillinat time with wrestle fun and would wrestle him again once i been to the gym , great guy to wrestle ,
Thank you Mr big guy



spirit6060 is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

I met Spirit on Monday for a hotel bout - we wrestled for about 90 minutes and were both drowning in sweat - a very competitive match - much to his disappointment the Scotsman came out on top. Nice guy, good fight, nice blether over a beer. We will fight again one on one and as tag partners to any others who wanna take us on.



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by spirit6060

We arrange to meet for a wrestle at the hotel i was staying in , We had a pint and a chat before we got down to it , Scrapmerchant a strong chap i stood no chance , we had loads of banter and its was one very sweaty match , great guy to wrestle although i spent most of it on the bottom,
We said we have a re- match on my next visit to London .
see you soon Mr Scrapmerchant



spirit6060 is recommended by remofan1

I are good hard bout with spirit6060 he is fit nice guy to talk with we are talking about rematch some time later I see when I can set it up



spirit6060 is recommended by Gambo

Fit strong and a very good wrestle, safe and sane



spirit6060 is recommended by wrestlingstar

Martin came to London for the night and we met in china town for the introduction and had a lovely chinese lunch.as soon as we met we were both relaxed and enjoyed the lunch before heading over to croydon to my hotel for the night.we watched some world of sport wrestling bouts before we had our first pro bout.martin is fast and strong.and can hold you where he wants for a while.he looks fab in his trunks and boots.i really enjoyed the tests of strengh.look forward to a re match in the near future.



wrestlingstar is recommended by spirit6060

met Scott in china town and had a lovely chinese lunch.as soon as we met i felt very relaxed with Scott we had loads to chat about .After lunch we made our way over to croydon to the hotel .we watched some world of sport wrestling bouts before we had our first bout Scot great to wrestle and is fast and strong.and can hold you where he wants you.i really enjoyed my time with Scott .look forward to a re match in the near future.



spirit6060 is recommended by Playwrestling

I met Martin in his hotel for the first time and was easy to arrange and he is very reliable.
He is a great guy to wrestle and is strong with killer thighs.
Martin is a warm and friendly, easy to talk to together with a great personality.
Till next time.



Playwrestling is recommended by spirit6060

Pete came to my hotel we planed it a while ago it was the first time we met great guy to wrestle with, we were soon rolling around his very powerful so don't be deceived , we really hit it off His very friendly and easy going ,



spirit6060 is recommended by Torrnado

I had a very enjoyable wrestle with Martin last evening. He is a fit, strong and tenacious fighter and he made me work hard for my submissions. We followed with an oil wrestle, a first for me with olive oil and a very pleasant experience!
He is also a great host and good company off the mats. I recommend you meet this guy.



Torrnado is recommended by spirit6060

Steve contacted for a wrestle as he be in Cardiff , wow he is so strong and watch out for his legs , he got me tapping, But i did manage to get him tapping too just about , we had a great time wrestling , and we finished off with an oil wrestle which was great fun a good way to slow down , great chap on and off the matts

Cheers Steve



spirit6060 is recommended by musclem8

Great match with Martin and caveman last week, beat them both and want a rematch soon!



musclem8 is recommended by spirit6060

I invited musclem8 to join me and caveman for a wrestle on Friday 4 April, the fight with caveman and musclem8 was great to watch, sparks were flying ,but musclem8 had the upper hand , then it was all in, the 3 of us ,then musclem8 turned on me and we wrestled until he got me tapping ,,
thank to a great afternoon guys
next time we see whos champ



spirit6060 is recommended by northfighter

I met Martin for the second time recently. We did wrestling with body punching, and body punching with gloves. Fabulous! Exciting and horny, and we were at it for hours. Martin is not only great to fight with but a really nice, thoughtful and genuine guy. Jamie



northfighter is recommended by spirit6060

met Jamie for the second time on Sunday the 3rd of Nov
for boxing and wrestling , i never have been keen on bare knuckle / gut punching .but Jamie went steady on me , and we had a great long secession
looking forward to the next round



spirit6060 is recommended by andilupi

Another enjoyable match with Martin - great guy and very hospitable, with great head-scissors.



Londonlatino is recommended by spirit6060

meet Tony on the 21st july at my hotel he was on time and this was our 2nd meet ,we had a great match lots pinning really enjoy grappling with Tony and am looking forward to the next match



Wrestled Martin yesterday (10th July 2012) Had a GREAT time! A really great guy who's a pleasure to chat to. This was my third ever meet so I was nervous and he did a great job of putting me at ease. Just a really genuine guy.

As to the wrestling I had an awesome time! I'm still very new to this but had a great time with an opponent who was very open to my skill level. Very strong and had some great pins that I just couldn't shake off, not to mention some holds that made me howl!

All in all I would certainly recommend!



Wrestled Chris on 10 July 2012 after a week of Banting of messages Had a really great wrestle,He give me a great bear hug made me howl,got my own back with some pins , he be a really great wrestler when he leans more so look out lads ,, We got the oil out and had an oil wrestle which was great fun as it was twice as hard to get a grip of each other , he was a little nervous at first ,, After the wrestle we had a beer A really great guy,he loves to chat lol.

yep I would certainly recommend! him ,,
and look forward to the next one , BRING IT ON CHRIS



spirit6060 is recommended by caveman

Without a doubt one of my favorites!!



caveman is recommended by spirit6060

thank you caveman i really enjoyed our wrestle , very strong, thank you for putting up with my poor wrestling skills ,looking forward to our next meeting



spirit6060 is recommended by Reslo

Had a fit and fun match with Martin. He's a genuinely nice guy. This is the second time we have wrestled and it was as enjoyable as the first. Martin is very solid and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in energy and stamina.



Docklands Bear is recommended by spirit6060

meet me off the train , what a great guy, made me feel very welcome, what great legs he has , we had a great wrestle, very sexy guy too showed me some moves , his very stronge , thanks Dave for a great afternoon