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49yo Asian wrestler, small lean fit body frame but rough minded. love to have a bout first then see what happen, verbal strong, oil match sexy.

Fight with all types and ages. What I disadvantaged in mass I gain in speed and flexiblity. Will fill in more info and upload pic later. planning my first bouts coming weeks in hkg and Sydney



  1. Australia, Waverley
    (I'm here from 5/09/2018)
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 132 lbs (60 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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steve92five is recommended by Faichow

Don’t miss it to meet this guy if you have chance.
He is “one” of my good opponents😊 from this website.



Faichow is recommended by steve92five

20190516。we wrestled in my hotel while I am visiting Hk. Fai is as fit as in his pic. Though I am technically more skilled, he tired me out with his younger stamina. We have a good game. He is also easy to talk to and a nice guy off mat.



steve92five is recommended by Tigerrific

Steve is definitely fit for his age, strong for his size and has a good mix of stamina and skill. He left my muscles sore for a couple of days after our fight, and I hope I did the same for his - proof of a brutal workout!



Tigerrific is recommended by steve92five

May 5, 2019. It’s easy to set up a match with tigerrific. He is able to accomodate my request to host. We wrestled from undie to nude to oil. He is eager, sensuous, and moves fast. Not easy to make him submit even he is light weight. Very polite and easy to talk to outside the mat. Great fun.



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by steve92five

Wrestled AlphaD while he visited hkg in oct 2018. We had an oil match because of my shoulder problem. I am hoping with oil it is harder to get submission. But then, He is stronger and more skillful than me, and is able to get a few submissions from me. The match is full of energy. The chat before the match was fun and well intended, full of fighter tension and bad words, which I love. A very nice guy and good to wrestle with.



detyrin is recommended by steve92five

Detyrin is a great young lad. Reliable and very accommdating to set up a match despite my last minute request. He can take up various holds with endurance. Great to mess around with.



steve92five is recommended by ruffnhard

Steve is a tough, quick and tenacious wrestler who is deceptively strong for his size.
Although he says her hasn’t wrestled for 10 years I think he’ll make short work of the locals who are in his weight category.
Fun, aggressive (in a good way), and easy to set up a match with, as well as interesting in conversation when not going for a sneak attack ;)



ruffnhard is recommended by steve92five

Ruffnhard is my first match through MF. And of course I am aware of the size difference. I am stroked when ruffnhard agrees to set up a match with me, and travels all the way to my place. He respects our size and skill difference. He keeps gentle and respectful on me despite all my dirty tricks. That makes me fight him with no reserve but he is just immune to whatever I do on him. Easy to set up match and super nice guy off the mat. For those who are intimidated by his size, don’t be. He is just a pro that loves rolling around. Aug 9, 2018.