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Older guy but fit and sporty. I enjoy most sports: swimming, cycling, tennis and general keep fit activities. I also enjoy wrestling and am keen to learn new moves and skills, so any good teachers out there welcome.



  1. United Kingdom, Bromley
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Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Gear: speedos/ light eather boots

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tacheman is recommended by davyboy1964

Have met Chris twice now and what can i say. He is a pleasure to wrestle and even went to extreme lengths to accommodate my needs. A truly nice guy and highly recommended. Can't wait for next time



davyboy1964 is recommended by tacheman

Enjoyed meetings with Davyboy who , apart from grappling, is also into martial arts. As a novice kickboxer I enjoyed putting what I have learnt so far into practice and he was most appreciative. He is a very nice guy and enjoys practising holds and give and take grappling, as I do.
Bring on the next time. Highly recommended.



tacheman is recommended by steve50a

Good enthusiastic learner and watch out for those scissors and the arm locks. You can tell he is gym fit. Nice guy off the mats too.



steve50a is recommended by tacheman

If you want to learn a few more moves then Steve is your man. He has plenty of time and patience for novices like myself. Had a good hour's tuition and built up quite a sweat. We spent a lot of the grappling-time talking through holds. He engages you in very interesting conversation off the mats too. Highly recommended for new recruits to wrestling and the more experienced who could give him a tougher time.



tacheman is recommended by brightonman

Enjoyed a great give and take wrestle with Tacheman at his place. He has lots of enthusiasm and stamina. Tacheman has strong arms and legs which he uses to good effect when applying bearhugs and scissor holds.
A fantastic host and a really friendly guy, I highly recommend him for a safe and friendly wrestle. I am certainly looking forward to our next meet. Cheers for a brilliant afternoon.



brightonman is recommended by tacheman

Had a very good meeting with Brightonman yesterday. Although, like me, a new member he has been learning fast and soon put me into strong submission holds. He's fast and puts you into one hold after the other. Enjoyable give and take and going through practice holds which, at my level, was much appreciated.
Lots of talking and teaching through the moves. A very enjoyable meet and Brightonman is highly recommended especially to those wanting to practice their moves. Very good company off the mats too, lots of interesting conversation.



tacheman is recommended by Londonlatino

Tacheman is a strong fighter who likes to dominate. He has particularly strong legs and arms. When he has more experience and develops more skills he'll be formidable. When not wrestling he's generous and an interesting guy to talk to.



Londonlatino is recommended by tacheman

Had a good, hour long match with Londonlatino. Although the weight was in my favour (and I used it to my advantage as he is more experienced) he is a tough fighter and never gives in - even when you think you have him in a strong hold he knows how to escape and turn the tables. He is very energetic and a fast mover. His experience shows and he taught me a thing or two about how to keep going. We both built up a good sweat.
Off the mats, he is a very interesting and knowledgeable person and we had a very good conversation about life in general. Highly recommended!



tacheman is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had an excellent meet with tacheman ....great give and take match. Very strong and considering he says is a novice has great stamina and doesn't submit easily.
Nice solid wrestling build and looks great in gear. Wrestled for a good hour or two and in the humidity was a hot match. Definite 5 star recommendation from me, challenge this won't be disappointed , cheers mate . Look forward to locking up again soon :-)

Met again for another encounter with tacheman .....even better second time around having a few meets under his belt it showed .....applying a few cheeky subs on me me today :-) another great session with this fella ....looking forward to round three soon mate .....thanks :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by tacheman

Had a great match with Lomandlad42. He is a gentleman and, as a novice, he eased me into the match and built up my confidence and made me feel I was a good wrestler despite him being much more experienced. His photos don't do him justice: far better looking and toned: great physique and honed: nice flat stomach and six pack. We sweated it out for a good hour and, in this humid weather, had a hot time.

Like his profile says he is easy going and soon puts you at your ease. Looks great in his wrestling gear and can't wait to get to grips with him again. Highly recommended especially for those needing some words of support.



tacheman is recommended by liftingfun

Had a great hour long sweaty match with Chris. 2 guys new to wrestling testing each other. He has plenty of stamina and is very quick to stop you getting the chance to get a sub from him. He is a big strong guy and takes quite a bit of energy to keep the big guy at bay. But think I did a good job at stopping him get subs out of me :-)



tacheman is recommended by LdnGrapple

TM recently came by for a match using my mats. Off the mats he is very sociable. On the mats he got my head in a fierce armhold, so he certainly hasn't forgotten his holds of old. He is fit, plenty of stamina, safe and sane and full of energy. The reputation of his leg scissors goes ahead of him: up for some Bjj matches then.
He's often in central London so challenge him.